Soul of the Nameless King is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of the Nameless King

Soul of the Nameless King. One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength.

Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength.

The Nameless King was once a dragon-slaying god of war, before he sacrificed everything to ally himself with the ancient dragons.


Soul of the Nameless King Usage


Soul of the Nameless King Locations




  • This is the only Boss Soul that can be transmuted into three different items, instead of only two. Thus, the Nameless King is the only boss that must be fought a minimum of three times (requiring at least Journey 3, or NG++) in order for an individual character to acquire all his associated soul transposed loot.
    • Alternatively, the player could Trade for either the Storm Curved Sword or the Dragonslayer Swordspear to acquire the Nameless King's three soul tranposed items before NG++ (Lightning Storm is a Miracle and thus cannot be traded).
    • While it is true that this is the only soul that can be transmuted into three different items, Lorian and Lothric must be fought four times (requiring at least Journey 4, or NG+++) to obtain a copy of both of their swords as well as the combined version.




  • He is most likely the First Born Son of Gwyn. The Storm Curved Sword states, "When the great beast fell, the king claimed his soul, as was the custom in the age of gods." so we know he is at least as old as Dark Souls 1 and his other item the Dragonslayer Swordspear states, "The swordspear is imbued with lightning, of which he was the heir.". Thus being at least as old as the Age of the Gods and the heir to lightning(Sunlight) there leaves little room as to who he is if he is a character already established in lore. Speculation: All this information coupled with the similarity in appearance, height, build, and fighting techniques has led many to conclude that he is without a doubt Gwyn's longlost heir and perhaps was expunged from history to hide his "shameful defection" from his father's kingdom in favor of the everlasting dragons.


    • 24 Oct 2016 22:57  

      I like how nobody mentions he uses the sunlight spear during the fight. Not the lightning spear the SUNLIGHT!!!! the description even states it was gwyn's miracle. So thats the piece of info that decides it for me

      • it's gone?!?!?12 Aug 2016 21:57  

        I beat the nameless king, took me a ton of attempts, finally beat him, saved my game and shut down my PS4, and when I turned it back on the next day the soul was GONE when I went to transpose it. nobody else uses my system and I sure a hell didn't use it or drop it, it's just F***ING GONE

        • The reward is so not worth the fight.27 May 2016 21:28  

          You get access to the dragonslayer set and a *****ing titanite slab for your troubles. I guess if you are running a faith build the swordspear is good enough, but if you are not this fight just is not worth it.

          • So, Sacred Oath10 May 2016 13:03  

            I think we can make an interesting claim about the lore now, seeing how clearly the Nameless King is the sun's firstborn. Sacred Oath reads: "This is the tale of the Sun's Firstborn, his faithful first knight, and the dragonslayer who served them both. The faithful first knight I believe can be nobody but Solaire, who started the covenant in his honor. The one thing that doesn't sit right is the dragonslayer. There has been only one dragonslayer named in the entire series, Ornstein. The old dragonslayer may or may not be him, same with the dragonslayer armour. If I'm correct, this would mean that not only did Solaire personally know the Nameless King, but he at one point had a position of authority in Anor Londo such that he could command the leader of the dragonslayers.

            • Ignoring ds2?10 May 2016 10:26  

              Is just me or does seem like the vast majority of ds2 has been rewritten and or ignored completely? That's fine since quite frankly the story of ds2 was awful. Great and fun game, but a terrible story/lore

              • Gwyns first born26 Apr 2016 03:22  

                I'm unsure about the Gwyns son thing, as far as we know his son left Anor Londo after Gwyn went to the Kiln to link the Fire (Sunlight Blade description). The war agains the Dragons should have taken place some thousand years prior to Gwyn linking the fire.

                • Ornstein and his armor25 Apr 2016 19:26  

                  The reason why Ornstein's armor was found by the nameless king (Gwyn's firstborn son) wasn't because he was his mentor (not really sure where this theory came from), he went to to search for him to presumably serve him, or perhaps kill him so as to regain his honor after his betray of Gwyn. Ornstein was the first born son's faithful first knight. Proof of this is found in the description of the Leo Ring which implicitly says so. As previously stated, Ornstein was there for one of three possible reasons, to serve the Nameless King, to kill him for his betrayal of Gwyn, or even perhaps to convince him to return to the light (so to speak).

                  • The other possiblity19 Apr 2016 16:54  

                    it seems that most people think this guy is the first born of gwyn only based on the god of war part <br/>but what if we look at the other evidence, the fact that he was a DRAGONSLAYER and that a set of armor can be found right past him, that and his fighting style seems oddly familiar. Id say the nameless king is none other then ornstien himself

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