Rotten Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Rotten Pine Resin

Pine resin that has rotted and turned poisonous.

Likely rotten from the start.Temporarily applies poison to right-hand weapon.

Farron Keep was swallowed by the rotted wood, where the blunt-horned Ghrus concoct this resin.


Rotten Pine Resin Usage

  • Applies +45 poison effect to right-hand weapon for 60 seconds.



Rotten Pine Resin Locations




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    • Anonymous

      12 Mar 2017 01:27  

      I would like to know y I can't use any of my resins when I have it equip it doesnt highlight lite it when I go to use it this is the same on all my resin that I have r is it just certain weapons u can use this stuff on some one let me know this email me somebody looking for answer to this

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