Soul of the Old Demon King is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of the Old Demon King

Soul of the Old Demon King

Soul of the Old Demon King. One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength.

Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength.

The shriveled Old Demon King is now like a clump of burnt ash, but he is the last living witness of the Chaos of Izalith.


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    • Anonymous

      19 Nov 2016 17:58  

      I'm a pyromancer and I'm slowly learning my mistakes but this may be the biggest. Without understanding what I'm doing I used the soul of the old demon king to make an Old King's Great Hammer. Can I undo this error and get the Chaos Bed Vestiges. If not I'm doomed.... :( Thanks in advance

      • Anonymous

        PLEASE READ SOMEONE15 May 2016 20:23  

        Someone either deleted Old Demon King's Hammer Weapon page or someone is coincidentally working on it.<br/><br/>It's gone

        • Anonymous

          Who is he?18 Apr 2016 04:43  

          "The last living witness to the Chaos of Izalith." Does anyone have a clue who the demon king really is? All the bodies and turned statues lead me to believe this Old Demon King staged a coup and took over. Was there a male witch of Izalith I don't remember?

          • Anonymous

            I'm confused11 Apr 2016 05:18  

            On the Old Demon King's main wiki page, it says he only drops "Soul of a Demon", but on the "Boss souls" page, it shows him dropping both this in one category and "Soul of a Demon" in another. <br/>Can someone clarify this means it drops one thing and you can make one of 4 things listed or whether this name is obsolete from an old version of the game or something?

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