Lightning Stake is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Lightning Stake

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 34 
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 35 Faith
Type Melee Attack



A lost dragonslaying miracle.

Strikes with a stake of lightning.

This tale describes the lost practices of ancient dragonslayers, who found that in order to pierce dragonscale, lightning should not be hurled as a bolt, but rather be thrust as a stake directly into the dragon's hide, to be truly effective.


Acquired From




  • This miracle causes the player to summon a lightning bolt then stab it into the ground in front of them. Has a small AOE radius, but does large amounts of damage if the enemy is struck directly with the stake.
  • Works well with Spear-Type miracles in PVP. Because the initial casting animation is identical to the regular Great Lightning Spear  animation, it can be good for tricking opponents into rolling into a high damage stake, or getting caught by a long ranged spear.
  • Does the same damage as Lightning Spear on a poor hit. 200% damage on a good hit and 300% damage on a perfect hit. 
  • A perfect Lightning Stake deals 55% more damage than a perfect melee Lightning Spear.
  • Sped up in Regulation 1.08 and in Patch 1.11, and now uses the Dark Edge casting animation. 
  • Very useful for catching foes using Quickstep since the AOE will catch them.
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    • 24 Mar 2017 15:33  

      Got invaded by a running R1 Katana spammer in grand archives the other day. Just stood there while this A-hole was running at me and traded his hit for a +10 sunlight tailsman lightning stake to the face (unfaltering prayer is great). Almost a 1 hit KO, stunlocked him and just finished him off with a few sword slashes.

      • Not a stab22 Jun 2016 22:22  

        Even though the description says you stab lighting stack into the ground, you are actually just throwing it down. If you do it just right on a cliff (i tried this at fire link shrine, on the bridge towards Blacksmith, directly over the tunnel under the bridge) so that you finnish the animation right as you fall off, the lightning bolt will travel down to the floor bellow (and slightly behind) you, and explode with AOE (after it has left your hand in the animation).

        • Damages of lighting miracles08 Jun 2016 10:51  

          Tested on the corvians on the road of sacrifice.<br/>40 int, 45 faith <br/>+5 crystal chime <br/>lighnting clutch ring, ring of the suns first born, mornes ring, priestess ring (40 faith to 45)<br/><br/>Lighting Stake does 1087, 886, 522, 364, 158 (depending on how well u hit)<br/>lighting spear gets 635 at close and 364 at range<br/>great lighting spear gets 861 at close range and 497 at range<br/>sunlight spear gets 1271 damage close range and 757 at range<br/>lighting storm is harder to read it appears the the wave given off does 317 per hit but its likely to hit twice causing 634 and if you're close enough the stike can cause another 317 totaling at 951<br/><br/>Sunlight spear just out classes all the other miracle but u need to beat the game to get it. <br/>Lighting stake sports the second highest damage potential out of all other miracles and the fact u can get it so early makes it that much better.<br/>Lighting storm really is a lack luster miracle for how late you get it, it's giant aoe can be very useful but the relative low damage makes me wounder if its worth the two spaces.

          • Sunlight spear23 Apr 2016 09:37  

            At 40 faith, this miracles deals slightly less damage than the sunlight spear (both melee, perfect hits), while requiring 1 more slot. <br/>I tested it in the road of sacrifices with the big guys with the wooden moons on their backs, talisman +9 and ring of the sun's first born. I got 508 damage with the stake and 568 damage with the sunlight spear.

            • Sunlight spear22 Apr 2016 16:45  

              Tbh I feel that this is an inferior version of sunlight spear... At 40 faith, the spear does the same, if not more, damage than the stake with a perfect melee hit, and the stake also requires 2 slots.

              • Beware the focus cost01 Apr 2016 08:41  

                This is basically the miracle counterpart to the soul greatsword, so beware the focus cost. Miracles seem to have no currently known counterpart to flash sword. Still, it looks really cool.

                • Lightning Great Combustion?29 Mar 2016 23:09  

                  The description seems to imply that this is a melee range miracle, which would make it the first of the sort, unless you count force and WoTG. <br/>Neat.

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