Gold Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Gold Pine Resin

Rare pine resin which emits golden sparks.
Chunks of it are even rarer.

Temporarily applies lightning to right-hand weapon.

Its origins are unknown although some have speculated that it may in fact be a type of fungal resin.


Gold Pine Resin Usage

  • Temporarily applies lightning to right-hand weapon.



Gold Pine Resin Locations




  • 95 Lightning Damage for 60 seconds.
  • Compared to the Lightning Blade Miracle, the damage that the Gold Pine Resin deals is somewhat lesser. (Using a fully upgraded Astora Sword against a Lothric Knight, the Gold Pine Resin damage with backstabs is 428; Riposte's are 547; two-handed attacks are 250; and one-handed attacks are 199. The Lightning Blade miracle damage with backstabs are 447; Riposte's are 596; two-handed attacks are 269; and one-handed attacks are 248)




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