Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops

7,543 (Invading)

12,000 (Hostile NPC)

Untended Graves (Invading)

Grand Archives (Hostile NPC)

Sage's Crystal Staff (Hostile NPC)

Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild



  • This NPC invades in Untended Graves, along the cliff path where the Cemetary of Ash bonfire would normally be.
  • You can also meet her as a hostile NPC, in the trio of Black Hand enemies at the bottom of the stairs that leads up to the Twin Princes boss, in the Grand Archives.


  • Souls (phantom): NG (7,543), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Souls (human): NG (12,000), NG+ (24,000), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Sage's Crystal Staff (Human version).

Combat Information






  • Her name is derived from the Germanic elements grim "mask" and hild "battle". Kriemhild was a beautiful heroine in the Germanic saga the 'Nibelungenlied', where she is the sister of Gunther and the wife of Siegfried.
  • The name "Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild" can have two meanings: The daugther of the person known as Crystal Kriemhild, or as Kriemhild - Daughter of Crystal, which is hinted at by the description of the staff she drops. Daughter can also mean apprentice or follower etc.



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    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2018 15:34  

      When she parries you, it's actually pretty uncommon for her to riposte you. Most times, she parries and then casts a spell or something.

      • 01 Jan 2018 12:19  

        Yellowfinger Heysal lives! I think this npc invader is actually Yellowfinger reborn. Its odd that she drops nothing and is the only other npc to use Farron spells. In Yellow fingers description it hints at some sort of relationship between the Crystal Sages and her. Maybe she is the daughter of one of them or step-daughter at the very least.

        • Anonymous

          10 Oct 2017 13:11  

          I think the crystals are about Oceiros. She could be a student of his, or even a daughter.
          Or perhaps she's similar to the hybrids in the Duke's Archives from DS 1, experimented on.
          Either way, she's related to crystals, and probably not in the nicest way.

          She's wearing Fire Keeper's robes too. Could she be Gundyr's firekeeper?
          Maybe she's posing as such just to keep him there, because she wants the flame to die...

          Also her skin tone betrays Irithyllian nationality. She could be the Pontiff's student.

          • Anonymous

            20 Jun 2017 16:37  

            This NPC is Kriemhild. When has an NPC's name ever been their relationship to a named character? It's just a grammatical fluke of listing one's title before their name. This is the standard naming practice of NPC's in Dark Souls, with exception of when their title is simply "of (homeland)", "the (descriptor)", or, on occasion, "knight of (homeland)".

            • Anonymous

              18 Jun 2017 15:17  

              If she's there defending the Princes, and was most likely a scholar of the Archives, she's got to have some irreverence for the whole flame linking thing and her wearing of fire keeper robes may illustrate that. Not just any rando is allowed to wear those and I can bet she pulled them off some corpse in the untended graves.

              • Anonymous

                30 May 2017 07:16  

                It says that three people on the Grand Archives are the Black hands but that isn't true, one is Kamui (who IS up there) one is Gotthard ( who you summon and find the corpse of) and the other is unknown.

                • Anonymous

                  17 May 2017 05:16  

         Doubt anyone cares at all, but I've got an okay-ish-sorta picture that shows her face

                  • Anonymous

                    02 May 2017 10:23  

                    Somehow this woman just parried two handed Astora Greatsword R1 like it was a twig. Apparently she can parry UGSs for some reason.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Apr 2017 21:34  

                      I'm a fan of the idea that her name is most properly pronounced as daughter of crystal; Kreimhild. In the same way that black hand; Kamui and lion knight; Albert are her compatriots whose names are preceded by their titles. This is opposed to her being the daughter of the original crystal Kreimhild.

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Mar 2017 07:34  

                        Ok, people in the comments are kind of silly, so here's the deal.
                        -She drops nothing in Untended Graves at all, besides souls. She likely invades because at this point you're close enough to Lothric and Lorian where she feels the need to step in.
                        -She is the same in the Archives as when she's a Dark Spirit. The Staff was likely given to her by her mother, who was a favored human by the Crystal Sages. Her mother received the staff from them and gave it to her. It's also why the Crystal motif.
                        -The Firekeeper robes are likely just for fashion. I see no reason other than that.

                        • Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild [DKS3 Wiki]30 Nov 2016 17:18  

                          She's the daughter of the Crystal sage in the Grand Archives, similar to Heysal because she's the daughter of the Crystal sage in the Undead Legion. She uses the Crystal Rapier and the Crystal staff and she wears the Fire Keeper outfit. She can be found next to the Farram Knight and the Black Hand probably protecting Lothric and Lorain. She can also invade you in the Untended Graves, which is kinda weird sense we has no purpose there in the first place.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Nov 2016 16:19  

                            The german word "Grim(m)" doesnt mean "Mask"... It has many meanings such as: "Grausamkeit" (Eng: cruelty), "Wut" (Eng: fury), "Wildheit" (Eng: ferocity) and "Strikt" (Eng: strict)... It depends on how you use it in a sentence!
                            And the word "Hild" doesnt mean "battle"... It is a noun (name) for itself (if you add a few letters) or is at least an addable part to form a noun and therefore a meaning...
                            (For example: Brunhild, Hildegard, Gerhild, Hildesheim, Hildebrandt, Hilda, Hilde ect.)

                            • Anonymous

                              Not Agressive02 Aug 2016 11:56  

                              She isn't aggressive once you kill all the other NPCs and stand close to her, as in shoulder touching distance, make sure to corner her against a wall. Got a bunch of screenshots by doing this.

                              • Anonymous

                                LORE27 Jun 2016 21:57  

                                This could be the spirit of gundyr's dead fire keeper, that tries to protect her champion.It is said that the corpse in the fire keeper tower might be gundyr's fire keeper but you can't physically confront her in the untended graves (not her corpse with the estus ring).All the people that invade you in the main game are alive, wich kind of counters my argument since the estus-ring says that the fire keeper was dead when gundyr arrives,But in my head cannon i'd say she is a dark spirit , haunting the untended graves to aid her champion on his mission that will never end until she fiends true peace in the embrace of darkness in the fire keeper tower.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Kriemhild is not a Black Hand08 May 2016 09:45  

                                  Of the three hostile NPCs in front of the Twin Princes, only Kamui is a Black Hand, for the Black Hands all wear the armor and hat, and dual wield weapons. Kriemhild wears none of these and uses a staff.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Drop Loot29 Apr 2016 20:37  

                                    She'll drop the Sage's Crystal Staff if you kill her in the GRAND ARCHIVES. She drops nothing when she invades. *facepalm*

                                    • Anonymous

                                      no drops28 Apr 2016 20:17  

                                      she doesnt drop anything, just gives you 9053 souls. i feel like there should b some obvious lore here that i'm missing. some kind of relation to oceiros mayb?

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