Glass Cannon of the Church
level_icon.jpg   Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 120~    25  22  28  17
Strength   Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 45    18  8  45  11


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Glass Cannon of the Church
  • Build Level: 120~
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP, adaptable
  • Build Main Stat: Str + Fth


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

(This is geared towards the Greataxe users, as that's what I used)

I've linked anything any new players might have questions about

Just a warning, mid game for this build is hell. If you play it smart, you can easily do it. I, making my first spell build, wanted to dive in and not invest in anything else so that may just be me. Anyway, near end game and other NG+ cycles this build rocks everything. So a quick walkthrough, you DON'T start out as the cleric (unless using Mourne's Great Hammer), you choose the Warrior. This may seem weird, but he has a higher strength stat and is more helpful early game. The faith comes later. Now don't get it wrong, you can invest some faith on the side, but not too much. Unless you choose the Great Hammer, in that case invest in Faith until 30 so you can meet the minimum requirements and then power level strength until you can two hand it. The Great Hammer is much easier to get early game if you know where to find it. It's fairly easy. So this is a Faith build so by now you should already have Irina back at the shrine, so all you have to do is get Yoel, do his questline until Yuria arrives and then buy her tome of miracles and give it to Irina, buy a dark miracle and eventually you'll find her and Eygon down near Iudex's bonfire. Kill him to get the Hammer and Moaning Shield. Then you can talk to Irina and send her back to the shrine. So use axes and hammers until you get to Farron Keep, where you get the first MAIN weapon you'll be using: the oddly named Greatsword. You'll be using this for a while, so get used to the moveset. Farron Keep is also where you get your first main spell: Lightning Spear. This is another thing down for the long haul. you should have gotten the canvas talisman by now and have been upgrading it, being second priority to your greatsword. It's possible that in a little bit you could switch to Wolnir's Holy Sword in a bit to have a str/fth weapon, but I personally got it and never used it. So you go through most of the game and start to struggle a little bit in Irithyll Dungeon and main Irithyll, but never fear, the good is about to come. To get a good, quality weapon all you have to kill is the Dancer. You can techincally get this really early game, but it's extremely hard. After you kill the Dancer, you can just run through Lothric to get the Sunlight Straight Sword. It's an extremely good weapon until we get out the main course. You can use that for a little bit and then put it off to the side for the Dragonslayer Greataxe after you kill the Dragonslayer Armour. After all this you should have obtained all the spells and rings noted, except for the Sunlight Spear. You probably switched off the Lightning Spear a while ago for something like the Lightning Stake or Gnaw, because it kind of sucks. But you can skip right over the Great Lightning Spear (unless you want to grind covenant rewards) and run straight to the Soul of Cinder and transpose that fat soul for the Sunlight Spear. Now you are officially a Glass Cannon of the Church. I actually didn't have enough requirements for one handing the axe or using the spear for a little bit, so I used the knight and priestess rings for a couple levels. On the flip side you could also do a dex build, instead of using the greatsword use a sharp Exile Greatsword or something of the like and get the Dragonslayer Swordspear. Both are extremely viable with the versitality of switching between the large hulking lightning weapon and the quick lightning buffed straight sword, which also has its own inborn buff.

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