Mercenary is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

A mercenary and veteran of the battlefield. High dexterity allows masterful wielding of dual scimitars.



Mercenary Starting Equipment


Sellsword Twinblades 



Notes About This Class

  • The dual weapons take only one weapon slot and act as 1-handed until you press triangle/Y/two-hand: Then you'll dual-wield and be able to perform Skills.
  • Has the highest Dexterity of all the classes, and has average Attunement and Intelligence, making it possible to wield spells such as Soul Arrow early on.



Builds That Use This Class

  • Dexterity builds
  • ??
  • ??

    • 25 Jan 2017 06:07  

      Easiest starting build in the game choose fire gem starting gift put 1 point into str grab the uchi now you have a weapon with 100 phys and fire bleed and a great moveset pretty much as you hit firelink for the first time, pretty much kills everything initially.

      • Pays off later29 Jul 2016 22:29  

        The Merc class is relatively underpowered early on, and if you're new to Dank Souls I wouldn't recommend a dexterity-based class. If you want to stick with it and git gud, this class can be used to make a large variety of builds, and the starting weapon (Sellsword Twinblades) can take your character a long way if you learn how to use it. This class may seem frustrating to get used to but it can become really overpowered with the right build.

        • Mercenary or Sorcerer?06 Jul 2016 23:14  

          If your intending a sorcerer build later, does the mercenary makes this a better starting class then sorcerer? Since well.. 12 Luck. <br/>Opinions?

          • For anyone considering picking the mercenary:13 May 2016 10:12  

            The mercenary is a class based on dexterity. His weapon allows him to spam a lot on his enemies, but overall, at "lvl 1" (actually he's lvl 8), he will deal way less damage than the strength based classes (knight and warrior).<br/><br/>On an other hand, his stats allows him to use the Uchigatana (that you can get after the tutorial boss) one handed with a single point investment in strength.<br/>His other stats are balanced, allowing you to go early on to a variety of different early builds.<br/><br/>On a sidenote, the dual wield mode won't be adding much damage. If you're a beginner, maybe you'd prefer to use the shield with single wield mode to be able to block attacks from non-boss mobs (you will learn very early that blocking a BIG attack with a shield is not a very good idea).<br/><br/><br/>I'll share with you a little build you can do to be quite strong during the early game:<br/>Infuse your Uchigatana with raw enchantment, and reinforce it as much as you can during your adventure;<br/>When leveling up, out a single point in Str so you can "single hand wield" your katana;<br/>Put the other lvls in either Vit, Vig, and End, as your convenience. <br/><br/>With this build you'll be able to be tough and still be able to hit hard, as long as you reinforce your weapon along your journey.<br/><br/><br/>I hope this will help, have fun, and prepare to die !

            • How should you optimize the mercenary?15 Apr 2016 19:27  

              When you level up the mercenary, what are most important to level up first?<br/>How should you level up the mercenary to make him optimal?

              • Horrible class to begin12 Apr 2016 02:56  

                After trying this class... I can tell that this one is terrible to begin with. <br/>The weapons struggle to do any damage to anything that is not a regular zombie, and you will feel miserable when fighting the first boss... while the Knight and the Warrior will make these fights piece of cake.<br/><br/>On an other hand, this armor is badass for sure...

                • good if you're into it12 Apr 2016 00:44  

                  I myself am not really into R1 spamming, this particular starting class seems to have a lot of that( No i'm not a turtle, i prefer heavy 2 handed weapons) <br/>for when i will make a dex "build" i'll pick this for sure.<br/>Played the beta build, these scimitars could take you a long way from the get go(btw, apart from beta footage I'm 100% virgin, done bloody well to remain might i add haha:)

                  • 4 beginners or knight?11 Apr 2016 19:32  

                    Should I use this if I'm just starting some guy told me I should use mercenery however I feel I should use the knight and play it safe yet the thief seems promise img if I use dexterity vigor and endurance and possibly vitilty but if I use knight or merc I could focus on strength as well so what should I go with <br/><br/>

                    • Very balanced04 Apr 2016 19:39  

                      I can't decide if I want to go a Mageblade build or Quality for my next run. The mercenary though has very balanced stats for either type of build; very cool!

                      • Lured in by coolness16 Mar 2016 19:06  

                        Strength isn't great, limited starting options in how you can fight, but that cuirass and the overall look of the character is excellent.

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