Sister Friede

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location

Phase 1: 4863

Phase 2: 7150

Phase 3: 6864

72,000 Ariandel Chapel (Cathedral Ward)



Soul of Sister Friede

Titanite Slab (2nd phase end, one time per NG cycle)

Weak Resistant Immune

Friede: BleedBleed, DarkDark, Backstab, LightningLightning

Ariandel: BleedBleed, FireFire, DarkDark,  MagicMagic, LightningLightning, PoisonPoison&Toxic

Blackflame Friede: BleedBleed, Backstab

Friede: PoisonPoison, Frost

Ariandel: FrostFrost 

Blackflame Friede: Frost

Friede: None

Ariandel: None

Blackflame Friede: None

Sister Friede Information

Sister Friede is a Boss enemy in Dark Souls 3. She is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.



  • Cathedral Ward
  • She is first encountered as a non-hostile NPC in the cathedral in the Painted World of Ariandel. See the Sister Friede NPC page for full dialogue and information.
  • Speaking with her before initiating the boss fight will earn you the Chillbite Ring.
  • Eventually, after progressing through the game she will become hostile and is the DLC's main boss.
  • After defeating Sister Friede speak with Corvian Settler near Corvian Settlement bonfire in order to receive a Titanite Slab.



  • Souls (Blood echos): NG (72,000), NG+ (144,000), NG++ (158,400), NG+3 (162,000), NG+4 (172,800), NG+5 (176,400), NG+6 (180,000), NG+7 (183,600)
  • Co-Op Souls (Blood echos): ??
  • Other: Soul of Sister Friede,
  • Titanite Slab: first time after completing the second phase of the fight. Can obtain once per NG cycle.


Combat Information

  • Phase 1 Health: NG (4863), NG+ (4868), NG++ (5355), NG+3 (5598), NG+4 (5842), NG+5 (6328), NG+6 (6572), NG+7 (6815)
  • Phase 2 Health: NG (7150), NG+ (7157), NG++ (7872), NG+3 (8230), NG+4 (8588), NG+5 (9304), NG+6 (9662), NG+7 (10,020)
  • Phase 3 Health: NG (6864), NG+ (6871), NG++ (7558), NG+3 (7901), NG+4 (8245), NG+5 (8932), NG+6 (9275), NG+7 (9619)
  • Total Health: NG (18,877), NG+ (18,896), NG++ (20,785), NG+3 (21,729), NG+4 (22,675), NG+5 (24,564), NG+6 (25,509), NG+7 (26,454)
  • Some of Sister Friede attacks can be Parried. Also can be backstabbed.
  • Sister Friede attacks deals physical and frost damage.
  • Father Ariandel attacks deals physical and fire damage.
  • Blackflame Friede attacks deals physical, dark and frost damage,
  • Ariandel attacks, present only during 2nd phase, can't be parried. Due to size can't be backstabbed, but it makes him an easy target for Poison Mist.
  • Friede can easily be staggered.
  • Ariandel can be staggered after 2-3 hits to the head, which allows the player to perform a critical strike. 
  • Before fight equip armor/rings, which boosts up fire and/or frost resistance.

NPC Summon

  • Slave Knight Gael (appears at the beginning of 2nd phase) - Summon sign is in the room with bonfire, near the stairs which lead to room with boss. Even unembered can summon this NPC. However, player should keep in mind that defeating Demon Prince from The Ringed City DLC blocks this summon.


Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Before advancing to take her on, summon the NPC by the bonfire.

In the first phase of the fight, Sister Friede will shoot streaks of frost that deal heavy frost damage, and can quickly inflict Frostbite. She will often become invisible and teleport directly over your head, finishing with a lethal move. You can counter this by watching for a puff of fog where she lands behind you or listening for her footsteps. You can walk up and interrupt her invisibility spell. Her attacks can be easily interrupted and she is also vulnerable to backstabbing. When this phase is complete, the next two are incredibly difficult.

A cutscene will indicate the start of the second phase, at which point Ariandel joins the fight. The NPC you summoned prior to the fight will appear at this point and will assist you. Let your companion occupy Friede while you shift your attention to Ariandel. You can hit him from behind, but be wary of his powerful attacks. Evenutally he will become staggered and open for a critical attack. During this phase both bosses share the same health bar, but attacking Father Ariandel makes the health bar deplete much more quickly.

In this final phase of the fight, Sister Friede will become Blackflame Friede will begin to deal dark damage in addition to her frost and melee abilities now augmented with increased speed.  Be wary of standing next to her as she comes back to life. She will begin to mix in a dark beam as well as a charged dark explosion that both deal a tremendous amount of damage. She will occasionally also take to the air and attempt a devastating attack from above. To defeat her keep your melee distance and dodge her magical attacks to the left and right, dodge far to the left to avoid her dark charged explosion. When she slows down take advantage of the window to get some attacks in and then retreat. Repeat this process of evasion and attack until she is defeated.

Strategy 2 (Melee + Lightning Blade, Solo)

For Stage 1: Try to be aggressive when she teleports so you can cancel her attack as it's very powerful and can almost one shot the player. 

For Stage 2: Leave Friede alone and go after Ariandel. Attack him from the back or the sides while being wary of his attacks and AOE smash. Roll through Friede's ice attacks. Ariandel may or may not be ripostable but he should go down fairly quickly.

For Stage 3: Play more passive while you understand Friede's attacks. Most have a wide or long AOE and do massive damage. There is a slight delay between the scythe swings, giving you a chance to attack and break her poise. 

Strategy 3 [Melee - Bleed build, Solo]

Before fight: Find, equip and upgrade (if possible) Carthus Curved Sword (drop from Carthus Swordsman) and buy at least 20 Carthus Rouge (in case you fail to beat the boss on first run - average run with final phase requires 2-3 Carthus Rouges at least). While choosing the rest of your set (shield is not necessary) try to increase fire and frost resistance as much as possible, but do not forget about agility and physical defense. Just before the fight use Carthus Rouge and reapply during break in fight or at beginning of phase).

1st phase: You will face only Sister Friede, an easily staggered boss on whom critical attacks can be deadly. During her invisibility run across the room and after the sound jump in opposite direction of her attack (hard, but possible to avoid). Attack after her attacks - every three to four hits you will trigger the bleed damage, on NG+3 this was around 1000 damage.

2nd phase: Instead of fighting Friede focus on Ariandel because he seems to be more vulnerable to bleed than Friede, but keep in mind that the combination of Friede's frost attack and Ariandel's bowl stomp is usually deadly. The most suitable moment for attacking is after Ariandel's rush.  Dodge and then simply run to him and strike mulitple times (On NG+3 his rush can easily deal 4500 damage). When Friede uses her healing spell you don't have to interrupt her, as simply attacking Ariandel will negate the spell effect (as well as lowering the total amount of HP). Just keep in mind to avoid Ariandel's attacks, because no matter what armor you use they will propably deliver a lot of damage, if not a fatal blow.

3rd phase: DON'T RUSH TOWARDS HER during her transformation (her HP will replenish and you will take some fire damage). Use that moment to heal or use Carthus Rouge. In this phase she is WAY more dangerous than in the first or second phase. The best opportunity to attack her is after the massive dark flame AoE attack that uses some kind of upgraded Dark Serpent. A few succesful hits will deal massive bleed damage. 

Strategy 4 (Sorcery, Solo)

Equipment: Court Sorcerer's Staff +10, Magic Clutch Ring, Bellowing and Young Dragoncrest Ring, Sage Ring (+1/+2). Scholar's Candlestick in offhand for sorcery boost. A fast weapon like a straightsword is also helpful for flushing her out when she turns invisible.

Armor: Crown of Dusk, rest of Northern Armor Set

Estus: 11 orange/4 blue

With this loadout and 99 INT, I was doing around 600 per hit with GHSA. This spell is your bread and butter for this fight since there is so much HP to burn through, and it also staggers her reliably.

First phase: Just try to keep your distance constantly as she attacks, avoiding corners and the ends of the room. I like to save up stamina to full or almost full before firing off a volley of spells, as opposed to hammering R1 when you have minimal stamina. When she turns invisible, jog up and down the length of the room, reversing course occasionally to confound her aim. Or, if you happened to see the direction she went, (sometimes you can catch a glimpse of her as she flies past) run after her and hit her with your weapon to stagger her out of the assassination attack.

Second phase: Other than her exploding ice patches, you can ignore Friede almost entirely as long as you stay away from her. Focus fire on Ariandel from a distance, which will probably cause him to use his bowl slam to drag himself toward you. The thing about this attack is he can't easily turn once he commits to a direction. Right after he slams his bowl into the ground near you, roll/run behind him, and you should get a ton of free hits as he careens past. This phase should be a gimme as you can burn down Ariandel quickly with sorcery.

Third phase: During her resurrection animation, Friede will prop her scythe on the ground to pull herself to her feet. Don't stand too close, but right at this moment, you should be able to lock on to her and get 2 or 3 free shots before she starts attacking. This phase comes down to staying away from Friede while effectively dodging her ranged attacks. Her black flame tornado followed by shooting a flame snake got me a few times, but you can avoid it just by locking onto her and strafing sideways. When she goes invisible, avoid her exploding ice patches and wait for her to reappear, watching out for her black flame snake. You can sometimes interrupt her combos with sorcery, but I found it to be more reliable to hit her at the end of her combos, as she sometimes punishes your casting by firing a black flame snake that will hit you during your spell animation. Just back/roll away from her constantly while waiting for an opening.


Sister Friede has two attack phases.

First Phase (1st and 2nd battle phase)
Critical Scythe Attack Friede turns invinsible and jumps across the arena (if you are close to her, invinsibility is turned off). After a few seconds there is a sound and she performs a swift attack (which can be broken, if player attacks her before she moves to perform visceral attack), in which she grabs the player with her scythe and throws them beneath her. Deals high damage, but with good timing can be avoided. If player is not good at timing, he can also hit Friede with kukri/arrow, which are visible for a limited amount of time even if boss is invisible. Sorcerers can also use homing spells.
Jump + Freezing Friede jumps in air and tries to land on player. After landing a circle of ice appears, which explodes after a second dealing serious frost damage. 
Freeze Jump Friede freeze arena directly in front of her, then jumps on player dealing both frost and psychical damage and causes ice path to explode. If she lands far from that path, it gives a good opportunity to perform backstab attack.
Freeze attack Sister Friede frezees the ground in front of her at medium range, in a triangle-like shape. Walking on it causes frost damage. After a few second it explodes and causes massive frost damage. Can be avoided with ease.
Scythe Swings Friede swings three times, dealing both physical and frost damage. Simply roll away from her.
Scythe Swing + Jump Friede attacks with her scythe and jumps back to avoid being hit.
Healing (2nd battle phase) Friede, after a short preparation, restores some of the hp lost during the battle. Hit her with any weapon to break the spell.

 Second Phase (3rd battle phase) - In this phase Friede uses Dark Pyromancy and is labeled as Darkflame Friede. She uses a few attacks from her first phase, but they are now more powerful.

   Second Phase (3rd battle phase)
Blackflame flying smash + homing snake Often the first move she does in phase three. Friede goes up with black fireworks, comes down with a smashing AoE and a homing flame snake. Keep running left or right and after the first smash part, run behind her and backstab.
Two invisible ice waves + big blackflame snake The first ice wave lets you know where she is and the second ice wave lets you know if she is going left or right. If the second ice wave attack happens left from the place she did the first one, she jumps left again and will be helplessly charging the blackflame snake somewhere left, providing an easy backstab opportunity.
Fast dash to decapitating grab While in medium distance from you, Friede's blue scythe flashes and she dashes towards you, grabbing you in a guillotine attack. Dodge the grab a little left and towards her to end up behind her for the backstab.
Long combo to small jumping smash Friede starts with a small jump and keeps swinging multiple times until she finishes with a small and fast jumping smash. Dodge the last move towards her and go for the backstab if you can.
Scyte grab + Hit Blackflame Friede tries to bring player closer with her scyte, then she swiftly attack dealing both Fire and Physical damage. Rolling from her is a good strategy to avoid damage.

Father Ariandel - Second Battle phase Only

  First Phase (Second Battle Phase)
 Fire Breath Ariandel slowly lifts his huge bowl to his face and is blowing on it for a few seconds, what releases a huge flame. Inflict huge fire damage, but with good timing  player can avoid this flame and perform counter-attack.
Bowl Stomp Ariandel attacks the ground right before him with bowl up to 3 times. Deals high physical damage, but can be avoided.
Fire Bowl Stomp Ariandel attacks the ground right before him with his bowl 3 times - first two attacks deal pure psychical damage, third one causes a massive explosion, which inflict fire damage. Attacks are telegraphed, so player can avoid them with ease.
Rush Ariandel rushes towards the player and attacks with his huge bowl. Attack deals pretty high physical damage, but can be avoided. After that attack, Father Ariandel needs to stop for a few seconds.
Lava Rain Ariandel tilts his bowl, which causes a huge pool of fire to appear just before him (the pool doubles its size in a few seconds). Deals massive AOE fire damage, but the attack is telegraphed and can be avoided.
Bowl Swing Ariandel swing his bowl, which deals high psychical damage



Player approaching Father Ariandel, before first fight

(Ariandel): I see flame. Flame, flickering, once again. Not enough blood yet shed. My flail.... Bring me my flail. Ahh, Friede. What stops thine ears? Please, my flail, right away...

Cutscene dialogue, before fight (needs to be triggered by approaching Ariandel and choosing option "Talk")

(Ariandel): Ahh, oh. Bring Friede to me, please. Canst thou not see? The flame, flickering once again. Soon it will surge. I can see it, feel it...

(Friede appears, this time as boss)

(Friede): Fret no father, we have no need of thy flail. Tis only the flame, quivering at misguided Ash. Please avert thine eyes. I will snuff out these ashes for good.

Dialogue, after second phase

(Ariandel): When the Ashes are two, a flame alighteth. Thou'rt Ash,  and fire befits thee, of course...


Player is not a Lord of Londor

Dialogue, first phase, player dies

(Friede): Return from whence thou cam'st
For that is thy place of belonging.

Dialogue, second/third phase, player dies 

(Friede):Leave us be, Ashen One.
Sweep all thought of us from thy mind. As thy kind always have.


Player is a Lord of Londor

Dialogue, first phase, player dies

(Friede):Return from whence thou cam'st
Yuria surely awaits thee.

 Dialogue, second/third phase, player dies 

(Friede): Leave us be, Ashen One.
Thou art the Lord of Londor and have thine own subjects to guide.

Player completed Lord of Hollow ending, but not started next NG Cycle

Dialogue, player dies

(Friede): Return Lord of Londor. You have your own subjects to attain to"


Lore Theories

The eldest of three sisters: Friede, Yuria and Liliane are founders of the Sable Church of Londor. Also, if you die during 2nd phase, Friede mentions Yuria of Londor.


Notes & Trivia

  • If the player approaches the statue which covers the boss room before opening it up, he can hear sound coming from the room. It is probably Father Ariandel smacking himself with a flail, maybe the Rose of Ariandel.
  • Father Ariandel will mostly go for the player who attacked Friede last.




    • 25 Apr 2017 07:38  

      I have mixed feelings about this boss fight.
      She's essentially a Bloodborne boss, Friede has the speed and mobilty of a hunter, yet we are stuck with the slower Dark Souls style gameplay. It feels like a chore chasing her around, only for her to jump back 20 feet...
      Definitely one of my favorites, but I just feel as if there's so much wasted potential here.

      • 24 Apr 2017 19:14  

        Ya know, I'm gonna rant here for a second, because I'm pretty damn annoyed. Now, my main character, who I've put almost as many hours as soul levels (125) into in order to get everything, every armor set, every weapon, everything (except all the DLC stuff, as I'll get to), is on NG+3 mainly because I wanted the +2 rings and needed slabs, and ran through the entirety of NG+2 with almost no trouble, so why not go to +3? Then about 6 months later I come back after all the DLC is out. Bosses are suddenly tougher, there are a bunch more slabs available, and, AND, AND the most infuriating thing of all, all of a sudden nobody needs NG+ to get better rings, they just hop on over to the ringed city and get better rings than I got from running through the game 3.5 times. I really don't want to start a new main character just because I'm struggling with PvE, but exactly what does this struggling provide me? Now, getting trashed 5 or so times by agile bosses I already knew (and isn't the point of being agile supposed to be they hit less hard?) isn't that big a deal, but then these bosses I don't know are not only fast and hit like a truck, but to make the situation even greater FROM apparently believes making bosses interesting = adding more stages, so now we're up to 3. Obviously it would be logical for each progressive stage to get harder, and that would be dandy if you only had to face a boss 1-2 times. The problem arises when it's way more than that. So, you get to either spend your entire night carefully fighting your way through the first two phases getting about halfway through the 3rd before you die/port out (thank god for the latter, because that's saved me about 5 embers at this point), or you try to rush through the first phases and, well, also probably die.

        I need to find where to officially lodge complaints with fromsoft, because this letting people get to high NGs then tearing the rug out from under them by increasing the difficulty and laughing as the only reason they were there to begin with gets taken away is some absolute total and complete BS.

        • 21 Apr 2017 23:57  

          I couldn't for the life of me find/dodge her invisible attack. Then I realize if you fill her full of arrows they stick to her and appear even when she's invisible.

          Making it easy enough to track her down.

          • 16 Apr 2017 01:21  

            Is it just me or did friede get faster in her boss fight once the ringed city came about? Ever since from buffed bosses, I feel like she gained such a speed boost and longer Combos it's become increasingly difficult to fight her... as a phantom she was hard enough but now she's too freaking mobile.. this isn't bloodborne fromsoft.. slow her down a tad will ya?

            • 12 Apr 2017 07:45  

              Doryhs Gnawing is a good way to cheese her in the first phase. It stuns her and makes her panic and backstep, allowing you to prepare another gnawing. Also I used a spear (lothric banner) in the 3rd phase and cheesed her, too. Stay relatively close. When you're far away she's more likely to use ice and black flame attacks. When you close she tries to swipe you, and you can just like her back.

              • 11 Apr 2017 10:00  

                Has anyone gotten this some what unique death animation in which after killing her (the boss in general) she falls to her knees then falls on to her front? I got it once but have no clue how to replicate it.

                • 07 Apr 2017 12:26  

                  Loved the fight, but did not find it too hard. However when i did fail usually with more then enough estus (6+) on the last phase and her with very little health. I would be unable to stop thinking of giving up and summoning help. It was the strangest thing as the fight was perfectly doable.

                  • 05 Apr 2017 21:45  

                    "Although perfect invisibility is unachievable due to the risk of dissipation, the caster need only be a boss and then it doesn't apply"

                    *Not being salty, was just randomly reading hidden body description and this boss immediately came to mind.

                    • 05 Apr 2017 16:04  

                      Note that Slave Knight Gael cannot be summoned after the player defeats the Demon Princes, *not* after Gael is defeated. (So if his summon sign isn't showing up for you even though you haven't defeated his boss form, that's why.)

                      • 05 Apr 2017 08:12  

                        When fighting this boss after the latest DLC I found that for high strength and dex builds the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords are great as high damage and multi hits for stun locks. more with weapons like this or this for that fact make light work of the boss both solo and co-op.

                        • 04 Apr 2017 16:36  

                          Just tested: In stage 3, Sister Freide can effectively be stunlocked with the Crow Talons L1 ability. You can repeatedly hit her until you run out of stamina each time there is an opening.

                          • 04 Apr 2017 01:22  

                            Has anyone else encountered another NPC summon for this boss fight? My friend encountered a summon sign for Liliane of Londor just outside the boss fight while offline. Apparently she massively helped him in this boss fight as she was present for every stage, unlike Gael that only appears in stage two. The only thing that she did apparently was use the quiet resolve emote once Friede hit stage three and then after the fight she went and sat down next to the fire that led to the ringed city dlc. Apparently my friend also had gone down the Lord of hollows path but had not yet beat the game.

                            • 01 Apr 2017 13:00  

                              this boss is so unbelievably frustrating and unfair with her long ass *****ing comboes, that it didnt even feel good to kill her, i didnt feel any kind of accomplishment it was just disappointment.

                              • 31 Mar 2017 19:43  

                                Found that if you pass the first boss ( demon twins ) of ringed city dlc before killing sister friede, Gael cannot be summoned anymore in the church to fight her.

                                • 30 Mar 2017 16:56  

                                  With Preacher's Right Arm staff you can stunlock sister friede, first phase and second phase is a breeze. Even third phase is a joke with that staff...

                                  • 19 Mar 2017 21:31  

                                    The first two phases are piss easy. Especially phase 2 with Ariandel's stupid slow attacks and Friede never goes invisible. I managed to beat the first 2 phases unembered and without using estus. But the third phase is just ridiculous, got my ass whooped about 10 times ( and that is with Gael summoned)

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