The Nameless King

hp.jpg souls.jpg Location

4577 (KoS)

7100 (NK)

80,000 Archdragon Peak
Drops Soul of the Nameless King
Weak Resistant Immune
King of the Storm

Slash Lightning



Bleed/ Fire


Nameless King
Fire Slash Lightning PoisonPoison & Toxic

Nameless King Information

  • The Nameless King is a boss enemy in Dark Souls 3.
  • This boss is an optional boss fight.
  • Hawkwood will use a Black Separation Crystal once the bell has rung, disabling summons. He may be killed before this encounter, allowing summons to be possible.
  • During the first phase of the boss fight, his name is shown as "King of the Storm," until the wyvern he is riding is killed. This begins the second phase where his name changes to "Nameless King."
  • Nameless King is commonly considered to be the hardest boss in the game.



  • Archdragon peak, after ringing the large bell by the Great Belfry he becomes available.



  • Souls: 60,000, NG (80,000), NG+ (160,000), NG++ (176000), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Souls for Cooperator: NG (20,000), NG+ (40,000)...
  • Soul of the Nameless King


Combat Information

  • The dragon is weak to magic damage and his head takes massive damage
  • The Nameless King himself is weak to dark damage .
  • King of the Storm can be riposted after staggering, but not parried. It is possible for multiple players to simultaneously riposte, dealing extra damage. This is true of many ripostes in the game, but especially easy against staggered bosses.
  • Dragonslayer Greatshield makes the fight much easier if your build supports it. A Spirit Tree Crest Shield will also work just fine if your build cannot support greatshields.
  • It is possible to evade his aerial fire breath attack if you run away from him fast in the direction his head is pointing to. The attack has some tracking, so rolling around the dragon or behind him is likely to fail.
  • When he begins to circle you in the sky (he always circle you counterclockwise), you can evade his Lightning Spear attack simply by circling the other way (to the right) while moving forward (towards him). His follow-up spear thrust can also be avoided simply by walking backwards and to the left. You can keep your shield up throughout as a safeguard.
  • If you damage the dragon enough it will be staggered for a good few seconds, simply walk up to the head and attack to perform a critical (riposte) attack, staggering it again for another few hits.
  • Carthus Bloodring is effective for dodging lightning attacks' large hitboxes, as well as delayed melees.
  • In the first phase, King of the Storm can very easily jump out of your camera view, a good strategy would be to increase camera sensitivity and do not lock on at all times.
  • An upgraded crossbow makes the otherwise challenging second phase almost completely trivial. Simply keep your distance and shoot him between his attacks.




Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

This boss deals lots of lightning damage in both phases, so any lightning resistant gear or rings are a huge benefit in this fight.

The first phase consists of the Nameless King riding atop his stormdrake, the King of the Storm. This boss require constant attention to camera angle. It is important to be aware of what both the rider and wyvern are doing at all times. Having the camera locked to one or the other at the wrong time is a recipe for doom. It is advised to keep the wyvern at some distance until you go in for one or two hits then retreat to be able to keep watch on both and time your responses appropriately. The wyvern will sometimes flip behind you, requiring you to adjust to maintain your relative position. The Nameless King will, at times, attempt to hit you with his swordspear. Depending on position, roll or block accordingly, keeping an eye for his two or three hit combos. The stormdrake itself will bite at you and attempt to roast you with its flames. Avoid its attacks and aim for the stormdrake's head, as damage to the legs and body does minimal damage compared to blows directly to the beast's head. A good way to get several hits on its vulnerable spot is when the stormdrake is about to rear it's head for a flame attack, rush towards it's body and hit the neck area just below the rider, ensuring that you keep your distance from the fire-spewing head. If the stormdrake flies into the air, it will do one of two things: unleash a fiery breath attack directly beneath it, or circle around you while the Nameless King hurls Lightning Spears at you. If it stays in one spot in the air, move away, avoiding its breath attack, until it lands again.  The breath attack hits almost directly below the drake's body, so a good rule of thumb to avoid it is to run in the direction its head was facing when it took off, since from where your character is likely standing, that's the shortest path to safe ground. If it begins to circle you, keep an eye on the Nameless King; his Lightning Spears are intimidating, but can be dodged. Rinse and repeat until the stormdrake is dead, whereupon a cutscene will signal the start of the second phase.

In the second phase of the fight, you will face the Nameless King himself. He is very fast and deadly, so medium to light equipment load is recommended if you plan on roll dodging his attacks. With enough attacks dealt he will be staggered, allowing you to perform a riposte-esque visceral attack not unlike the mechanic in bloodborne. While he stands up from this riposte, he is vulnerable to further attacks for most of his animation. Use this to get extra damage in or to heal up if you need it. The boss itself can be very difficult for a novice (or anyone for that matter) and his movements, while somewhat predictable, are still erratic, so stay on guard until there's a guaranteed opening to attack him. Also, another recommendation would be to equip the Carthus Bloodring and stay on his left side (your right) and continuously roll dodge his attacks until you see an opening to strike. For fast weapons (Straight Swords, Rapiers, etc.) try to get two hits in at most and for larger weapons (Greatswords, Ultra GS, etc.) one at most, two if your bold enough but it is quite risky.

Be particularly wary of:

  • his lightning strike attack. He telegraphs this by taking out his weapon and slowly brandishing it to the sky. With a short delay after he finishes, a lightning strike will be summoned directly over you, dealing heavy damage. This attack must either be dodged with perfect timing, or blocked by a shield with high lightning resistance (which will drain all stamina).
  • his waist-level charged lunge.  This attack cannot be blocked or dodged sideways, though it can be rolled through.  The safest way to react is to dodge backwards.  (Note that you should not dodge backwards against his shoulder-level lunge, however.)


Strategy 1.5 (Easy KotS Melee)

Using a two-handed Lightning Lothric Knight Greatsword +9, It is possible to kill the King of the Storm in just four hits, allowing you to more easily practice the much more difficult Nameless King fight, as well as save much of your estus for it. Landing two fully charged heavy attacks to his head will stagger him and allow you to riposte him. As he recovers from the riposte you will have just enough time to land a running light attack to his head, finishing him off. The best time to land fully charged heavy attacks is during the King of the Storm's grounded fire breath attack and right after the Nameless King's lightning slam attack after dodge rolling toward him. However, due to the Nameless King's high lightning defense the Lothric Knight Greatsword does very poorly against him and it is therefore recommended to have a different weapon to switch out to during the second phase of the fight.


Strategy 2 (Magic / Ranged)

Keeping away from the boss but able to lock onto him is key here. In the first phase learn to dodge his lightning spears and follow up air to ground attack. Lock onto HIM not his little pet's head, when you're rolling to dodge his landing attack. Aim to complete your roll to the side of, or under the dragons base of the neck. Lock onto his head and stay underneath and fire away. He may take flight sooner rather than later but at any time if you hear the audio que (dragon scream) start to run away before he breathes his fire attack onto the ground. If you are lucky enough to keep him at range and the boss is only doing his flying attack straight at you, upon completion of his animation the dragons head will be motionless for a brief period and wide open for you to open fire.

In the second phase, just STAY AWAY and keep shooting. Run sideways as soon as you see him raise his dragonslayer swordspear to do the shockwave attacks because it is wide and difficult to out maneuver. Early bird stays damage free here. I used a greatshield in my Melee completion and I was able to tank his shockwave attacks, so equip a great shield if you'd like to do less evading. The purpose of ranged combat is to pick him apart from a safe distance. There is a distance where he will be wide open for attacks as he slowly walks after you. Circle him to keep him at a range you are able to lock on and shoot. Watch the background. There are two buildings you ned to keep an eye on. If you dont see one of them in the background while you are back-walking, you know you are headed towards the narrow edge of the map and may need to run to the side to re-center and get him back to a shooting range. If you feel he is too close, just watch for his telegraphed wind up attack and roll through it and keep rolling away as he recovers and you'll be back to sniping him to death. Good luck! and have fun


Alternative Magic Phase 1 Strategy

If your build has a mixture of Intelligence and Faith (like a Pyromancer), the sorcery Dark Edge is extremely powerful in the first phase of the fight. Keep your target on the dragon's head as opposed to the rider and take advantage of the many possible openings. The possible openings for casting includes after the aerial-to-ground strike (don't confuse this with the standing ground strike), after or during the fire breath (dodge roll to your right through the flames and get in close before casting), after the electric ground strike and after a second side swipe. Unsafe times to cast would be after it leaps over you to land on your opposite side, after it lands from the aerial lightning spear->stab combo, after it lands from the aerial fire breath, after one standing ground strike (as this can combo into side swipes) or after one side swipe (as a return side swipe may follow). Don't get greedy and keep an eye out for the safe openings. With around 3 solid strikes to the head of the dragon, you can trigger the stagger animation and land another free blow.


Strategy 3 (Bow and Heavy Weapon in KoS, Light Weapon+Buffs in NK)

As soon as you enter the boss arena run forward for a while but not too close to the place where boss lands (half a stamina bar). This way boss won't attack you immediately and you have time to use your bow and try to hit the head of King of Storms. After boss flies behind you change to your heavy hitting weapon and always go for the head.

When the second part of the fight starts, change to your light weapon (rapier or anything with high dps) and use Carthus Beacon pyromancy (consecutive hits boost damage). Also have the Pontiff's Right Eye ring (consecutive hits gives a dmg buff) and any other buffs you can. Nameless King is very tanky and has high health but if you can do good damage and fast you get two riposte opportunities which make this fight much easier. However you have to be very good at rolling and in stamina control. Still, usually do not attack more than once or twice if you have a good opening. Boss usually does 2-3 hit combos so after the second attack wait a while and take the opening little late just be sure he won't attack the third time.

Strategy Four - Faith with Lightning and Dark Blade

The King of Storm is weak to lightning. A high faith character (60) can annihilate the King of the Storm with Sunglight Spear or Lightning Arrow using the upgraded talisman or chime of their choice. Yorksha's Chime will provide the best buff, while Canvas Talisman will also provide an excellent buff and the unfaltering prayer weapon art. 

Hurling the Spears or shooting the arrows at the King of Storm will end him very quickly. As noted elswhere, a max Lothric Knight Great Sword on a faith strength character with a buff can kill him in four heavy attack hits with the riposte.







First Phase (King riding atop Stormdrake)
Attack Name Attack Description
Aerial Fire Breath Flies straight up into the air and spews fire straight down in a large area.
Second Phase (King by himself, but buffed)
Attack Name Attack Description
Lightning Storm The King slowly pulls out his weapon, creating a lightning strike on the player's location.
Expanding Lightning The King creates a sunlight spear, and strikes it into the ground. After a short while, smaller lightning bolts fire out from that location, travelling by the floor.
Sword-Spear Stab The King prepares a large stab, rushing towards you with great speed. If it lands, the player is lifted upwards and struck by lightning. This attack is very similar to Ornstein's attack from Dark Souls.


Lore Theories

The Nameless King is quite possibly Gwyn's firstborn: a fearsome, dragon-slaying war god from the time of the ancient lords. At some point during the war with the Everlasting Dragons, Gwyn's firstborn turned against his father, siding with the dragons. Despite this, the dragons were defeated by Gwyn and the other Lords, bringing about the first Age of Fire. As punishment for teaming up with the dragons, Gwyn ordered his son's name expunged from the annals of history and stripped him of his deific status. He also was Dragonslayer Ornstein's personal trainer, explaining their similarities in moveset and cross-spear design.

The Nameless King could also be Faaram, the war god worshipped by the Forossan knights. In this case, Faaram could also be the 'faithful knight' of Gywn's firstborn mentioned in the Sacred Oath miracle, explaining why he uses lightning miracles and fights like Gwyn and Ornstein. The knights of Forossa were called the Lion Knights. In Dark Souls 2 you can find lion-men in the Shaded Woods. Their manes are very similar to the hair of the Nameless King.

Ornstein's spear and armor are found nearby, which could suggest that he was slain by The Nameless King (highly unlikely, since the armor isn't attached to a dead body), or that he forsook his duty as a dragonslayer after meeting him. It is quite likely that the son of Gwyn is the deity whose headless statue is the covenant leader of the Heirs of the Sun. This statue carries what appears to be a swordspear, but looks different to the Dragonslayer Swordspear.

The Serpent-Men in the area could indicate that Sen's Fortress belonged to the nameless king, suggesting his name may have been Sen

Notes & Trivia

  • Several of the Nameless King's abilities mirror Ornstein, Gwyn, and Artorias from Dark Souls.
  • This boss uses physical, lightning, and fire abilities, making building an armor set against him difficult.
  • The Nameless King's arena is in the sky, and its floor is not counted as a normal floor by the game. Dropped souls will often appear outside the boss room on the nearest solid land, along with messages. Summon signs cannot be used on this floor.
  • Looking up on the bridge after the fight reveals several bloodstains from other players, suspended in the air.
  • In the First phase of the fight, any weapon arts that have a large vertical hitbox can inflict normal damage to the stormdrake, as long as they are under the torso, an example is the Dragonslayer's Greataxe weapon art, which calls down a bolt of lightning and has a very high hitbox, but has a high FP cost.
  • When the dragon dies, the Nameless King's hand shakes just before he stabs him.



King of the StormKing of the Storm and Nameless KingKing of the Storm and Nameless KingNameless King

    • 22 May 2017 01:45  

      Hoorah for bugged to all hell camera and unavoidable AoE attacks. On paper, amazing boss, in practice, if I had to pick one unfair boss in each Dark Souls game, this guy would be the pick for DS3.

      • 21 May 2017 03:55  

        so i rang the bell it started storming, i defeated nameless, it stopped storming, i got the season pass, came back, it was storming, is this a glitch or is this supposed to happen for some reason, idk but heres some screenshots

        • 15 May 2017 15:48  

          Am I the only one who notices that he seems to get wrecked by dark blade? Is this something people haven't tested. On NG++ I expected some hassle because he's NK, but me and a summon finished him pretty fast. I did ng+ and Ng++ this week to knock out the dark soul trophy. A guy with dark mask and crucifix of the mad king literally obliterated him and I followed suit in co op...

          • 15 May 2017 00:47  

            The Black Knight Greataxe turns that drake into mincemeat. The first stage is *easily* finished within 2 minutes, with the drake likely to also miss a chance to use that*****ty fire breath attack. I almost feel bad for it. It's amazing just how trivial the fight becomes once you can easily focus on mastering the second phase with most/all of your estus.

            • 12 May 2017 06:20  

              I think that this is the best bossfight that From has ever put together. NK is fast, hits hard, has a massive health pool, but his moveset is perfectly fair. Plus, given all his abilities, a perfect build is hard to come up with for this fight; every player is going to be challenged by NK. Throw in spectacular setting, music, and lore and you have a perfect bossfight.

              • 06 May 2017 23:48  

                Because of the stormdrake's movements, I recommend just manually adjusting the camera in the first phase. It's one more thing to keep track of in between healing and dodging, but at least you won't risk getting completely disoriented from your attack position just because he moved. It was still hard to solo, but it at least made the first phase trivial.

                • 06 May 2017 03:32  

                  The item description for the storm curved blade says "The Nameless King, ally of the ancient dragons, fought beside the stormdrake in countless battles. When the great beast fell, the king claimed his soul, as was the custom in the age of the gods." Doesn't that confirm that the nameless king is Gwyn's first born?

                  • 05 May 2017 23:53  

                    Great soul dregs completely destroys him. King of the storm can be riposted after two casts to his head, which can be achieved before he launches ANY attack. Then riposte is enough to take him out, basically skipping all first phase.

                    • 05 May 2017 07:49  

                      just stop attacking the feet of the dragon. The Ai becomes highly unpredictable in the movements not to mention the firebreath spam. And if you get hit by it, stay on the ground until the fire is over. Do nothing. It's hard to hammer this into your brain but that one half second longer on the ground will save you. You have no idea how stupid it looks to look at a dragon constantly circling around himself. Or a host getting burned crisp only 10s into the fight. And you waste everyones time.

                      • 03 May 2017 07:54  

                        this boss keeps killing me, at first wave when the dragon does Arial fire breath i take damage two times and die, and thats because my character stands up before fire breathe ends and take damage again. any idea? need help with this one

                        • 02 May 2017 11:58  

                          Maybe useless advice but can serve to non magic/bow/shield user (real player) in order to find the window where you can attack safely. Second phase strategy :
                          Done in NG+ with ultra greatsword (take what you want),23 Vigor and under 30% equip load (light armor).
                          Keep mid-distance, wait for his plunging attack,the one when he go into the air (be careful because he have two kind of these,one when he charge a little bit and a other which is faster), land 1 hit just after dodging it (Light attack if its the non-charged attack and a heavy one if its the charged one),just after landing your attack roll back fast as you can(generally take 3-4 roll) because he will begin his combo but with the <30% equip load you will create a gap very quickly between you and him so he will stop his combo (beware,sometimes he land his thrust attack when you rolling so keep a eyes on him,DON'T PANIC !),and wait again for that plunging attack. Of course you will have to dodge the other attack that he use,but he will don't spam his combo.

                          Resume :-keep mid distance
                          -wait for his plunging attack
                          -1 hit (light or heavy) with ultra greatsword
                          -roll back
                          -wait for his plunging attack again

                          and GIT GUD,hope that help

                          • 27 Apr 2017 01:27  

                            1st time playing as a knight (about a year ago he was pretty hard) 2nd time playing through as a mage this time, it was fairly easy. Took about 3 tries =)

                            • 19 Apr 2017 00:58  

                              Here's what's wrong with this boss and with everyone who praise him to be the best

                              -Waiting times: there's nothing hard in waiting, nothing. Waiting for him to do one of the stupid attacks instead of his op ones is just cheesing. There's never a challenge in waiting and I don't know how nobody can't get it.
                              -Patterns: kinda like Sulyvahn, there's no way you can base your dodges on your reflexes because of the dumb castledelays (delays in commands like in the 1st castlevania from the NES). This is not really their fault, but it's about the game itself.
                              -1st phase: Well... It's not a phase, mom! Kinda like the majority of phases before the final, the 1st is just a sandbag- waste of time (but it's really appealing, I guess, except for the dragon that looks like a peacock)

                              Not much for the people, except that they're just being hipsters with this new term "artificial difficulty"
                              People that prefer the Nameless King's fight instead of Midir or Gael are the same that says "giving a lot of HP/ATT won't them ACTUALLY hard" wich translates in: lemme show off and tell everyone how tough I am compared to you, casul, after I died countless times in deep frustration and learned their patterns to perfection before actually killing them.

                              It's just a phrase that baffles me. They're basically saying that levelling is not important (because stats) and NG+ is useless (because stats, again). Mhm... What about the jokes of SL 80 1st game, 100 2nd, 120 blaze it meta ng++?

                              Same goes for trading hits wich goes on armor and most of all poise, wich again, poise is something that hipsters will shove to your face if you dare to make the most little meme (joke. Everything is a meme when*****talking about poise), but if this is the excuse to trash Midir and Gael fights, instead of this waiting simulator, then that whole phrase is just pointless.

                              "But deeeh, once you learn the patterns they're so easy", yes, you sadly just described the whole game

                              • 17 Apr 2017 05:59  

                                Anybody think maybe he's Solaire? Think about it, Solaire failed to link the fire and subsequently he should come back as an ashen one, and yet we never meet up with him. He was the prime suspect of being Gwyn's firstborn and I don't think this is reason enough to change that. My personal theory is that he came back, somehow regained his memories by visiting archdragon peak and recovered his identity as the nameless king.

                                • 14 Apr 2017 12:54  

                                  Sunlight Spear for the wyvern ⟹ Crystal Soul Spear for the King ⟹ souls for the Sunbro

                                  This boss is piss easy if you stack intelligence and faith, and use all relevent damage increasing items. The wyvern is so weak to lightning you can hit well over 3000 damage with Sunlight Spears, and even Great Lightning Spears hurt it a lot. You can smack the King around for 1000+ damage with Crystal Soul Spears, and his attacks are dodged pretty easily when you're already standing back.

                                  • 14 Apr 2017 06:51  

                                    Look at his face, its mummified like a hollows!

                                    He also gives out weird raspy cat hisses whenever he's about to attack. Not an easy boss fight unless you're a dark sorcerer who can dance around like a fairy princess. Combat wise, I went in with the dragon slayers spear and dragon slayers great shield. I didn't face him off directly, just waited for him to do his jump attack then poke him a few times. Kept the shield up for good measure. Also, I tossed darts at him when he was at a distance and even firebombs. Took many death to figure it out.

                                    • 14 Apr 2017 02:01  

                                      Is the Storm Drake weak to dark now? I was obliterating him with my Dark Longsword at 40/40 int fth. It would support the Oresntine became the Storm Drake theory bc the gods were weak to dark

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