Sister Friede

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location

Phase 1: 4,863

Phase 2: 7,150

Phase 3: 6,864

72,000 Ariandel Chapel (Painted World of Ariandel)



Soul of Sister Friede

Titanite Slab (2nd phase end, one time per NG cycle)

Weak Resistant Immune

Friede: Physical(?),  BleedBleed, DarkDark, LightningLightning, Backstab, Hollowslayer Greatsword

Ariandel: All types of damage, Riposte, Hollowslayer Greatsword

Blackflame Friede:  BleedBleed, LightningLightning, Dark, Backstab, Hollowslayer Greatsword

Friede: PoisonPoison/Toxic, 

Ariandel: None 

Blackflame Friede: Poison/ToxicPoison/Toxic,  

Friede: Frost

Ariandel: None

Blackflame Friede: Frost

Sister Friede Information

Sister Friede is a Boss enemy in Dark Souls 3. She is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

  • Player can summon Slave Knight Gael to aid him in battle. However, he appears at the beginning of 2nd phase. Summon sign is in the room with bonfire, near the stairs which lead to the boss room. However, players should keep in mind that defeating Demon Prince from The Ringed City DLC blocks this summon. Can be summoned, even if player is unembered.
  • After defeating Blackflame Friede speak with Corvian Settler near Corvian Settlement bonfire in order to receive a Titanite Slab.
  • Total Health: NG (18,877), NG+ (18,896), NG++ (20,785), NG+3 (21,729), NG+4 (22,675), NG+5 (24,564), NG+6 (25,509), NG+7 (26,454)



  • Ariandel Chapel
  • She is first encountered as a non-hostile NPC in the cathedral in the Painted World of Ariandel. See the Sister Friede NPC page for full dialogue and information. Speaking with her before initiating the boss fight will earn you the Chillbite Ring.
  • Eventually, after progressing through the game she will become hostile and is the DLC's main boss.
  • After defeating Sister Friede speak with Corvian Settler near Corvian Settlement bonfire in order to receive a Titanite Slab.


  • Souls: NG (72,000), NG+ (144,000), NG++ (158,400), NG+3 (162,000), NG+4 (172,800), NG+5 (176,400), NG+6 (180,000), NG+7 (183,600)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (18,000), NG+ (36,000)
  • Other: Soul of Sister Friede,
  • Titanite Slab: first time after completing the second phase of the fight. Can obtain once per NG cycle.

Combat Information - Sister Friede

  • Phase 1 Health: NG (4863), NG+ (4868), NG++ (5355), NG+3 (5598), NG+4 (5842), NG+5 (6328), NG+6 (6572), NG+7 (6815)
  • Phase 2 Health: NG (7150), NG+ (7157), NG++ (7872), NG+3 (8230), NG+4 (8588), NG+5 (9304), NG+6 (9662), NG+7 (10,020)
  • Present during 1st and 2nd phase of the battle. During 2nd phase shares one health bar with Father Ariandel.
  • Parryable: Yes
  • Sister Friede attacks deals Slash Damage or Magic Damage. May also cause Frostbite.
  • Friede can easily be staggered and backstabbed. Also, some attacks can turn her over or send het flying.
  • Weak to Bleed, Dark Damage and Lightning Damage.
  • Hollow enemy, therefore weak to Hollowslayer Greatsword.
  • Resistant to Poison/Toxic.
  • Immune to Frostbite.
  • During 2nd phase, Sister Friede will not try to perform a critical strike, but instead she may restore some health points.

Combat information - Father Ariandel

  • Health: NG (7150), NG+ (7157), NG++ (7872), NG+3 (8230), NG+4 (8588), NG+5 (9304), NG+6 (9662), NG+7 (10,020)
  • Present during 2nd phase of battle. Shares one health bar with Sister Friede.
  • Parryable: No
  • Ariandel is a very fragile boss, therefore he is weak to all types of damage, most noticeable is weakness to Frosbite, Bleed and Fire Damage.
  • Hollow enemy, therefore weak to Hollowslayer Greatsword.
  • Attacks deals massive Strike Damage and/or Fire Damage.
  • Due to size, Ariandel can't be backstabbed, but it makes him an easy target for spells with AoE like Poison/Toxic Mist or Pestilent Mist.
  • With enough hits, Ariandel can be staggered, allowing players to perform a riposte, dealing significant damage. His recovery after the attack gives players a chance to land few more hits.

Combat Information - Blackflame Friede



Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Before advancing to take her on, summon the NPC by the bonfire.

In the first phase of the fight, Sister Friede will shoot streaks of frost that deal heavy frost damage, and can quickly inflict Frostbite. She will often become invisible and teleport directly over your head, finishing with a lethal move. You can counter this by watching for a puff of fog where she lands behind you or listening for her footsteps. You can walk up and interrupt her invisibility spell. Her attacks can be easily interrupted and she is also vulnerable to backstabbing. When this phase is complete, the next two are incredibly difficult.

A cutscene will indicate the start of the second phase, at which point Ariandel joins the fight. The NPC you summoned prior to the fight will appear at this point and will assist you. Let your companion occupy Friede while you shift your attention to Ariandel. You can hit him from behind, but be wary of his powerful attacks. Eventually he will become staggered and open for a critical attack. During this phase both bosses share the same health bar, but attacking Father Ariandel makes the health bar deplete much more quickly.

In this final phase of the fight, Sister Friede will become Blackflame Friede will begin to deal dark damage in addition to her frost and melee abilities now augmented with increased speed.  Be wary of standing next to her as she comes back to life. She will begin to mix in a dark beam as well as a charged dark explosion that both deal a tremendous amount of damage. She will occasionally also take to the air and attempt a devastating attack from above. To defeat her keep your melee distance and dodge her magical attacks to the left and right, dodge far to the left to avoid her dark charged explosion. When she slows down take advantage of the window to get some attacks in and then retreat. Repeat this process of evasion and attack until she is defeated.

In conjunction with everything else that applies to melee players, below is a playbook of tips on how to beat Sister Friede and Father Ariandel (provided the player's weapon is a faster swinger, like a Broadsword, or better):

  1. Of the first of three phases of the fight, Sister Friede will more often open up with a melee attack. In this phase, her attacks do not exceed the number of three hits (not accounting for rapid succession. Sometimes, she will deal two hits, and also she will do two hits, then another two in rapid succession, but an attack window is there) before she calms down, so use that to damage her. She can be back-stabbed so if you are in that position (which is rare), then go for it!
  2. Sister Friede tends to teleport, when this happens, go up against a wall, and wait for the audio cue, which kind of sounds like swinging blades. Next, dodge roll.
  3. Sister Friede's dodge roll timing is different than a typical melee user and many bosses, because she likes to roll-catch by using a fast windup, and a very fast swing. Wait for the actual swing to dodge, and you will be good.
  4. Friede is only open when she is recovering. When she poises herself to attack by going into stance (she will align the handle of her scythe parallel to her upper shoulders) 
  5. One big tactical advantage is to stay in swinging distance of Friede when she is not trying to evade. This way, you can interrupt her attacks (she has little poise) and stun-lock her for some hits. She is fairly forgiving on the player needing stamina, so don't fret if you get greedy and eat up more than half of your stamina hitting her.
  6. One big tip is Estus timing, here. Because of this boss fight's overall HP of 18,877, the player should wait, provided he has 14 of +10 strength Estus or more (easy, if you finished the main story), and only pop an Estus when he does 1349 damage, so his Estus reserve is in pace. If not, the player sadly has to adjust his Estus to the enemy's health. 
  7. For phase two, just get in hits when things are calm, and people are not attacking. Ariandel takes more damage per hit and shares the same health bar with Friede, but don't bait yourself into getting hit by rushing. The player can use Ariandel as a buffer, but constantly trying to make this happen can get the player hit, out of distraction. Ariandel's attacks do not stick to the player much, and overall both bosses are less aggressive, so when Friede is in her calm periods, it is easy to get damage on Ariandel for an easier phase two, but Friede will use some of her attacks in first phase, so be ready to go after Friede if you're really trying to conserve Estus.
  8. In phase three, as you probably know, Friede becomes Blackflame Friede. She will open up with a roughly five-hit cyclone, has homing attacks, an AOE, and does a combo where she frosts the floor with a trail, that may slightly home in on the player. After about two swings of this frost combo, the player is open. Other openings are very dangerous!
  9. The player should not rush this fight. Friede and Ariendel are kind of glass-cannon builds, so although openings are the absolute scarcest (just to be all-inclusive and safe), the player gets in nice damage for every opening, and the fight ends fairly quickly. With a physical AR of 426 or better, the player gets a nice pace.
  10. To speak in visible terms, this is a hybrid boss fight. Ariendel and Friede borrow, with respect to severity from Lorian's teleportation, Aldrich's ranged magic, Lord of Cinder's curved sword attacks, Dragon Slayer Armor's slow but heavy attacks, Ornstein & Smough's mobility, Manus' short opportunities for damage, and Nameless King's insane AOE attacks. Now, does this make them as hard as those guys? Not so much. The low HP offsets that, but the player should absolutely be very survival-oriented, and hold his survival much higher over doing DPS, because magnetism towards the bosses tends to create most, if not all the damage caused in this fight.

That is all! The player should now know how to avoid damage from Friede and Ariandel, while dealing it out, for that easy but still skillful win.

Strategy 2 (Melee + Lightning Blade, Solo)

For Stage 1: Try to be aggressive when she teleports so you can cancel her attack as it's very powerful and can almost one shot the player. 

For Stage 2: Leave Friede alone and go after Ariandel. Attack him from the back or the sides while being wary of his attacks and AOE smash. Roll through Friede's ice attacks. Ariandel may or may not be ripostable but he should go down fairly quickly.

For Stage 3: Play more passive while you understand Friede's attacks. Most have a wide or long AOE and do massive damage. There is a slight delay between the scythe swings, giving you a chance to attack and break her poise. 

Strategy 3 [Melee - Bleed build, Solo]

Before fight: Find, equip and upgrade Warden Twinblades (or any weapon, that by default can cause Blood Loss and can be buffed) and buy at least 20 Carthus Rouge (in case you fail to beat the boss on first run - average run with final phase requires up to 4-5 Carthus Rouges). While choosing the rest of your set (shield is not necessary) try to increase fire and frost resistance as much as possible, but do not forget about agility and physical defense. Just before the fight use Carthus Rouge and reapply during break in fight or at beginning of phase.

1st phase: You will face only Sister Friede, an easily staggered boss on whom critical attacks can be deadly. During her invisibility run across the room and after the sound jump in opposite direction of her attack (hard, but possible to avoid). Attack after her attacks - every three to four hits you will trigger the bleed damage, on NG+3 this was around 1000 damage.

2nd phase: Instead of fighting Friede focus on Ariandel because he seems to be more vulnerable to bleed than Friede, but keep in mind that the combination of Friede's frost attack and Ariandel's bowl stomp is usually deadly. The most suitable moment for attacking is after Ariandel's rush.  Dodge and then simply run to him and strike multiple times (On NG+3 his rush can easily deal 4500 damage). When Friede uses her healing spell you don't have to interrupt her, as simply attacking Ariandel will negate the spell effect (as well as lowering the total amount of HP). Just keep in mind to avoid Ariandel's attacks, because no matter what armor you use they will probably deliver a lot of damage, if not a fatal blow.

3rd phase: DON'T RUSH TOWARDS HER during her transformation (her HP will replenish and you will take some fire damage). Use that moment to heal or use Carthus Rouge. In this phase she is WAY more dangerous than in the first or second phase. The best opportunity to attack her is after the massive dark flame AoE attack that uses some kind of upgraded Dark Serpent. A few successful hits will deal massive bleed damage. 

Strategy 4 (Sorcery, Solo)

Equipment: Court Sorcerer's Staff +10, Magic Clutch Ring, Bellowing and Young Dragoncrest Ring, Sage Ring (+1/+2). Scholar's Candlestick in offhand for sorcery boost. A fast weapon like a straightsword is also helpful for flushing her out when she turns invisible.

Armor: Crown of Dusk, rest of Northern Armor Set

Estus: 11 orange/4 blue

With this loadout and 99 INT, I was doing around 600 per hit with GHSA. This spell is your bread and butter for this fight since there is so much HP to burn through, and it also staggers her reliably.

First phase: Just try to keep your distance constantly as she attacks, avoiding corners and the ends of the room. I like to save up stamina to full or almost full before firing off a volley of spells, as opposed to hammering R1 when you have minimal stamina. When she turns invisible, jog up and down the length of the room, reversing course occasionally to confound her aim. Or, if you happened to see the direction she went, (sometimes you can catch a glimpse of her as she flies past) run after her and hit her with your weapon to stagger her out of the assassination attack.

Second phase: Other than her exploding ice patches, you can ignore Friede almost entirely as long as you stay away from her. Focus fire on Ariandel from a distance, which will probably cause him to use his bowl slam to drag himself toward you. The thing about this attack is he can't easily turn once he commits to a direction. Right after he slams his bowl into the ground near you, roll/run behind him, and you should get a ton of free hits as he careens past. This phase should be a gimme as you can burn down Ariandel quickly with sorcery.

Third phase: During her resurrection animation, Friede will prop her scythe on the ground to pull herself to her feet. Don't stand too close, but right at this moment, you should be able to lock on to her and get 2 or 3 free shots before she starts attacking. This phase comes down to staying away from Friede while effectively dodging her ranged attacks. Her black flame tornado followed by shooting a flame snake got me a few times, but you can avoid it just by locking onto her and strafing sideways. When she goes invisible, avoid her exploding ice patches and wait for her to reappear, watching out for her black flame snake. You can sometimes interrupt her combos with sorcery, but I found it to be more reliable to hit her at the end of her combos, as she sometimes punishes your casting by firing a black flame snake that will hit you during your spell animation. Just back/roll away from her constantly while waiting for an opening.

Strategy 5 (Backstabbing Pyromancer, Solo)

Equipment: Rings boosting fire damage and Ring of Favor,  5 Estus and 7 Ashen Estus, Armor & Weapons: Brass Set, Chaos Mail Breaker +10 (right hand), Pyromancy Flame +10 (left hand), Spell: Chaos Bed Vestige

Pyromancer using this spell with 32 Intelligence and 32 Faith will deal high damage with Chaos Bed Vestige - around 700 in case of Friede and even 1,000 or more to Ariandel.  Mail Breaker is a must to break dangerous Friede attacks or backstab her (backstab may deal up to 700 damage).

1st phase: Try to limit attacks to moments, where Friede is preparing to strike - otherwise, you risk, that Friede will evade spell or receive minor damage. If you play carefully, Friede will be downed pretty fast.

2nd phase: Don't focus on Friede (but watch for her attacks with AoE, or when she starts to heal), but attack Ariandel and - when he has a cooldown or stationary attacks like Fire Breath (of course, if you are not risked of getting hit) spam him with CBV, as he is very weak to fire. In case Friede starts to heal hit her with CBV to break down the spell or backstab her.

3rd phase: Watch out for attacks, and attack during cooldowns or to break some of her actions. Mail Breaker is useful to backstab or stun her.



Sister Friede has two attack phases.

First Phase (1st and 2nd battle phase)
Critical Scythe Attack Friede turns invisible and jumps across the arena (if you are close to her, invisibility is turned off). After a few seconds there is a sound and she performs a swift attack (which can be broken, if player attacks her before she moves to perform visceral attack), in which she grabs the player with her scythe and throws them beneath her. Deals high damage, but with good timing can be avoided. If player is not good at timing, he can either hit Friede with kukri/arrow, which are visible even if boss is invisible or poison her. Sorcerers can also use homing spells.
Jump + Freezing Friede jumps in the air and tries to land on player. After landing a circle of ice appears, which explodes after a second dealing serious frost damage. 
Freeze Jump Friede freeze arena directly in front of her, then jumps on player dealing both frost and psychical damage and causes ice path to explode. If she lands far from that path, it gives a good opportunity to perform backstab attack.
Freeze attack Sister Friede freezes the ground in front of her at medium range, in a triangle-like shape. Walking on it causes frost damage. After a few seconds it explodes and causes massive frost damage. Can be avoided with ease.
Scythe Swings Friede swings three times, dealing both physical and magic damage. Can cause Frostbite effect. Simply roll away from her.
Scythe Swing + Jump Friede attacks with her scythe and jumps back to avoid being hit.
Healing (2nd battle phase) Friede, after a short preparation, restores some of the hp lost during the battle. Hit her with any weapon to break the spell.

 Second Phase (3rd battle phase) - In this phase Friede uses Dark Pyromancy and is labeled as Darkflame Friede. She uses a few attacks from her first phase, but they are now more powerful.

   Second Phase (3rd battle phase)
Blackflame flying smash + homing snake Often the first move she does in phase three. Friede goes up with black fireworks, comes down with a smashing AoE and a homing flame snake. Keep running left or right and after the first smash part, run behind her and backstab.
Two invisible ice waves + big blackflame snake The first ice wave lets you know where she is and the second ice wave lets you know if she is going left or right. If the second ice wave attack happens left from the place she did the first one, she jumps left again and will be helplessly charging the blackflame snake somewhere left, providing an easy backstab opportunity.
Fast dash to decapitating grab While in medium distance from you, Friede's blue scythe flashes and she dashes towards you, grabbing you in a guillotine attack. Dodge the grab a little left and towards her to end up behind her for the backstab.
Long combo to small jumping smash Friede starts with a small jump and keeps swinging multiple times until she finishes with a small and fast jumping smash. Dodge the last move towards her and go for the backstab if you can.
Scythe grab + Hit Blackflame Friede tries to bring player closer with her scyte, then she swiftly attack dealing both Fire and Physical damage. Rolling from her is a good strategy to avoid damage.
Quick healing Very rarely, Blackflame Friede may restore some healthpoints.

Father Ariandel - Second Battle phase Only

  First Phase (Second Battle Phase)
 Fire Breath Ariandel slowly lifts his huge bowl to his face and blows on it for a few seconds, which releases a huge flame. Inflict huge fire damage, but with good timing  player can avoid this flame and perform counter-attack.
Bowl Stomp Ariandel attacks the ground right before him with bowl up to 3 times. Deals high physical damage, but can be avoided.
Fire Bowl Stomp Ariandel attacks the ground right before him with his bowl 3 times - first two attacks deal pure psychical damage, third one causes a massive explosion, which inflicts fire damage. Attacks are telegraphed, so player can avoid them with ease.
Rush Ariandel rushes towards the player and attacks with his huge bowl. Attack deals pretty high physical damage, but can be avoided. After that attack, Father Ariandel needs to stop for a few seconds.
Lava Rain Ariandel tilts his bowl, which causes a huge pool of fire to appear around him (the pool doubles its size in a few seconds). Deals massive fire damage.
Bowl Swing Ariandel swing his bowl, dealing high physical damage



Player approaching Father Ariandel, before first fight

(Ariandel): I see flame. Flame, flickering, once again. Not enough blood yet shed. My flail.... Bring me my flail. Ahh, Friede. What stops thine ears? Please, my flail, right away...

Cutscene dialogue, before fight (needs to be triggered by approaching Ariandel and choosing option "Talk")

(Ariandel): Ahh, oh. Bring Friede to me, please. Canst thou not see? The flame, flickering once again. Soon it will surge. I can see it, feel it...

(Friede appears, this time as boss)

(Friede): Fret no father, we have no need of thy flail. Tis only the flame, quivering at misguided Ash. Please avert thine eyes. I will snuff out these ashes for good.

Dialogue, after second phase

(Ariandel): When the Ashes are two, a flame alighteth. Thou'rt Ash,  and fire befits thee, of course...


Player is not a Lord of Londor

Dialogue, first phase, player dies

(Friede): Return from whence thou cam'st
For that is thy place of belonging.

Dialogue, second/third phase, player dies 

(Friede): Leave us be, Ashen One.
Sweep all thought of us from thy mind. As thy kind always have.


Player is a Lord of Londor

Dialogue, first phase, player dies

(Friede): Return from whence thou cam'st
Yuria surely awaits thee.

 Dialogue, second/third phase, player dies 

(Friede): Leave us be, Ashen One.
Thou art the Lord of Londor and have thine own subjects to guide.

Player completed Lord of Hollow ending, but not started next NG Cycle

Dialogue, player dies

(Friede): Return Lord of Londor. You have your own subjects to attain to.


Lore Theories

The eldest of three sisters: Friede, Yuria and Liliane are founders of the Sable Church of Londor.


Notes & Trivia

  • If player approaches the statue which covers the boss room before opening it up, he can hear sound coming from the room. It is Father Ariandel smacking himself with a Rose of Ariandel. Strangely, near Ariandel there is no flail he may hit himself with, and when player enters boss fight arena for the first time, he asks to bring him one. 
  • However, in Ashes of Ariandel trailer, player can spot a flail he may use.
  • Father Ariandel will mostly go for the player, which attacked Friede last.
  • Father Ariandel has green skin, similar to Hollow players in Dark Souls II.
  • Gael's summon for this battle does not count as a regular summon. Therefore, player can still summon up to 3 player phantoms.
  • Weapon used by Father Ariandel bear some similarities to the Lordvessel from Dark Souls I.




    • Anonymous

      23 Feb 2018 13:50  

      I beat them on my 2nd try. They are very easy. They give you plenty of time to heal. All their attacks are projected for 5 seconds before doing damage. The boss is not about dodging the attacks by rolling but SPRINTING AWAY from everything. The only attack that requires dodging is literally their grab attack. The moment they do anything just sprint away and everything will miss.

      • Anonymous

        16 Feb 2018 14:33  

        In the first phase when she uses her invisibility attack, a really good way to deal with this is look at her movement. When she turns invisible, she will either jump, move left or move right. If she jumps, u will see snow flying upwards and if she moves left or right, u will see snow blowing in that direction. It is quite faint but if you pay attention you can see it.

        Now if she does the jump, immediately turn your camera around (180) and you should able to see some snow on the ground (where she lands). Run there and she will become visible and free to be attack. Same can be done when she moves left and right. She will be directly horizontal to where she turns invisible so run in that direction and you should be able to see her. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you get it right, her invisible attack ( hardest move to dodge imo) becomes a joke and you can do good damage ever time she does that move.

        • Anonymous

          14 Feb 2018 16:41  

          Finally beat this sadistic cow. After 20 odd deaths, I just wanted nothing more than to beat the smugness out of her. She punished me so bad, for so long I was tempted to use a shield, which goes against my golden rule in dark souls.

          I'm so glad I didn't give in to that cheap temptation. With half a health bar and zero estus left, I made a final dash toward her, connecting a final blow as her scythe stopped inches from my face. It is done.

          As for anyone looking for advice, I can only say, be ready when she turns invisible and chase her. Watch for the 2nd ice wave, the starting point of it there will be a gust of snow particles wafting in the direction she moved from there. I didn't get any backstabs, but flailing at her tends to do more damage when you find her charging her attack.

          • Anonymous

            11 Feb 2018 09:33  

            This boss is living f**king hell for sorcerers. I specifically rmember one time going into the room, and she immediately started the slide grab attack. Its damn near fu**ing impossible to dodge and i died within 15 seconds of walking into the room. I didnt even make it to my 40k souls

            • Anonymous

              11 Feb 2018 02:49  

              An extremely cheesy thing you can do to make her easy is to bring the Dragonslayers Greataxe. On her third phase, you and Gael can trap her in a corner and can spam the weapon art for 1000+ damage at a time.

              • Anonymous

                10 Feb 2018 00:07  

                I decided to revisit this wretched boss after a couple of months break to play Bloodborne for the first time. Boy did that game help me out against her. After dealing with the Bloodborne dodging mechanics Sister Friede will be much easier to deal with. My first encounter with her I died at least a couple dozen times. Now with Bloodborne dodging mechanics under my belt I decided to swap discs and give her another shot. With a +5 Hollowslayer, +4 Black Knight Shield, and a health bar the size of a football field I was able to best her on my fifth try. Just blocked most of her basic attacks got a few backstabs in dodged and ran away from her AoE attacks. Still had 3 sips left of Sunny D.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Feb 2018 02:50  

                  Without a doubt my least favorite boss of ds3. A really*****ty imitation of lady maria with added bull*****and a dumb nun looking b*tch. Ive beaten her on multiple playthroughs including ng+, ng++ and ng+++ and everytime i dont feel accomplished i feel relieved to be done with the worst boss of the game. The last nail in the coffin being her scythes in pvp are pure cancer. Just like the breakdance sword and many other weapons theyre beaten easily but its just plain not fun to face them. End rant.

                  • 29 Jan 2018 21:31  

                    I need help to fight with these boss. Xbox One SL165 GT: Gangst3r PL. This is the very last boss in my game cycle. I would like to defeat that boss only for get her Weapon and Titanite Slab.

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Jan 2018 22:47  

                      I´m going to kill this boss with farron greadsword (as every other boss),.
                      It is a pretty good weapon for defeating bosses because of the small dagger, to wich is greatsword paired. Enemies think about every move you make using the dagger as the regular attack. So you make "two very fast attacks"...
                      Just look at the weapon, it is awesome! (my most favorite)

                      • 05 Jan 2018 16:51  

                        An amazing boss fight.

                        To those who heard the hype about how impossible it is or how she's a Bloodborne boss - that is not true.

                        I finally gutted up and soloed her twice in the past two days on ng and ng+ at SL100 with the Greatsword, including a first try on ng+.

                        You can parry her. You can backstab her. You can weigh 69.9 in full Gundyr and carry the Greatsword and still catch her if you know the move set, more or less. You don't need to be perfect.

                        Ariandel can be hammered and dropped to his knees in seconds if you avoid him and make sure Friede is not aggroing. If you hit him hard enough, fast enough, she will stop to heal him, where you can then turn on her and back stab her IF you haven't finished off Ariandel off with a riposte.

                        In the third phase, you will need to be patient, you will need to be calm, and you can choose to backstab fish while keeping very far away from her. Again, know the moveset well enough. When she bounces up in the air, if you avoid the black flame, you can circle it in a wide enough arc and be there to either backstab her or wallop her with two handed staggering greatsword attacks. I've done both consistently.

                        Similarly, when she flies up into the air to cast ice in front of you, you can charge forward, roll through it before it explodes, and backstab her, then follow up with one guaranteed quick attack and a possible second if you're fortunate.

                        You can also roll through her three strike attack and hit her for a backstab, too.

                        If you are not patient, you will die. If you are not calm, you will die.

                        The main problem with this fight for most, in my mind, is they believe the hype about how absurd it is and refuse to accept what they see, study the situation, and adjust accordingly.

                        There are tons of ways to kill Friede if you think it through and practice enough.

                        You don't need to be Lobos or a challenge runner to take her down.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Jan 2018 06:11  

                          A very painful boss to fight considering there are 3 phases, but is only worth it because beating hhases 2 and 3 will net you one titanite slab each (per NG).

                          • 04 Jan 2018 16:29  

                            Having smacked her with the UGS GS, she's not a bloodborne boss. You can annihilate her with an ultra with spacing, the rolling R1, parries, and just bouncing her with a shockwave then following up. Heck, you can take out Ariandel a couple charged R2s to the sides with a riposte and go to the third phase with full estus. The shockwave from the sword can stagger her and she will take extreme damage. The only question is finding time to heal and to buff. OTOH, she does do crazy damage in the third phase, but with practice, you can anticipate her moves and be there or, if you are rigged for it with vitality and poise, meet her head on, which is risky, but you can break that poise stun lock her....

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Dec 2017 17:11  

                              I don't get why she could be waifu material. Shes from Londor. Land of the hollows. Living corpses with a very questionable moral codex. Yes its tragic she had to leave this "fine" community because of her condition but it didn't seem to change her personality much. She is a killer and those who life by the sword should die by it. And by god, Laurence. I killed her!

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Dec 2017 16:25  

                                She doesn't teleport, she becomes invisible from a certain distance and jumps behind the player, then charges the attack. If you turn around just as she jumps you can see her raising some snow particles where she lands.

                                • Anonymous

                                  14 Nov 2017 03:54  

                                  HOW TO CHEESE PHASE 1 AND 3:
                                  +Astora greatsword+9
                                  +Grass crest shield
                                  +Chloranthy Ring and any ring you like
                                  +some weeds
                                  +keep your weight under 30%
                                  Phase 1: wait until she's about performe her Critical Scythe Attack, lock her against the walls and do a charged attack , run torward her just a little bit and do the charged attack again( she stands up and runs away very fast so beware of it)
                                  Phase 3: The same to phase 1 just wait her first attack and do the charged attacks(instead of runs away, she usually attacks you but don't worry, your poise can't be broken during the last second of your charged attack, just mention about your heath bar and your stamina)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    06 Nov 2017 17:48  

                                    The thing is that she is based on a Bloodborne boss. A boss who is not that hard thanks to the Bloodborne gameplay. But in DS3 we have only little means to stop her. As if she turns from a fox into a wolf among sheeps (us!).

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Nov 2017 13:15  

                                      Another wonderful reference from berserk. If only frieda is the one being hit by the rose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        02 Nov 2017 15:30  

                                        Left this as a reply to my own comment, but thought it was kind of important, so I'll paste it here. It regards whether Sister Friede herself is weak against the Hollowslayer.

                                        "Tested against two swords: Wolf Knight GS +5 (AR: 606) and Chaos Drakeblood GS +10 (AR: 800). With Wolf Knight GS, I did little over 300 HP of damage per hit, same with Chaos Drakeblood GS. She isn't resistant to Physical, Magic, Fire, or Lightning (though she is weak to Physical and Dark), so I'm confused as to why Chaos Drakeblood GS did so little damage. However, with the Hollowslayer +5 (AR: 513), I would deal just under 500 damage per hit, despite the AR being lower than with Wolf Knight GS.

                                        "Conclusion: Friede is a Hollow of Londor like her sisters, therefore making her weak to the Hollowslayer."

                                        • Anonymous

                                          24 Oct 2017 02:56  

                                          Not sure if I'm imagining things, but I think Ariandel might be weak to the Hollowslayer? I was using Hollowslayer +5 with about 450 AR, but was doing over 700 HP of damage to Ariandel with each hit, two-handed. Can't remember if I noticed any extra damage toward Friede, though, but it would make sense, considering, you know, Sable Church of Londor and everything.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            23 Oct 2017 21:40  

                                            Having the first two stages you have to go through on every attempt this fight would be the one you wish you never had in the game if not for Ariandel! He is absolutely ridiculous in the second phase, think about that: he’s an old man strapped to a chair, who can’t even handle his vomit bowl and he’s being very much vocal about it. Only this thought made me keep trying to beat this bossfight over and over again, no doubt the second phase is the only reason for this fight to exist.

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