Blessed Weapon is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Blessed Weapon

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 35
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 15 Faith
Type Weapon Buff



Miracle taught to Lothric Knights. Blesses right weapon, increasing attack power, as well as gradually restoring HP.

The Knight is one of the Three Pillars of Lothric, said to have strengthened ties with the High Priestess after the Scholars acquired the Grand Archives.


Acquired From


  • Increases damage dealt by the weapon by 7.5%, boosts damage further against skeletons, and gives Faith-scaling HP regen, for 45 seconds and 60 seconds with the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2.
    • This miracle is pretty much the buff alternative to the Blessed Gem weapon infusion, except it increases the weapon's damage instead of lowering it.
    • The HP regeneration is dependant on your Faith; if the requirments of Talisman or Chime is not met, the you will only heal 1HP/s; at minimum requirements the HP regen will be 2HP/s; at 40 Faith it will heal 3HP/s; and at 60 Faith it will heal 4HP/s.
    • Although the duration of the buff can also be lengthened by wearing the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring, it will not increase the total HP healed, and the regen rate will simply slow down to compensate.
    • The damage is not dependent on either spell buff or Faith stat. You don't even have to meet the requirements of the talisman as long as you have enough faith to cast the spell.
    • The increased damage may seem very low, at 20 to 40 extra AR for a fully upgraded weapon, but also remember that this adds physical damage worth the equivalent to lots of point investments in strength or dex, especially after hitting 40 in either stat.
  • Healing effect stacks when buffing Anri's Straight Sword, as well as the damage buff to skeletons.
  • Damage stacks with the Deep Protection and Sacred Oath miracle.
  • Effects are canceled by the War Cry skill.
  • Will normally make the weapon glow bright white and sparkle, but with the Untrue Dark Ring it'll only have the sparkles.
  • In the game inital release, the buff gave the player's weapon a light blue glow (like the miracle icon shows). In a later patch, this buff now makes the weapon glow bright white, making it match the Blessed Weapon the Lothric Knights use.


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    • 28 May 2017 22:34  

      Since I have been asking myself this question for a while now and many of you might be asking the same question, which is better for a hp regen build this miracle or the blessed infusion? Here is my conclusion. Blessed weapon is better for a non faith dedicated build and using a heavy weapon like a greathammer or ultra greatsword with the %7.5 AR bonus. Blessed infusion is better for faith dedicated builds say around 30+ faith. Reason being that the blessed infusions scale much better with faith now and the AR isn't utter crap now. Another bonus of the blessed infusion is the fact you don't have to spend fp to buff it like blessed weapon. The blessed weapon also only lasts a depressing 45 seconds, 60 with lingering dragon crest ring. However blessed weapon is a very decent weapon buff. It does only add about 40-50 AR to a heavy weapon but you have to remember this isn't split damage so it only comes to about maybe 30% less damage than your typical buff, but you trade this for hp regen. This is why many people scoff at this buff because they don't get that massive AR bonus from other buffs. Not to mention the fashion souls is freakin amazing for the buff.

      In conclusion: Want a hp regen build without heavy investment into faith? blessed weapon. Want a hp regen build with a weapon that will have decent AR on your 30+ faith build? Blessed Infusion.

      • 21 Apr 2017 10:05  

        Post patch 1.13, with low str and dex (18 or less) and 60 faith, the Blessed Gem infusion on an S Faith scaling weapon will be stronger than a heavy/sharp/refined/raw infusion buffed with the Blessed Weapon buff. Not by too much but overall it edges it out and pretty much makes Blessed Gems the better option for a faith build if you want to do a regen setup now,

        • 07 Apr 2017 03:22  

          Amazing weapon buff and horribly underrated by a lot of people. People will turn their nose when they see this buff being used but instantly start to panic when they see the person is a healer build. A great tool for those new to pvp as it helps you recover for some simply mistakes. Great for beginners and experienced players alike.

          • 04 Mar 2017 03:19  

            "This miracle is pretty much the buff alternative to the Blessed Gem weapon infusion, except it increases the weapon's damage instead of lowering it."
            Shots fired God damn...

            • 23 Dec 2016 10:56  

              Useful miracle while on NG+ or further in Catacombs (since it can be aquired in late game unfortunately), Other than this, lightning and darkmoon blades are just better. It looks insanely dope while it's on tho :)

              • 09 Nov 2016 01:58  

                At 60 faith using this on my Refined Claymore +10 grants 46 bonus AR and heals 4hp per second. Given how it acts at lower stats, I can safely say the healing power scales with your faith.

                • 06 Nov 2016 17:36  

                  Don't be expecting high damage gains when using Blessed Weapon with Straight Swords or other small weapons. For those weapons that have lesser stat requirements you're better off going with elemental buffs if you're looking for damage. Where Blessed Weapon really shines is its effectiveness with Strength builds. Say you have a Fume Ultra, the "post nerf trash weapon", and 50 Strength. Two handed you're looking at 604 AR, even that coupled with the ridiculous range on the weapon is good. Yhorm's Machete may be lighter and have more AR but Fume still has the superior moveset. Then we get to the buff itself. Blessed Weapon goes incredibly well with Strength builds due to the measly 15 Faith requirement and the % scaling from total AR. The Fume gets 80 extra physical AR and health regen from the buff; for only 15 Faith that is absolutely insane. Of course it doesn't have to be the Fume you're using. Any buffable weapon that has high AR gets huge gains from Blessed Weapon.

                  • 05 Nov 2016 00:08  

                    I did some testing today to find out the HP per second thresholds for Blessed Weapon and these were my results. Base HP regen for the buff is 2HP/s. At 33 faith with the highest spell buff (Cleric Sacred Chime) I was able to regen 3HP/s. At 47 faith with the highest spell buff (Cleric Sacred Chime) I was able to regen 4HP/s. At 67 with the highest spellbuff (Yorshka Chime) I was able to regen 5HP/s. 5HP/s is the highest regeneration rate Blessed Weapon can achieve.

                    • 29 Oct 2016 08:48  

                      This buff is amazing for and Anri of Astora cosplay build with the low faith req plus Anri's sword plus a bleesed off hand the regen is decent and it slightly increases damage; the past two days I've been using this in the arena and my k/d is at least a 7

                      • 24 Oct 2016 21:18  

                        There are some people that are struggling to understand how effective this buff can actually be.

                        I understand it doesn't add as much damage as some of the other elemental weapon buffs, but the fact that it adds directly to the physical AR as opposed to adding split elemental damage cannot be understated.

                        Take something like the Sunlight Straight Sword on a STR/DEX quality build, which already has a very high AR to begin with for a Straight Sword. Adding this weapon buff will raise it's physical AR, ensuring it's not splitting the damage and getting hit with damage reduction twice. On top of that you can throw in the Oath of Sunlight WA and for good measure cast Deep Protection as well. Suddenly you have a weapon with very high physical AR that isn't splitting damage between physical and elemental.

                        Essentially this is a great weapon buff for people looking to stack Physical AR and not split the damage. It's not for everyone, or every build, but it's great for specific builds.

                        • Best Buff in my opinion21 Aug 2016 19:13  

                          I know its not a lightning blade or darkmoon blade but if you only have 18 or 15 faith and want a pretty good buff and a cool looking one get this one it even stacks with the lightning clutch ring :D

                          • Editing16 Aug 2016 15:54  

                            Rewrote the page to be a little less messy, also checked to see if the damage boost to skeletons (it does).<br/><br/>Damage boost was checked by comparing Anri's Straight Sword buffed and unbuffed against an Astora Straight Sword with similar AR, then dividing the unbuffed damage from the buffed damage of each. The multiplier was the same, showing that both were getting the bonus vs undead.

                            • What's the point?08 Aug 2016 02:13  

                              The damage boost is pitiful compared to Lightning Blade, Dark Blade, and Darkmoon Blade. Even with the extra boost against skeletons it's still inferior. The healing is negligible, as you could just do any other gradual healing miracle for much more HP and much quicker. You don't even get this miracle until after you've beaten every place in the game where skeletons spawn.

                              • Pretty neat31 Jul 2016 09:13  

                                The health regen is handy, but the best part is the 25% boost against skeletons. Also doesn't let them revive a second time, so it kills them dead. Trivializes the catacombs. Looks badass. Use lightning blade anywhere else, though<br/>

                                • No damage faith scaling?20 Jun 2016 21:32  

                                  It really is a pity that this spell doesn't add some manner of scaling physical damage (as oppposed to the flat buff) - would have allowed for interesting builds where between Lightning Blade, Darkmoon Blade, and this, a faith build could pick and choose one of 3 damage types at a time to make a really strong weapon, but only for as long as the buff lasts. As it is, really good if you only just meet the faith requirement, but not that useful once you can also cast the other two.

                                  • For People Considering Building Regen30 May 2016 07:58  

                                    Stacking this with Bountiful Light or Bountiful Sunlight is pretty impressive for healing. Most of it comes from the regeneration miracle, but with Sunlight Talisman (160 spell buff) casting Blessed Weapon + Bountiful Light, I heal for about 560 HP over the total 60 second duration (45 seconds for Blessed Weapon, 60 seconds for Bountiful Light).<br/><br/>Something to consider for 1v1 duels and invasions. Both spells are easily recast with a Sage Ring equipped as well. Only the quickest opponents will punish your re-buff attempts.<br/><br/>If you add in Sun Princess Ring, which I do, I total about 680 HP / minute (68 HP / 10 seconds, ~7 HP / second). Nothing to sneeze at considering how passive PvP is at the moment. Makes it harder for your opponent to punish your mistakes, and you can make riskier trades if they aren't running a regen build.<br/><br/>You will lack damage over standard builds, though. So keep that in mind.<br/><br/>Side-Note: I wouldn't recommend running straight up healing spells. Hosts will Estus on you, and Fight Clubs will collapse on you. Seems like people don't tolerate Miracle Healing in this instalment of Dark Souls, probably due to Talisman Hyper Armour.

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