Spears of the Church is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3. It was added in The Ringed City DLC.


A green-rusted ornament of young grass, the crest of Princess Filianore. Equip to join the Spears of the Church covenant.

The Spears of the Church watch over the Princess' slumber, and when the church is compromised by a trespasser, the Judicator summons them as loyal spirits to eliminate the threat (Summoned automatically while this is equipped).

Loyal spirits summoned as Spears of the Church are granted a blessing of protection.





 Spears of the Church Information




  • Defeat Darkeater Midir under the Inner Ring Wall bonfire, behind a hidden wall to join this covenant.


Effects of covenant

  • Players wearing this Covenant badge will be summoned to become Halflight, Spear of the Church during the boss fight.
  • In order to be summoned you simply need to have the covenant item equipped. You will get a covenant item no matter if you are the host or invader, whoever wins gets it.
  • Additionally, if you use the White Sign Soapstone, Red Sign Soapstone, Cracked Red Eye Orb, or Red Eye Orb anywhere in The Ringed City, you have a random chance of being summoned to help defend the Church regardless of password and current covenant equipped.
  • Players summoned to defend Halflight, Spear of the Church will receive increased defense proportional to the amount of phantoms that the Host of Embers summon, at the cost of being unable to use Estus Flask, however, they can still use healing miracles.
  • Players summoned to defend Halflight, Spear of the Church, are able to use the following items during the fight: Ritual Spear Fragment  and Divine Spear Fragment. Using these as the Defender of Halflight will cost no FP and are unlimited with a short cooldown.

Rank Requirements

  • Successfully completing task earns you Filianore's Spear Ornament which can be turned in to the altar to rank up in the covenant. The altar is located next to the Ringed Knight with the dual greatswords outside the church. 




  • None at the time of this writing.



  • The summoning mechanics for this covenant are reminiscent of the Old Monk from Demon's Souls, whom Hidetaka Miyazaki, one of Dark Souls III's directors, claims to be his favorite boss encounter.
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    • 21 Apr 2017 04:05  

      So I killed Midir and now have the covenant badge equipped, and I placed down a red summon sign inside the church (just before the fog wall). I was summoned twice in a row with no problems. But now it seems the game refuses to summon me anymore. I've tried waiting with the red sign down, nothing. Tried waiting with just the badge, nothing. Tried using Red Eye Orb, didn't get the boss. I don't know if it's me, or the game's fault and it still fails to have covenants work properly, but I've been sitting around for about 2 hours now and just can't get summoned :\

      • 15 Apr 2017 07:41  

        It's fun for both sides. Boss and Host. But it's getting salty when the try hard double gold arena champs come around, transforming a fun engagement into a boring 10 min long neverending story. In other games you call such behavior "griefing" btw.

        • 14 Apr 2017 02:17  

          I was doing regular red eye orb invasions in Ringed Inner Wall, with no covenant equipped, and got summoned as a Spear of the Church instead. I don't even have the covenant item, as I haven't killed Midir or Gael. I appeared to receive the correct bonuses, as it changed the covenant icon at the top left to be the Spears icon, I spawned with the homing masses on me, and spears fired (without me using the item). However, I don't believe I got any extra defense or health, as I died in 3 hits of Exile Greatsword despite wearing Havel's set with RoSP+3.

          • 12 Apr 2017 05:53  

            LOL if you're over level 230 you can forget about being summoned. You have to use a work around and even that's rare. Put on mound makers, blue sentinals, BDM, or sun bages. Then lay down your summon sign like at the streets bonfire or the room right before you go up to the church. You might get summoned randomly as a boss for some reason lol. Having the covenant badge on and laying a sign down may work as well.

            • 11 Apr 2017 19:42  

              Just got summoned and there was 2 of us spears. However he showed as red and attacked me, I killed him then host, however I had no orbs and couldn't use the spear ability.
              But just to confirm 2 spears can be summoned, unsure if bug or deliberate.

              • 11 Apr 2017 16:10  

                This covenant needs serious balancing.
                If you do get summoned do not be surprised if it just you v 3 or 4 (And the first painting guardian is usually dead by the time you get there).
                Usually the host 2 phantoms and patches or host and 3 phantoms.
                Until they actually boost the player character to "boss" level, its not worth playing as and dare I say the worst covenant here.
                And if you are a melee build you will have virtually no chance against 3-4 players.

                If you need the covenant items just farm them from the dual sword ringed knight.

                • 09 Apr 2017 07:07  

                  Wow, it used to be that a Spear could just casually take on a 4-man team without breaking a sweat. Now that same 4-man team can utterly obliterate a Spear within 5 seconds. FromSoft needs to find that middle ground soon... This damage absorption nerf is almost as painful as what they did to Great Resonant Soul and the Lightning Spear family in DkS2...

                  • 09 Apr 2017 03:09  

                    They could have made this covenant more interesting if they summoned two boss players, one halflight and the other painting guardian (that throws heals) that is dependent on how many phantoms the host has (2 or more) ^_^

                    Another alternative to PvP? :)

                    • 08 Apr 2017 09:40  

                      Wow, I never thought I see the day there would be a covenant even more abysmal than Way of Blue and the Blue Sentinels. First, you have to beat one of the most hardest bosses (who is optional to boot) to even get the stupid badge and after that, the items you get will only be usable/benefit you if you are summoned to defend the curch. Way to end things with a wet fart Fromsoft.

                      • 08 Apr 2017 07:08  

                        Seriously the most fun I've had in this game, I think. I suggest going in with both a good wide-swinging HA weapon, like a great hammer (Perseverance!) of sorts for when you're getting ganked as well as a faster, more one-on-one weapon for when the remainders are playing much more cautiously. Something with a good running attack helps with chasing down estus using too. I've been having a great time going in with Vordt's + Splitleaf!

                        • 08 Apr 2017 00:56  

                          Fourth time I ran this (solo) the boss was afk. Easiest fight ever.
                          Also, I can verify as well that non-members can get summoned as spear of the church. It happened to me while I was just waiting with a white sign up. Incidentally, I was up against a solo opponent. Dunno if that's a factor or not.

                          • 06 Apr 2017 23:29  

                            Original Poster of the 31 Mar 2017 20:45 Comment.

                            *Looks at Spears of the Church Wiki site as of April 6, 2017*

                            *Still sees the lying/incorrect info on the Notes Section*

                            *My reaction*

                            "SOMEONE EDIT THIS @#$% ALREADY!"

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