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Filianore is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. She is part of The Ringed City DLC. She is in eternal slumber and is cradling an open egg when you find her. She has no dialogue but can be examined upon first encountering her.

Filianore Information

  • Not killable



  • You can find Filianore at The Ringed City (Location) after you defeat Halflight, Spear of the Church
  • Then, a decayed version of her can be found at Filianore's Rest.



  • N/A

Combat Information

  • N/A



She has no dialogue but upon meeting her if you approach and examine her you will trigger a cutscene and when you return to gameplay, you will find her dessicated and dead and the world vastly changed.



  • Despite being unkillable, summoned phantom will see her in white as every regular NPC.
  • Small Envoy Banner's description suggest, that Filianore is Gwyn's daughter.



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    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2017 04:51  

      Not killable?, well, you are the reason of her death, maybe her end is inevitable, but at least she can still alive - sleeping.

      • Anonymous

        04 Jun 2017 01:58  

        Didn't see anyone mention this, but she is almost certainly a reference/homage to the girl in the anime Angel's Egg (which was obviously one of the inspirations for all of dark souls).

        • Anonymous

          19 Apr 2017 07:22  

          As she is another beautiful goddess you can seemingly repeat seeing, has anyone tried to kill her? I'm curious if she just wakes up and I don't have the game, but interested in the lore, or if it's some kind of secret.

          • Anonymous

            15 Apr 2017 18:04  

            When first heard of her in the dlc I was hoping she was the pygmy that found the dark soul. Thought that would be kinda cool.

            • Anonymous

              10 Apr 2017 21:20  

              The ringed city is the egg, look around, you're in a shell, with crystals in it just like the concept art depicts.
              Illusion? Yep, as you fly in you pass through some thick turbulent yellow clouds, then the sky is just yellow, like a golden sorcery of Oolacile, and the darksign is gone from the sun.
              It's probably been said before, Im not trying to sound overconfident about the theory, just telling you my view of things.

              • Anonymous

                09 Apr 2017 12:32  

                I think the thing Filianore's is clenching, judging by the artbook, is not an egg, but a geode. Google them, they are some sort of mineral formation with a rocky exterior and its insides hollow and full of crystals. Maybe it is were the dark soul was found. It would make sense, since its shell is pale like a soul and its hollow core (which would have been housing pure darkness in the middle of the first flame) is full of curse crystals

                • Anonymous

                  09 Apr 2017 09:09  

                  I think Filianore is the mother of painted woman.
                  And the egg is a dragonegg(the painted woman).
                  I am 100% sure that this is the first firekeeper. We know that there is ton of firekeeper corpses in firelink and we know that everytime a firekeeper is summoned, her eyes is missing, like Filianore.
                  You can even see signs of darkness in Filianores face. Can anyone figure out the tower which you cannot enter, please.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Apr 2017 03:08  

                    All I ever wanted was a real big boobed goddess to serve yet she too was an illusion.

                    I literally cried when I saw her true dryed dead form.

                    Damn you Fromsoft, damn you.

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Apr 2017 14:08  

                      if you go back to the room in the (past??? not ruined city) after talking to her she is missing, but her body is still in the (future??? ruined) world. does that mean she teleports rather than time travels???

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Apr 2017 02:30  

                        Her name can be translated to "Daughter of the Sun". The first part, 'filia' means daughter in Latin, and 'nore' means sun in Elvish. See? Which means she is a daughter of Gwyn.

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Apr 2017 21:21  

                          Who the fudge is this woman? and what is she holding in her arms?
                          Why is she locked away high up in the tower, behind the Halflight boss ?
                          NANDAYOO ??

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Apr 2017 11:56  

                            I wonder if the Eyes of a Fire Keeper are hers.

                            From the description the eyes are that of the of the first Fire Keeper.

                            Her eyes removed as she saw things she should not have seen?

                            • 02 Apr 2017 06:25  

                              My theory: The pygmy we meet next to the city's first bonfire states her slumber is a "lid" of sorts. By that description her very existence can be alluded to "Pandora's box". As she sleeps, so does the rest of the city remain separated from time. This would explain why the city is so brightly lit despite the true "sun" being on the verge of going out. So long as she stays asleep, things will not age within the city, hence why everything still looks relatively new.

                              Once she awakens, all of time catches up to her and the city itself is pulled into its proper time and place at the world's end. Here at the worlds end is where the Pygmy Royalty was hidden by Gwyn so that the power of the Dark Soul will not spread over the land, nor will it be stolen by a greedy human... until now.

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Apr 2017 18:17  

                                Does anyone else notice that when you get summoned in she has that transparency look that NPCs that you can talk and interact with do. does this mean that there is a way to talk or interact with her

                                • Anonymous

                                  31 Mar 2017 18:04  

                                  The dreaming theory: It's time to present the theory section of our tale, and with it, I believe I have a theory.

                                  The entirety of the Ringed City itself is a Dream World.

                                  Think about it: Throughout the game everyone is talking about "embracing the darkness", which could be another way of saying the dark of slumber. On top of that, everyone continues to speak about "protecting" the dreaming city, but I don't think they mean for her own safety. They're trying to keep her asleep out of fear of ceasing to exist should she awaken. Her slumber might have been an unexpected side effect from the abyss affecting her, something with the dark soul of man affecting her, or some other magic, but it still means she's sleeping.

                                  Another way to confirm this theory is your interaction with her. The minute you wake her up after shattering the embracing egg, the entire world crumbles, and when you can see again, it's a complete wasteland like the dredge Heep. That also explains why you no longer see Gael until the very end, as he's outside "the dream".

                                  It might seem abut complicated or confusing, but theories usually are. And it's not something that can be denied outright.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    31 Mar 2017 02:30  

                                    Speculation time; here's a solid fact. SHE is a daughter of Gwyn. His YOUNGEST daughter. And for some reason, looks nothing like either himself, or Gwynevere, her only sister. Instead, she takes her colouring closer to her brother, Gwyndolin. Dark hair, pale skin, you know it's true. We never see Gwyndolin's eyes throughout the series, but here we see the eyes of a slumbering God who was tasked with keeping the Pygmies away, and the Dark Soul as well as part of Gwyn's selfish attempts to preserve his Age of Fire.

                                    Theory; Filianore has been touched by the Abyss via the Dark Soul, and her efforts to contain it was what allowed this. Which resulted in her slumbering. Theory continued; at the end of every cycle, a 'Chosen Undead' or 'Ashen One' finds her, wakes her up, and her spell to contain the Pygmies and the Dark Soul is broken, which results in a fast forward jump in time to which how the world would have been if it hadn't been for Filianore keeping the Dark Soul and Pygmies locked away.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      30 Mar 2017 12:02  

                                      lore speculation time:
                                      looks like she was holding up the realm bubble the ringed city was with her dream spell, Gwynn must have had grand plans for the pygmys and their descendants if he sacrificed one of his daughters to keep them safe for so long after he is gone.
                                      he sealed their darkness with fire giving birth to the Darksign and giving them a heavy weight to carry on their shoulders.
                                      as for the dragon egg, it is implied than the gods raised Midir since he was a child, it could be that she holds up his everlasting egg shell as part of her eternal dream spell. tendrils of darkness seep from her eyes the same way the inside of the shell looks up rotten too.
                                      having her holdin Midir egg would also make her bound to him as his eternal guardian.
                                      there is also the chance that she gave birth to the egg but she is not portrayed as a motherly figure so I'm not too fond of that.
                                      also, she does not show any kind of dragonkin malformation like some other heavenly children do, wich is interesting.

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