Magic Weapon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Magic Weapon

Spell Type


Focus Cost 25
Slots UsedSlots Used 1
Requirements 10 Intelligence
Duartion  90 seconds

Sorcery for casters who wield swords.
Reinforces right weapon with magic.

The power of the sorcerer-swordsmen of Vinheim is predicated upon this and Magic Shield.
Many warriors learn sorcery just for this enchantment."

Acquired From



  • Adds (Spell Buff x 0.75) magic damage to your weapon's attack rating.
  • Scales with respective Clutch ring, does not scale with Sorcery Boost Dragon rings.
  • Crown of Dusk offers a very small boost (tested with 13 Int, added 3 AR).
  • Like all weapon buffs, Magic Weapon will only work on weapons with raw, hollow, sharp, heavy, or no infusion.
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    • Anonymous

      10 Jun 2017 17:23  

      I'm running a melee build and am wondering if it's worth putting one point into int just to use this.
      With 10 int, does the buff give substantially more damage than just pine resin?

      • 09 Mar 2017 16:42  

        This is great for a low level invasions build. sl20 and throw this on a raw flamberge and you've got some meaty damage; however, you'll either have to 2-hand the flamberge, use a stat boosting ring, invest less into health or you'll be a higher sl.

        • Anonymous

          16 Feb 2017 23:49  

          It seems this spell (and probably all other weapon buff spells) are less effective when applied to weapons of the Dagger type. I just did some testing to confirm this, I feel like it should be added to the notes of the spell (and all other spells after confirmation).

          My testing : (at 35int, 40dex, 12str, 12fth, on the hollows at Cemetery of Ash)
          Dagger, Brigand Twin Daggers, Mail Breaker, Corvian Greatknife, Rotten Ghru Dagger -> 41 gained when buffed
          Dark Sword, Broadsword, Manikin Claws, Crow Talons -> 66 gained when buffed

          Same results were obtained with Carthus Flame Arc

          • Anonymous

            Best way to use it?24 Apr 2016 15:40  

            I'm assuming because it's a flat damage bost that for pure mage builds it works best with fast hitting raw weapons, like twin blades?

            • Anonymous

              Does it have to be a sword?17 Apr 2016 06:07  

              Does the weapon have to be a sword, like the item description says? Also, can I apply it to a weapon that is already infused with dark magic.

              • Anonymous

                I could not get this to work.15 Apr 2016 16:56  

                I put a staff in my left hand, but when I cast this on the long sword, the staff glows and the sword does not. What am I doing wrong?

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