This page is a duplicate. Please refer to Cathedral Knight.

    • These guys...17 Aug 2016 11:33  

      Trying to kill just one of them killed me more times than the abyss watchers, vordt, crystal sages, deacons of the deep, and curse-rotted greatwood combined. I just cant help but ask... Is there any point in fighting them? Lyke I spent three hours dying to them, but then easily killed the boss in five minutes.<br/><br/>It just feels pointless to play the game, since the most rewarding strategy to use is it completely ignore all the enemies and skip them all.

      • berenkie knights?25 Jul 2016 16:39  

        Are these repurposed knights of dark souls? Same gear mace and great shield or greatsword, tall fully armoured beasts seems awfully similar

        • Redundancy?07 Jun 2016 13:43  

          This page seems a little redundant seeing as there is another page incorrectly named "Knight of the Deep" which has info on the same enemy...

          • Weapon buff02 Jun 2016 00:07  

            I'm not sure they use a Lightning buff. Their weapon glows white but doesn't look like a weapon does when gold pine resin is applied, and it will leave glowing marks on the floor that explode after a time. I haven't messed with the spells much but they also have something that gives them a glowing aura and they can heal, but I can't place them.

            • Toxic is your friend!18 May 2016 21:07  

              These guys are highly susceptible to the toxic buildup. if you can bait them into it and keep it clear from yourself, can kill them in a relatively safe manner.

              • COME ON AND SLAM09 May 2016 20:57  

                AND AN AOE BLAM!<br/>COME ON AND SLAM!<br/>WELCOME TO THE JAM!<br/>HEY YOU WHATCHA GONNA DO (not block)<br/>HEY YOU WHATCHA GONNA DO (not trade)

                • They are absolutely fu****** beast30 Apr 2016 06:25  

                  Do they even have stamina limit? These things just keep swinging all day long! Besides parry and trade attacks I don't have other effective way against these roid heads

                  • Consumed King guards29 Apr 2016 01:50  

                    Aren't even worth fighting conventionally. As mentioned here, they seem to have infinite stamina. Parry works real well, but why even bother taking the risk? I just took the left one out with a ranged weapon and tricked the second one into falling off the ledge so I could do a plunge attack on him. So much easier than direct combat.

                    • Broken, overpowered or glitched? You decide.22 Apr 2016 05:05  

                      The greatsword ones use only one attack. A right to left swing. Over. And over. And over. So you can't attack them normally (they don't stun). When you do manage to get around them to do a backstab, your animation will come out about 10 times slower and they have a 100% chance to counter you for half your health. And you have to fight TWO of them in the consumed kings garden. So basically you just run away because they can't be backstabbed, they can't be stunned, and they do a third of your health in one hit with absurd tracking. Grade A enemy. Perfect design.

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