Carthus Rouge is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Carthus Rouge


Highly viscous scarlet plant secretions.

Temporarily applies bleeding effect to right-hand weapon.

Associated with the warriors of Carthus, whose blades take on the scarlet hues of both this sanguine substance and the spatters of their victim's blood.


Carthus Rouge Usage

  • Applies +20 bleed status effect to right-hand weapon for 60 seconds.
    Does not increase bleed damage, but reduces the hits required to reach the bleed threshold. See Notes



Carthus Rouge Locations




  • Causes any weapon infused with it to deal 20 bleed build up with each attack.
  • If you use Carthus Rouge to buff the Warden Twinblades or Onikiri and Ubadachi, each hit of the dual wielded L1s/L2s adds 20 bleed. This is contrary to the fact that the bleed damage without Carthus Rouge only deals 0.75x the bleed auxillary value on the weapon with each hit, for a total of 1.5x the bleed auxillary with both attacks. The Carthus Rouge bleed damage is not affected by this modifier. 




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    • 08 Apr 2017 11:56  

      Think it's useless in PVP now.
      I got Crow Talons buff with carthus land a full weapon art on me and I'm not bloodlost it's around 60-70% to get proc.
      So now bleed build is suck not only this buff but Bleed is suck now that very fkin hard to bloodlost player if they smart enough to care about bloodlost.

      • Claws06 Aug 2016 12:23  

        "If you use Carthus Rouge to buff the Warden Twinblades or Onikiri and Ubadachi, each hit of the dual wielded L1s/L2s adds 35 bleed" what about claws and manikin claws?

        • THIS10 May 2016 04:22  

          Apply to Kirks Sword. Melt bosses. <br/>A refined kirks sword +8 plus carthus rogue can annihalite the crystal sage in the archives with less than 10 hits. Stacking over 3000 dmg on ng before he could teleport

          • Carthus rouge and how it works02 May 2016 10:52  

            During some testing on how bleeding works, I've also done a few tests with the carthus rouge. Here is how it works:<br/><br/>On a normal weapon it is rather simple. It adds a bleed value to the weapon, allowing you to build-up bleed and do bleeding damage. I haven't fully tested it with none-bleed weapons yet, but I asume this value will also be affected by luck, but my best guess is that the base value is 33 bleed.<br/><br/>On a weapon that already has bleeding it will increase the build-up speed, but bleed damage won't be increased. It'll take the bleed value of the weapon the determine the damage.<br/><br/>Thus, I believe that the carthus rouge does add both build-up and damage. However, the build-up is allowed to stack, while the damage only takes into account the highest source of bleeding. Bleed damage is always determined by which weapon you use to proc the bleed on the target, all strikes that happened to build the bleeding up don't mather when it comes to the damage your bleed will do. So far example, you hit 3x with bandit's knife. Your next strike will bleed. You can now do a final attack with the knife for 297 dmg, or you can swap to another weapon with higher bleed like the Corvian Scythe to deal 340 bleed dmg. (numbers used based on tests with +0 normal weapons).<br/><br/>You cannot add Carthus Rouge to a weapon that already is infused, however, one might find merit in using a fast weapon to build-up bleed stacks with the use of carthus rouge (perhaps even proc 1 time) and then finish off their opponent with a final strike of a slower, but higher bleed weapon infused with blood.<br/><br/>Simply put. Blood vs Carthus Rouge comes down to this:<br/>Blood: More damage, less build-up<br/>Carthus rouge: More build-up, less damage. Can add standard build-up to none-bleeding weapons.

            • +45? no way22 Apr 2016 12:17  

              There's no way this applies +45. Maybe it brings any weapon up to 45% bleed because if it was +45 then my wardens would be doing 52 base bleed + 45 carthus and my bleed should theoretically pop for 97% which doesn't happen it seems to always chunk for just about half in PvP

              • Buff?15 Apr 2016 15:56  

                How much does it buff your bleed? Is it worth putting a bleed stone on my morning star or should i just stick to using these? The bleed stone only buffs bleed by like +4

                • Sold by the Handmaiden in Firelink13 Apr 2016 14:41  

                  After turning in the Grave warden's Ash, she now sells this item along with the kukri for 1000 and 50 souls a piece, unlimited stock.<br/><br/>Gravewarden Ash is obtained in the Catacombs

                  • Drop location13 Apr 2016 04:23  

                    Some of the taller skeleton men in the Catacombs were dropping these.. or maybe the skeletons were? I can't confirm either right now, but I've gotten a few drops just killing skeletons in the Catacombs

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