Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring

Ring of a clandestine guild of sorcerers based in Vinheim, home of sorcery.

Masks the sound of its wearer.

The Dragon School held effective sovereignty over Vinheim, with a great many adept assassins at its disposal.


Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring Effect

  • Masks the sound of its wearer.
  • Weight: 0.7



Where to Find Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring




  • Helpful in PvP situations where the player may have to jump down to get to an enemy. This masks their footsteps so that the player won't hear them coming.
  • Can also be used in PvE for getting easier backstabs on enemies as they can't hear your foosteps.
  • Like Spook, this ring works great with Hidden Body to allow for repeated backstabs.
  • Also hides the visual effects of some spells on your character, notably Tears of Denial 




This ring has appeared in all 3 Dark Souls games.


  • It seems as though using certain heavy weapons can nullify the sound masking effect for NPCs, allowing them to detect you at a longer distance.


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    • 10 Mar 2017 07:21  

      For anyone having trouble getting the ring and the gesture: it is not enough to have the sorceries in your inventory, you need to buy them from him in a single playthrough.

      • 08 Jan 2017 04:03  

        can someone add this info to the page? not nullifying buff sounds seems like something that should be pointed out here.

        I did some testing with a friend on the slumbering dragon crest ring. Weapon buffs will still be heard around the same distance you become visible with the obscuring ring, at least for players anyway.

        lightning was the easiest to hear and most likely to stand out
        fire was hardest to hear and could be mistaken for ambient fire easily

        kinda ruins obscuring ring and slumbering dragoncrest ring backstab tactics if you can't buff without risking the other person hearing you

        • 28 Dec 2016 06:02  

          Use this with carthus milk ring, become the invisible rolling ninja. This with hidden body is crazy good for pvp, it's like they don't know where u are

          • i used to20 Aug 2016 15:57  

            always be able to run behind an ennemy even touching his back, but not now, sometimes they aggro :(<br/>all my silver knights cheese is random now. more fun in a way xD

            • Trivializes speedruns19 Aug 2016 10:45  

              This used with hidden body will trivialize any speed run. Ultra useful if you're doing the NG++ run for the slabs, rings and boss souls only.

              • BROKEN12 Aug 2016 04:03  

                The ring no longer works in PvE! Tested against Scholars and Ascended Winged Knights in the archives. They aggro as normal, as if the player were making noise.<br/>WTF FROM?!

                • Comment on the Bug03 May 2016 01:50  

                  Seems to be right.<br/>Tested with some heavy weapons :<br/>-Drakeblood Greatsword<br/>-Executioner's Greatsword<br/><br/>Both of them are nullifying the effect and ennemies look over their soulders when I go behind them.

                  • Need to buy all Orbeck's basic spells before he gives you this ring?03 May 2016 00:19  

                    So I bought almost every spell Orbeck had to offer on my new character, but because he was an assassin and came with the 'spook' spell I never bought it from him. Now I just bought 'spook' and he gave me the ring so I think you need to buy all his basic spells before he gives you the ring even if you've spent over 50K souls.

                    • Bug with large weapons28 Apr 2016 17:30  

                      So far I've tested Vordt's, Greataxe, great machete, greatsword and zwei. <br/><br/>This ring works if you're holding the weapon in ONE hand. EVEN sprinting at the enemy from behind (and I tested speed walking) did not alert them to my presence. <br/><br/>However using the same weapons with two hands I was unsuccessful in sneaking up on the enemy.<br/><br/>Equipment load didn't seem to make a difference

                      • Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring23 Apr 2016 05:02  

                        I forgot to mention. Ring was removed when I started NG+. I had to buy all spells again. 50k souls on NG+ is nothing but I don't get what is a reason behind it.

                        • Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring23 Apr 2016 04:54  

                          I gave him 2 tomes and bought all his spells 50k souls. Got the ring. I bought all his starting spells but got only young dragon ring. Gave him 1 tome and bought spells it was not enough. My guess is 50 k souls is a necessary ammount and it can be reached with 2 tomes from the road of sacrifice.<br/>I am on NG+ but if i remeber correctly it was the same on NG.<br/>Best ring in the game combined with invis makes avoiding or killing trash mob extremely easy and free attunment slot. Spook is nice but very short even with lingering ring.

                          • [ Bug or Gear Type ?]23 Apr 2016 04:50  

                            --Seems to not work with certain weapons... Great Swords, Spears, Scythe, Irithyll Straight Sword(needs more testing). Works with my Katanas and Axes. I havent tested all the weapon types or unique weapons. Great Swords I sorta get but Spears & Irithyll ? Humm... strange.

                            • Did not get the ring22 Apr 2016 17:18  

                              I bought all his Sorceries, and now he dissapeared, yet I havent recieved the Ring. Bug? I even Spoke with him before he left yet did not obtain this Ring.<br/>I guess I have to do a NG+ run in order to get this ring now.

                              • Spells purchase requirements19 Apr 2016 01:12  

                                The only spells that need to be purchased are aural decoy, farron flashsword, pestilent mercury, and spook. This means you need the sage scroll. Someone stated these requirements on the entry for orbeck and I can confirm this after testing in my game. They are the only spells I bought from him.

                                • Mechanics16 Apr 2016 01:52  

                                  The ring doesn't seem to provide perfect silence. It just lowers your sound level by one stage. So running makes as much noise as walking, walking makes as much noise as creeping, and creeping makes none at all. Can anyone back me up on this?

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