level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 110  27  18  27  16
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 30  35  9  30  7


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Paladin
  • Build Level: 110
  • Build Focus: PvP and PvE
  • Build Main Stat: 30 Str, 35 Dex, 30 Faith

Build Equipment


Build Strategy

This build is a Quality and Faith hybrid, and as such is aimed to have high scaling with a wide variety of weapons and have access to damage and protections buffs.

This results in high damage , survivability and overall flexibility when facing different builds in PvP and different enemies in PvE.

Here is a video of a similar build - The Poise Knight



  • The weapon art Perseverance is used to step into enemy swing and trade - you have a small window of hyper armor + boosted protections, so the resulting trade is both in your favor and you dont get staggered, while your opponent does, which allows you to have a free followup attack.
  • We use the Lightning Blade miracle, since this is a regular weapon, which greatly boosts our damage
  • Since the 3 miracles take 4 attunement slots (Sacred Oath takes 2 slots) we need a Saint's Ring
  • The strategy to outtrade is very risky and is based on making the most damage while taking the least, which heavily depends on our buffs, so we take a Lingering Dragoncrest Ring as our 4th ring

Gotthard Twinswords:

  • This weapon has a great number of combo moves with very high resulting damage, but we are not looking to trade with this weapon.
  • We do use Lightning Blade and Saint's Ring again, since this weapon can be buffed.
  • This weapon's strategy doesn't involve taking damage, but it takes a great deal of stamina, so we use Chloranthy Ring and Grass Crest Shield

Dragonslayer Swordspear:

  • The weapon has a great moveset that includes pokes, overheads and wide slashes, which makes it very flexible, while having a great reach.
  • Can't be buffed, so we only need 3 attunement slots for our 2 buffs - Sacred Oath and Deep Protection
  • The weapon art Falling Bolt has a fairly long reach and a VERY good tracking - only rolling can save from its damage, which is usually almost half enemy hp.
    Additionally after casting the Falling Bolt you also buff your weapon with additional lightning damage, which is around 2/3 as potent as Lightning Blade
  • The rings we use with this weapon are Hunter's Ring to boost our damage and Ring of Steel Protection for survivability

Farron Greatsword:

  • Same setup as Dragonslayer Swordspear
  • Has a unique moveset, which can be very devastating if played correctly

The build works well with lots of other weapons, feel free to try it with whatever weapon you like!


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    • Anonymous

      02 Jun 2017 20:48  

      This is my PVP Build
      Class: Assassin
      Level: 131

      My stats:
      Vigor: 23
      Attunement: 12
      Stamina stat: 40 (Forgot Name:
      Strength: 50
      Dexterity: 30
      Intelligance: 11? (Left it at normal)
      Faith: 30
      Luck: 10

      Weapons I use now: Exile GS, GreatAxe (With electric buff)
      Not buffed: Twin Princes sword (to finish off people with laser), Chaos blade (For people with a god shield)
      Rings: Havel Ring +1, Knight Ring, Faith version of knight ring and the +1 Hp, Stamina and equip increase ring.

      Made this away from my pc, sorry if the names are unclear
      If you want you can use higher level rings but I am at NG+ now without dlc.
      If you're level 150 I suggest going for some more Vigor and Attunement.

      • Anonymous

        20 Mar 2017 15:08  

        Im at SL 140, so have higher vit and use a similar setup to this, with 32 str, 30 dex and 30 fth. I use the mace, lothric knight sword, and crescent axe in the right, and cathedral knight greatshield and canvas talisman in the left.

        • Anonymous

          28 Jan 2017 15:33  

          Definitely going to try this- seems good, interesting and definitely viable.
          But what talisman would be the best for this build? I was thinking maybe the Saint's Belvine, or the Sunlight Talisman, but I am completely new to the world of non-melee gameplay. :p
          Any help or advice at all would be appreciated, thanks!

          • Good stuff!02 Sep 2016 07:08  

            I respecced from a pure melee quality build to this and it's a lot of fun. I'm using the Refined Lothric Knight Greatsword with it and it packs a serious punch. I've been doing a lot of souls farming on the Twin Princes and I hit over 700 with both buffs and lightning blade. I'm wondering if I should go for 24 attunement though so I can equip both the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring and the Lightning Clutch ring to maximize performance. (Along with Havel's and Ring of Favor). I have a bit of a hard time deciding which one to pick so I might as well go for both (at the moment I have the Deep Ring for extra attunement).For me this build takes a bit of getting used to managing the buffs and ashen estus but it's definitely very fun and that LKGS + Lightning Blade looks simply amazing! What allocation do you have for estus vs ashen estus? I have 12/3 at the moment. One bar of FP allows me to cast all buffs once.

            • Anonymous

              Rating18 Aug 2016 00:01  

              its good, but would be better if you didnt go quality and specalized in one or the other, also the rings arent the best, even with 2 free ring slots you can make better use, id say lightning clutch ring doesnt seem bad

              • Anonymous

                Choice of Weapons07 Aug 2016 16:46  

                I like what was chosen but was confused by the fact that none of them (besides swordspear) have any actual faith advantage unless they are buffed. I personally enjoy Lothric Greatsword and buffed Drang hammers, but thats just me.

                • Anonymous

                  Cool Beans30 May 2016 20:28  

                  You said we could use multiple weapons. is there any you would highly recommend besides the ones you listed?

                  • Anonymous

                    Awesome!19 May 2016 16:30  

                    Been doing similar things glad for the weapon list though been sad that alot of weapons plainly have superior versions at higher weight.

                    • Video to demonstrate the build01 May 2016 03:19  

                      I have found a video on youtube showcasing a build with similar ideas, but the link to said video gets removed from the page.

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