Chameleon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.


Spell Type


Slots Used 1


Lost sorcery from Oolacile, land of ancient golden sorceries. Transforms into something inconspicuous.

Far from formally developed, this magic was instead born from the mischief of a young girl who sought relief from the solitude of the woods at dusk.

Acquired From

  • Dropped by the Pilgrim from Londor, encountered in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, either when killed or when she dies from fulfilling her quest.
  • The appearance of this pilgrim is reliant upon doing either of Anri of Astora's quests.
  • The Pilgrim first appears in the Church of Yorshka bonfire room in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. She is in a corner disguised as a statue amongst a group of other statues. Hitting the statue will reveal the pilgrim, allowing you to talk to her. Kicking or pushing will also reveal the pilgrim.
  • If you are doing Anri's "Slayer of Aldrich" endingthen you must kill the pilgrim here, or she will kill Anri.
    • She will drop the spell upon death.
    • If you do not kill her in the church she will kill Anri, but the spell can later be found on her corpse at the entrance to the Darkmoon Tomb, located behind the illusory Lord Gwyn statue.
  • If you are doing the "Lord of Hollows" / "Usurpation of Fire" ending, she must be left alive, she'll drop the spell in the next encounter.
    • Note that killing the pilgrim will put you on bad terms with Yuria of Londor, causing her quest to fail as she leaves Firelink, so be careful if you only want to talk to the pilgrim.
    • After doing the questlines and using the Sword of Avowal, head back to the Darkmoon Tomb entrance. The NPC that you obtained it from will lie there dead, dropping the Chameleon spell without having to kill her.


  • Casting Chameleon will turn you into an inanimate object, for example, a statue or a wooden box, and most enemies are unable to detect you as long as you stay completely still.
  • If cast while an enemy sees you, it takes about 5 seconds before they lose aggro and ignores you again. The same applies if you are caught moving and go back to staying still.
  • The duration is unlimited. You can move at walking speed, but the spell is broken if you roll, attack, use an item or get hit.
  • For PvP it's often used for hiding from invaders, although the lighting on the object is usually a bit off so experienced players can see that the object doesn't fit in.
  • It will also make opposing players unable to lock-on, which can disrupt their playing style, forcing them to play unlocked or lose their targeting while casting.
  • The Vow of Silence miracle can be used to spot players hidden by Chameleon, since it will make an aura around any living creature within its AoE. (needs confirmation)
  • The Young White Branch is a consumable item with the same effect as Chameleon.
  • Acquiring the sorcery is dependent on two quest lines, Anri's and Yuria's. Killing Yuria before Anri leaves the Church of Yorshka bonfire room while also missing the assassin will result in the corpse being unable to appear, as the assassin leaves the church when Anri leaves. The corpse that appears behind the illusory wall near Anor Londo seems to appear when Yuria is talked to after Anri leaves the Church of Yorschka bonfire, when the assassin has also not been killed.
  • Using Chameleon in the swamp of the Ringed City, there is a chance that you will turn into a Humanity Phantom. This allows you to lower the ladder that leads to the purging monument.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Dec 2017 09:40  

      A big thanks to dr Ogbefun for helping me to cast death spell on my uncle who killed my parents because of his company, and the matter was taking to court and was not giving justice because i was not having any prove not until i came across this great spell caster online and i explain everything that happened to him and he promise to help me cast the spell within 48hours that i should send my uncle full name and his picture that is going to confess before he die which i did as he commanded.within 2days my uncle started confessing and finally die. am grateful for what dr Ogbefun did for me and with that i promise to share this testimony to all the viewers around the globe, after he cast the death spell. If you are having similar issues please do contact him via email add him on whatsapp line +2348102574680.

      • Anonymous

        12 Nov 2016 21:33  

        This spell has unlimited duration, unless you cross the invisible barrier that separates zones that determine what you turn into. For example, if you cast it just above the ladder above the dancer bonfire, you turn into objects from the high wall. If you then walk into the first castle room with the red-eyed knight, it wears off, because here you turn into items from lothric castle. This is the only barrier point I've found so far but I'm still testing

        • Anonymous

          22 Oct 2016 21:17  

          I'm so tempted to kill Yuria for her armor, but I also want Chameleon from the pilgrim/assassin... Is it possible to get both the set and the spell without having them kill Anri?

          • Anonymous

            Use in PvE23 Aug 2016 21:21  

            Your can use this spell, if you got chased by a mob of enemies. Cast this spell and then stop moving, they will not chase you again (If they see you again they will chase you or if you moved)

            • Anonymous

              SUCK10 Aug 2016 12:07  

              This thing turn me into a fcking virgin mary inside an entrepot filled with nothing but boxes guess what happen.

              • Anonymous

                Chameleon objects list05 Aug 2016 23:38  

                Is there a list of the objects the spell caster turns into by area? So say I invade in x area and it's apparent the host is hiding, I could know what object to look for?

                • Anonymous

                  Don't "troll" with this while PvP'ing27 Jun 2016 06:18  

                  Seriously, if you are going to summon someone via RSS please don't use this spell. You just waste our time, and if we BSS back we get penalized. Don't use this while PvP'ing

                  • Anonymous

                    Finished complete wedding quest, but dont loot the chameleon sorcery23 May 2016 12:47  

                    is it possible to backtrack and loot it? I can not test it jet, cause Iam in holiday for two weeks and now Iam very worried, dont want to make a 4th playthrough only because of this ******* spell :-I

                    • Anonymous

                      Hidden Pilgrim23 May 2016 08:59  

                      I only leveled up with Yoel once, so Yuria never appeared at my firelink shrine. However, the hiddlen pilgrim STILL appeared at this location in the Church of Yorshka, disguised as an adult statue.

                      • Anonymous

                        Best PvP sorcery :327 Apr 2016 21:39  

                        Go in very dense areas like Farron Keep or Archdragon Peak and have fun laughing your ass off as the invader (or host) runs past you multiple times.

                        • Anonymous

                          Well then26 Apr 2016 01:46  

                          Kinda dumb that the vast majority of sorceries are entirely missable unless you do rather specific steps otherwise.

                          • Anonymous

                            Appeared without Yuria's questline.24 Apr 2016 10:47  

                            I never used any of Yoel's darksigns, and did not have Yuria appear. I still had this NPC show up in the corner. I did follow Anri's questline though.

                            • Anonymous

                              No Body24 Apr 2016 07:20  

                              Gotten 5 dark signs form yoel, Yuria showed up. Found the statue and talked with them, however i did not find the body of the pilgrim at darkmoon tomb. I can only assume i have to do another playthrough to get this spell, however i do not want to mess up npc questlines either. My Question is how do i get this spell w/o messing up the questlines by killing her, and aquire chamelion?

                              • Anonymous

                                Alternative20 Apr 2016 00:19  

                                So i can't get the spell its not possible. But untrue white ring plus the hidden body spell makes you look like a ghost so it will also fool people

                                • Anonymous

                                  Yuria not required?18 Apr 2016 03:16  

                                  I killed the assassin and got the spell without ever meeting Yuria or getting any dark signs.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Works in pve17 Apr 2016 22:25  

                                    You can use this spell when an enemy hasn't spotted you, and as long as you remain still while inside their sight line, they will just walk past you.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Chameleon in Darkmoon Tomb16 Apr 2016 19:56  

                                      The corpse behind the statue did NOT have the Chameleon spell for me. Only the Brass armor set.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Extra Chameleon Get15 Apr 2016 18:03  

                                        I failed the Anir questline. Anir died in the Catacombs of Carthus, ergo the assassin never appeared for me (or maybe I missed it completely). Either way, I didn't kill any statue for the spell. Afterwards, I killled the 4 Lords of Cinder and started collecting stuff before finishing the game. I thought I completely missed Chameleon when I failed the questline but I went to collect my Reversal Ring and it was laying there on a dead body. I don't know why, but those are the conditions I got it.

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