Red Eye Orb is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Red Eye Orb

Online play Item. Invade other worlds at will
Defeat the Host of Embers of the world you have invaded to gain the strength of fire.

The red eye orb is rooted in a tiny land swallowed by darkness long ago. Some choose to put the orb to other uses. To embark on this path, enter the service of Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep


Red Eye Orb Usage

  • Use a Red Eye Orb, and you'll be able to invade other players worlds and play against them competitively. The invaded player is called the "host", and the invading player is called the "invader". You can only invade worlds whose host is in ember form. Up to two people can invade a world at once if a Dried Finger is being used. Invaders treat each other as enemies and can attack and damage each other. Invaders can also not heal eachother if they are helping eachother by the use of healing miracles, although they can heal eachother with the Warmth pyromancy.

Red Eye Orb Locations 


  • Red phantoms will gain a Pale Tongue and become Embered for killing the host. If already embered, you will gain a consumable Ember item instead.
  • Mound Makers will gain a Vertebrae Shackle and an Ember if they defeat any host. Warriors of Sunlight will gain an Ember and every invader present in the world will get a Sunlight Medal.
  • Hosts gain only souls for defeating an invader; hosts will not gain embers, nor a Sunlight Medal for defeating a Sunlight Warrior, nor a Vertebrae Shackle for defeating a Mound Maker.

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike previous iterations of Dark Souls, the Red Eye Orb's use adds a persistent notification underneath the stamina bar, in the style of Bloodborne's bell system, which continuously searches for viable hosts instead of being a one-time use item that requires refreshing per failed attempt.
  • It appears that Mound Makers are perferably put into worlds that have phantoms in them already.
  • It appears that Warriors of Sunlight are preferably put into worlds that already have another invader in them. This requires the host to have used the Dried Finger.
  • Unlike the item of the same name in Dark Souls 1, the Red Eye Orb is not locked to a specific covenant.
  • The Darkwraith will not drop another Red Eye Orb if the player already has one.
  • It is good to note that you do drop your souls when you die as a red phantom. However you will keep your ember form.
  • If you're attempting to gain the Red Eye Orb early on and are finding it difficult to defeat the Darkwraith, it is possible to step back onto the elevator as he's about to attack you. This will force him to fall down the hole under the elevator and die immediately, rewarding you with the Red Eye Orb.


    • Anonymous

      21 Feb 2018 11:49  

      This is a very unique item. You use it to decrease the amount of healing you can do and summons 3 or 4 other players (usually consisting of white and yellow phantoms always with a host) who will continue to gank you and abuse their position of having more overall healing, more people and more spamming resulting in them actually thinming they are good. 10/10 thanks Miazaki

      • Anonymous

        07 Feb 2018 01:29  


        • Anonymous

          28 Jan 2018 01:53  

          Little pro tip for anyone using this: Be you Red or purple or a covenant invasion (except Aldrich Faithfuls. You guys can go suck a dick) When you invade and you locate the host, offer a duel. I've found both hosts and any phantoms they have are much more willing to fight fair with you if you bow for a duel. Besides dying in a duel is definitely less humiliating then attempting to ambush them, getting yanked, and then being "Pointed down" at. Call me casual if ya want but this method works a whole lot better for me then attempting to ambush them and end up getting ganked

          • Anonymous

            27 Dec 2017 07:42  

            I just got 5 Cracked Red Eye Orbs from a shady looking guy leaning on Prince Lothrics throne. I haven't beaten Vordt. Just unlocked the Fire Keepers Shrine. Who is this guy? Might want to update the Wiki. I defeated every enemy except Vordt and beyond.

            • Anonymous

              17 Nov 2017 09:59  

              I was the host and been playing with my friend and we where at the Lothric Castle.
              We got invaded by 2 Players but i defnitely didn't used the Dried Finger... how is this possible?

              • Anonymous

                28 Oct 2017 21:34  

                It could possibly resemble the behelit from berserk, because of the influense of berserk on the souls series

                • Anonymous

                  11 Sep 2017 21:16  

                  1v4? Maybe I canĀ“t win but definitely I can someone piss off. Obscuring ring and dragonslayer greatbow, how much fun I had..

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Aug 2017 18:12  

                    it looks a bit like the egg of the seed from berserk

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jul 2017 19:00  

                      So I'm not sure how, but after I killed the darkwraith and got the orb, went back to Leonhard to get the Appause gesture and he was still talking about getting an uncracked orb, so I went back to where the darkwraith appears and he is still standing there.

                      I thought this darkwraith didn't respawn?

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Jun 2017 03:45  

                        How many time have I invaded four man gank squads along with way of blue for extra gankiness? too many times.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 May 2017 16:50  

                          Long live the Red Eye Ord! The most awesome item of the whole Dark Souls series.
                          Not for the faint of heart! You will need great skills, uncanny map knowledge and a good build to make it as a Dark Souls mob. Remember these golden rules of invasion:
                          - Never invade an area you didn't clear.
                          - Wear the Obscuring Ring; it is the root of invasion gameplay, whatever the haters say.
                          - Know the area you invade Inside and out. Use passages, heights and bottlenecks to your advantage.
                          - Never engage the host in a fair situation, and use surprise to your advantage. Stalk and wait for the***** to get real; then add the cherry on top.
                          - Use the monsters as much as possible.
                          - Hide, wait, hit hard, run away; rince and repeat.
                          - Chug Estus to stay alive.
                          - Always ask yourself this question: "What would be for me the most horrifying, annoying thing that could happen in this portion of the map?" Your answer to this question is the plan that you should try to execute.
                          - When facing a gank, don't engage and stalk your preys. They have to play the actual game at some point. When they do, punish them as unfairly as possible using the mobs and the environment. Oh; and parry their attacks to thin their numbers quickly.
                          - Most people backtrack to the last bonfire when they are being invaded. Many maps will allow you to punish them for doing so. Your last option should be to accept a fair, face to face duel.

                          Note that you should never do ANY of those things if you are actually in a duel.
                          Or you could do them anyway, as long as you are ready for the retalition.
                          Playing Beyond Good and Evil is the essence of Dark Souls.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Apr 2017 16:39  

                            strange thing: today I've used the red eye orb while in the farron covenant and I've invaded as a farron guardian

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Mar 2017 19:21  

                              Recently started playing this game. I have a question. I was reading on this site that the best way to farm for pale tongues are by killing the two dark wraiths right after the farren bonfire. That being said, the only things I've been getting on a consecutive base are red eye orbs from them. Was there any changes/patches recently? I haven't gotten one pale tongue from them, only red eye orbs. If anyone can respond, I'd appreciate it.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Jan 2017 22:00  

                                Know what's really funny? When someone invades me as I'm about to fight the boss and then call me a scrub for fighting the boss since I want to progress instead of wasting my time fighting them then running back to the boss door

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Dec 2016 22:57  

                                  Invasions are dead in Dark Souls 3. Don't try it if you're not prepared to die more than 70% of your invasions / are not really familiar with it. My experience when invading was enemy chugging estus all the time, endless phantom summoning and repetative invasion of the same person / gank squad. Low level invasions were okay-ish (minus the estus drinking), however there are only a few spots which are fun for invading, one of them being the Aldrich Faithful invasion area.

                                  I'm really kinda fine with invading phantom parties, but people chugging estus is really killing it for me. I wish FROM at least allowed the invasion of the same number of dark spirits as there are phantoms in the game.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    13 Dec 2016 21:31  

                                    Please remove the fact that invaders attack one another. I've met a bunch of retards that I had to but down because they attacked me.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      03 Dec 2016 02:38  

                                      I think this should be added to the Trivia section:

                                      A possible inspiration for this item might be the Behelit relics from the Berserk Manga; as they are egg-shaped and have human facial features (one of which being eyes), and serve as a link between the astral plane and the physical world.

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