Leo Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Leo Ring

Ring associated with Dragon Slayer Ornstein, one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, the First Lord.

Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks.

Ornstein was the first knight of the sun's eldest born, and his cross spear is said to have pierced scales made of stone.


Leo Ring Effect

  • Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks by 15%. This does not increase backstabs or ripostes.
  • A counter hit occurs when hitting an opponent with a thrust attack while they are in the middle of their attack animation, which often leads to trading blows.
  • A counter hit deals 30% more damage than a normal hit, from the same attack. The Leo Ring further increases this by 15%, which ends up at a total of 49.5% more damage than a non counter hit.
  • Weight: 0.5


Where to Find Leo Ring

  • Looted from a chest in Irithyll of the Boreal valley. It's on the second floor of the room with all the Silver Knights, just past the watery area where all the insect-like creatures are. (Video fextralife video starting at 1h 54m 55s) (video location) 



  • Thrust weapons actually means any weapon with an attack that deals thrust damage, for example a one handed katana running attack or a straight sword charged attack, but only the attacks that deals thrust damage will benefit from the ring. Some weapons also has thrust damage for all attacks, without any pokes or thrusting attacks.
  • Non poke weapons with only thrust damage: Pickaxe, Warpick, Heysel Pick, Lucerne, Immolation Tinder.
  • A demonstration of counter hits can be found in this video: .



  • The Leo Ring originally appeared in the first Dark Souls, alongside the Wolf, Hornet, and Hawk Ring. Each meant to represent the animal motifs of the 4 Knights of Gwyn: Dragonslayer Ornstein, Artorias the Abysswalker, Lord's Blade Ciaran and Hawkeye Gough respectively.
  • In the original Dark Souls, Dragonslayer Ornstein, the owner of the Leo Ring, was fought in tandem alongside Exectioner Smough. The ring would only drop from Ornstein should the player defeat Smough first, then Ornstein in order. The ring was likely included as an additional reward due to the second phase of the fight with Ornstein being near unanimously considered the more difficult of the two paths. Where defeating Ornstein first endowes Smough with Ornstein's lightning damage and little else, Ornstein inherit's Smough's mass, and with it, incredible range and a wider array of moves.
  • The Leo Ring was the only one of the 4 return in it's sequel, Dark Souls 2 (along with the Hawk Ring) as The Old Leo Ring, dropped by the Old Dragonslayer boss. Curiously, the icon for The Old Leo ring is noticeably worn in in comparison to the Dark Souls 3 variant, possessing visible nicks, cracks and having lost it's brass luster, despite chronologically preceding it. The reason for this discrepency is yet unknown.



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    • 17 Jan 2017 12:37  

      from light testing it seems that bows do work with this. it was very light testing yet I think I was able to isolate it to be the only factor to adding damage

      • 08 Jan 2017 17:03  

        So, are counterattack frames exclusive to players/NPC, or do all enemies have them? For example, if I use a spear R1 while a hollow/basilisk/lothric knight/any other enemy is in the middle of an attack animation, will it do extra damage?

        • 01 Jan 2017 11:52  

          So, does this ring boost counter attack damage from Bows? The arrows do thrust right? Or piercing? I'm pretty confused. If someone could give me some insight on this that'd be great, thanks in advance.

          • 25 Oct 2016 12:51  

            The Onyx Blade...does the counter damage effect the overall damage or just the physical damage if I used the thrust attack with leo ring with the Onyx Blade?

            • 20 Oct 2016 12:32  

              Spears! What about the benefits using spears while equipped with the Leo Ring?? I am doing an all spears/pike build. I am wondering if this will be beneficial to me once I encounter it. Seems legit enough, right?

              • Fugs05 Oct 2016 17:30  

                I was planning to use with FUGS with roll and heavy attacks but the sword only says strike damage. Does anyone know if it works of not? Since the ring only buffs thrust.

                • Non-Physical damage22 Aug 2016 17:28  

                  "In Dark Souls 1, only the physical damage portion ..."<br/><br/>Does this imply that in Dark Souls 3, non-physical damage got a possible boost by Leo rings now?<br/>

                  • Explaning the "wear" on the DS2 counterpart of the ring...05 Aug 2016 07:01  

                    That's because the timeline looks like it is DS1 -> DS3 -> DS2. I can write pages about why this makes the most sense. Anyone care to comment?

                    • Thrust abortion penalty has been nerfed.14 Jul 2016 00:07  

                      It has been decreased to 30%(-30) from 40%(-40).<br/>So the new dmg will be 1.3 (Normal) and 1.495 (w/ Leo Ring).<br/>Already tested on 3 toons, shouldn't be wrong.

                      • Useless ring?08 Jul 2016 23:49  

                        Hello I would like to add that thrust absorb drops whenever you attack basically making no real reason to use the ring (unless you want a little damage) try attacking and quickly open your defence stats you'll notice thrust get cut down.

                        • Bows too?19 Jun 2016 10:34  

                          In dark souls 1 the Bows were also included at thrust damage. Is it the same in dark souls 3? Can they benefit from the Leo ring is my main question?

                          • This information is wrong08 Jun 2016 08:41  

                            Totally wrong about only thrust attacks seeing the buff, rolling attack on astora greatsword gets the buff and is in no way a thrust attack.

                            • "The reason for this discrepency is yet unknown." (Old Leo Ring/ Leo Ring)22 May 2016 22:05  

                              Stop pressing everything from all games together and just accept kanon breaking errors (nothing more nothing less is the old leo ring). Problem solved. And I would appreciate it if this wiki would avoid such tendentious comments. Display the facts. Leave the interpretations to us. <br/>

                              • Counter definition09 May 2016 08:04  

                                It doesn't mean when you hit him in the back while the enemy is in attack animation or stuttering from the recoil from it, it means attacking him anywhere(besides parry/backstab) while the enemy is in attack animation or stuttering from the recoil from it. Though would wanna know, if you have to do a thrusting attack move to make it work, or will it work with any kind of attack as long the weapon is thrusting type at least.

                                • Wha about staggered bosses?30 Apr 2016 13:14  

                                  When they are staggered you sometimes get a distinct sound when hitting them. This is not a critical as the FP/HP gain rings do not trigger while hitting a boss in this state. So I'm thinking that attacks done in this state count as counter hits?<br/><br/>Specifically I was thinking of some great weapons that have thrust moves like the zweihander or the cathedral knight greatsword. They should make it relatively easy to stun the boss, allowing you get to get bonus counter damage while they are recovering with the leo ring. Would that work?

                                  • COUNTER ATTACK26 Apr 2016 11:34  

                                    Boosts counter attack means that the damage is boosted only when using thrusting attack while the enemy is in the attack animation.<br/><br/>Enemy is swinging and your move around them(or you both hit each other, or you intercept and he staggers) and attack, you get 15% extra damage<br/>Enemy is standing, you don't get any damage boost<br/><br/>You and human opponent both smash left mouse button in pvp and exchange blows, you get 15% extra damage<br/>The opponent is rolling away/guarding/standing still or you riposte/backstab him, you don't get any damage boost<br/><br/>Testing with Thrusting and Slash/Thrusting weapon NG+ on halberd+axe wielding hollows on High wall of Lothric<br/>-thrusting weapons inherently have counter attack damage boost<br/>-It seems that xbows+bows even though their attack type says none, apparently have thrusting attack <br/>-Counter attack seems to be unique to thrusting weapons, slashing weapons don't have the added bonus at all<br/><br/>Dark Sword +10<br/>Light attack with both ring and without(slash) - 326<br/>Roll attack(thrust) while opponent is swinging(no ring) - 340<br/>Roll attack(thrust) while opponent is still(no ring) - 240<br/><br/>Roll attack(thrust) while opponent is swinging( ring) -391<br/>Roll attack(thrust) while opponent is still(ring) -240<br/><br/>Estoc +10<br/><br/>Light attack(thrust) while opponent is swinging(no ring)-371<br/>Light attack(thrust) while opponent is still(no ring)-265<br/><br/>Light attack(thrust) while opponent is swinging(ring)-427<br/>Light attack(thrust) while opponent is still(ring)-265<br/><br/>Bow of Pharris +10, Wood arrow<br/><br/>Regular attack while opponent is swinging(no ring) -274<br/>Regular attack while opponent is still(no ring) -195<br/><br/>Regular attack while opponent is swinging(ring) -315<br/>Regular attack while opponent is still(ring) -195<br/><br/>Arbalest non upgraded, Wood arrow<br/><br/>Regular attack while opponent is swinging(no ring) -56<br/>Regular attack while opponent is still(no ring) -40<br/><br/>Regular attack while opponent is swinging(ring) -65<br/>Regular attack while opponent is still(ring) -40<br/><br/>As you can see, using this ring if you use a thrusting weapon is a must seeing at how it almost doubles the damage dealt in some cases

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