Red Eye Orb is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Red Eye Orb

Online play Item. Invade other worlds at will
Defeat the Host of Embers of the world you have invaded to gain the strength of fire.

The red eye orb is rooted in a tiny land swallowed by darkness long ago. Some choose to put the orb to other uses. To embark on this path, enter the service of Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep


Red Eye Orb Usage

  • Use a Red Eye Orb, and you'll be able to invade other players worlds and play against them competitively. The invaded player is called the "host", and the invading player is called the "invader". You can only invade worlds whose host is in ember form. Up to two people can invade a world at once if a Dried Finger is being used. Invaders treat each other as enemies and can attack and damage each other.

Red Eye Orb Locations 


  • Red phantoms will gain a Pale Tongue and become Embered for killing the host. If already embered, you will gain a consumable Ember item instead.
  • Mound Makers will gain a Vertebrae Shackle and an Ember if they defeat any host. Warriors of Sunlight will gain an Ember and every invader present in the world will get a Sunlight Medal.
  • Hosts gain only souls for defeating an invader; hosts will not gain embers, nor a Sunlight Medal for defeating a Sunlight Warrior, nor a Vertebrae Shackle for defeating a Mound Maker.

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike previous iterations of Dark Souls, the Red Eye Orb's use adds a persistent notification underneath the stamina bar, in the style of Bloodborne's bell system, which continuously searches for viable hosts instead of being a one-time use item that requires refreshing per failed attempt.
  • It appears that Mound Makers are perferably put into worlds that have phantoms in them already.
  • It appears that Warriors of Sunlight are preferably put into worlds that already have another invader in them. This requires the host to have used the Dried Finger.
  • Unlike the item of the same name in Dark Souls 1, the Red Eye Orb is not locked to a specific covenant.
  • The Darkwraith will not drop another Red Eye Orb if the player already has one.
  • It is good to note that you do drop your souls when you die as a red phantom. However you will keep your ember form.
  • If you're attempting to gain the Red Eye Orb early on and are finding it difficult to defeat the Darkwraith, it is possible to step back onto the elevator as he's about to attack you. This will force him to fall down the hole under the elevator and die immediately, rewarding you with the Red Eye Orb.


    • 13 Mar 2017 14:21  

      Recently started playing this game. I have a question. I was reading on this site that the best way to farm for pale tongues are by killing the two dark wraiths right after the farren bonfire. That being said, the only things I've been getting on a consecutive base are red eye orbs from them. Was there any changes/patches recently? I haven't gotten one pale tongue from them, only red eye orbs. If anyone can respond, I'd appreciate it.

      • 30 Jan 2017 16:00  

        Know what's really funny? When someone invades me as I'm about to fight the boss and then call me a scrub for fighting the boss since I want to progress instead of wasting my time fighting them then running back to the boss door

        • 20 Dec 2016 16:57  

          Invasions are dead in Dark Souls 3. Don't try it if you're not prepared to die more than 70% of your invasions / are not really familiar with it. My experience when invading was enemy chugging estus all the time, endless phantom summoning and repetative invasion of the same person / gank squad. Low level invasions were okay-ish (minus the estus drinking), however there are only a few spots which are fun for invading, one of them being the Aldrich Faithful invasion area.

          I'm really kinda fine with invading phantom parties, but people chugging estus is really killing it for me. I wish FROM at least allowed the invasion of the same number of dark spirits as there are phantoms in the game.

          • 02 Dec 2016 20:38  

            I think this should be added to the Trivia section:

            A possible inspiration for this item might be the Behelit relics from the Berserk Manga; as they are egg-shaped and have human facial features (one of which being eyes), and serve as a link between the astral plane and the physical world.

            • 24 Nov 2016 16:58  

              High level invasions mostly suck because of 3 and 4 person noob squads spamming straight swords and katana running R1's. Level 22 invasions, however, are AWESOME.

              • 31 Oct 2016 15:41  

                Ember is always gained upon killing the host of embers (successful invasion) and Embered Status is also always restored.
                I.e. current information is outdated. When you're unembered you technically gain 2 Embers - 1 in solid form into your inventory and a second is via making you Embered again.

                • Eye + AF Active03 Oct 2016 10:03  

                  I've been using the red eye plus I've been keeping the AF covenant equipped to get more chances at PvP during the day. Just now I had some weird ***** happen though. I was summoned to a world with around 5 people in it and no one could see me or damage me. I couldn't damage them either. They had a seed active and I could attack NPCs except their health seemed to fill back up almost immediately and they wouldn't aggro me. After awhile of people dying and being re-summoned it seemed to just magically fix itself. Anyone else had this happen before?

                  • Suggestion02 Sep 2016 11:08  

                    I would like to see invaders still get their Cov reward if the host's connection is lost. So tired of wading through 3+ phantoms and seeded mobs only to have them unplug instead of fighting. The only thing you lose as a host is an ember, why is that such a big deal?

                    • Invading13 Aug 2016 10:23  

                      This is a huge part of the game and invaders now how it harder less help and flasks but ur mad they play dirty how would u play when how your play can summon as many people he wants and i say cool it not should not be a fair fight your pretty much messing up someone game but it should at lest give u something worth it the invading system been in every dark souls game its a huge part of this series if u dont like it dont play online of dont use embers unless it for a boss fight easy right but if u really just hate it then dont play the game

                      • QQ29 Jul 2016 15:42  

                        There's nothing honorable about invasions, you're just a petty annoyance, so stop your crying and whining. You all fight like pussies anyway, you deserve to get ganked.

                        • FROM hates invaders.16 Jul 2016 04:08  

                          Even though we are a HUGE part of this community, FROM SOFT has clearly sided with the casuls and R1 lords of Dark Souls. They won't even bother to rectify the extreme balance issues they have created, and embrace the laziness of "deal with it" as their game philosophy. <br/><br/>While I enjoy a good gank spanking host hunt as much as the next red, I am less than pleased when I am expected to cleave my way through four or more phantoms for such a paltry reward. It simply isn't worth the energy and time to deal with these cowards.<br/><br/>Hosts used to learn fear and respect for invaders as a looming threat in online play, whereas now they simply learn how to summon more phantoms and mash their one- handed attack button. <br/><br/>Fellow phantoms, don't give casuls the pleasure of thinking they are better than you. Be ruthless, be intelligent, and only pick fights you can win.

                          • Red eye orb01 Jul 2016 13:13  

                            I am on NG+5 and already have the red eye orb. I am trying to do Leonhard's questline again cause I *****ed up rosarias soul. In short, because I already have the orb, I kill the dark wraith and he doesn't drop it again, which is fine. But as soon as I go back to Leonhard his dialog is telling me to go and kill the dark wraith and get the orb. I can't drop the ***** think out if my inventory. Help!!!

                            • Reward is wrong.01 Jun 2016 07:19  

                              "Red phantoms will gain a Pale Tongue and become Embered for killing the host. If already embered, you will gain a consumable Ember item instead."<br/><br/>You gain a consumable ember every time you kill the host as a red phantom, weather you are embered or not.

                              • Highers Invasion Chance13 May 2016 15:22  

                                I'm pretty sure that invading via Red Eye Orb highers the chance of getting invaded!<br/>after invading a LOT early game people started actually invading me ... my other chars never once got invaded and I got after 20 - 40 rounds PvP nearly instand invaded in Crucifixion woods by Darks Spirits and Watchdogs a like ... I'm experimenting currently but the chance probably lowers after dying when invaded ... anyone similar experiences?

                                • Anti-Anti-Honor07 May 2016 16:28  

                                  Wish Fromsoft would implement a way to where invaders and defenders didnt get rewarded for dirty kills. How exactly?? I have no clue but you don't deserve any cov rewards for jumping me with mobs, especially when Im without phantoms most the time. Let me clear em out first *****, or are you really just that bad a player???<br/><br/>Seriously there needs to be some kinda ingame referee mechanic to stop all this horseshiz... Like a ***** ARENAAAAA!!!!!

                                  • Bloodborn style06 May 2016 15:06  

                                    In Bloodborne PvP (outside of Nightmare) was complete Bullsh*t but from didn't learn anything -.-<br/>and now you can only invade people who have at least two friend with them and you get fat Mali on your HP and Estus yeah ...<br/>Dark Souls 2 was in every way inferier to other games but the PvP was the best becaus they actually spend it some thought ....

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