Great Soul Dregs is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Great Soul Dregs

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 30
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 40 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack



A sorcery that fires great dark soul dregs that have stewed for ages, far within the deep.

This sorcery is the highest form of Deep Soul

Some of the murkmen who rise from the depths are possessed by soul dregs, which have a grave likeness to the human form


Acquired From

  • Found in: The Dreg Heap Area in The Ringed City DLC. After you see the first Cursed Angel, proceed forward through the arched doorway ahead. Looking towards the 2 knights at the end of the room, take the arched doorway to the right. Turn right and head up to the back of the area and through another arched doorway. Proceed up the stairs and into through the doorway into a dead end room. Attack the wall on the left to reveal an illusionary wall. Proceed up the stairs until you come to the final room. The sorcery (Great Soul Dregs) is at the back of the room next to the Murkman Sorcerer: Video Example




  • The homing and flight speed are extremely similar to Great Deep Soul, if not identical.
  • Has a slightly longer range than the Great Deep Soul, making it ideal for sniping enemies.
  • The projectile size is enormous, and its sheer size can make it difficult to roll through.
  • Damage output is roughly 20% higher than Affinity, and can hit 1,000 damage per cast without much effort. 
  • However, with some effort that spell is devastating against most enemies, especially those weak to Dark damage, as it will deal nearly 2,000 damage per shot.
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    • Anonymous

      08 Sep 2017 20:35  

      Does anyone wonder what it would actually feel like to get hit by this? Or most other sorcerers for that matter.

      • Anonymous

        01 Aug 2017 01:55  

        Guy hides behind a dude with magic shield on a havel shield and shoots these things at me through a narrow hallway essentially *****ed. Havel guy randomly sometimes wrath of gods to keep me away. Iron fleshed myself to push through almost killed caster but then got wrathed just a little too much...

        • Anonymous

          09 Jul 2017 19:33  

          This isn't getting nerfed imho
          That's kind of the point of the whole DLC thing.. we give the devs more cash and in return we get +3 rings, effective armor pieces, and OP dope ass spells that wreck poor fags that can't buy it or aren't used to fighting it.

          • Anonymous

            27 May 2017 07:45  

            Are people seriously having problems with this spell? I haven't been hit by it once... It's literally as simple as dodging at the right time or running in an arch... Pointless for it to hit high if it doesn't hit...

            • Anonymous

              05 May 2017 13:16  

              This spell is amazing and worths a hex build by itself, but i'm pretty sure it'll be nerfed. This completely DESTROYS some bosses. I've seen people obliterating the dancer on NG3 with this spell. It also makes nameless king pretty easy.

              • Anonymous

                03 May 2017 09:09  

                Haven't seen anyone mention it, but doesn't this spell look kind of like the humanity sprites found in the abyss? Which is weird because from what i understand the deep and the abyss aren't the same thing or place. Maybe "soul dregs" are humanity sprites and "great soul dregs" are humanity sprites that have stewed in the deep? Like, the humanity sprites were taken out of people and sunk down into the deep where they stewed into this spell? Hell, maybe the "human dregs" that you give McDonnell have the humanity in them, are dropped down into the deep and then later end up as this?

                • Anonymous

                  12 Apr 2017 23:18  

                  I'm getting an output damage of 1320 on non armoured enemies with this and 800 damage on black knights. 45 int 45 faith, izalith staff plus 10, dark clutch ring, great below drag ring, nothing else, does between 500-750 on PvP so far that i have battled

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Apr 2017 18:58  

                    Everyone here is complaining about the tracking. In the meantime i've actually been forced to resort to the blue small shield just so I can reflect the thing. On it's own it's easy to dodge, but when facing gankers it's ideal to quickly make it clear to the sorcerer that their magic is useless unless you want soul dregs for days.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Apr 2017 16:43  

                      At 44 int and 32 faith the spell buff for izalith staff and the pyromancy flame are exactly the same 197. So bellowing dragon crest ring, witch's ring, and dark clutch ring and you can have a staff off hand and flame in the other for a dark build .

                      • 31 Mar 2017 13:33  

                        Massive damage, great homing ability, and it just looks awesome. Took down the old demon king in 5 seconds on NG++. Dunno why people are saying it looks like a bigger great deep souls cause it doesn't. It looks more like a singular Affinity orb but massive and with blue hues rather than deep purple.

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