Seed of a Giant Tree is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Seed of a Giant Tree

Makes enemies react to invaders.

The giant trees were also known as watcher trees, and their seeds unmask invaders.

When used effectively, these seeds will help counter dark spirits.


Seed of a Giant Tree Usage

  • Use to make enemies hostile towards invaders.
  • Also reacts to NPC invaders.
  • Especially effective against Londor Pale Shade and Knight Slayer Tsorig since they tends to invade areas with large amount of enemies nearby.
  • Drop at the crow nest to receive the Iron Leggings - the leg part of the Armor of the Sun Set



Seed of a Giant Tree Locations

  • Obtained from the dead giant-shaped tree at both Firelink Shrines in the Cemetery of Ash and Untended Graves. Look just before the Tower Door near the cliff.
  • 10% chance to spawn when invaded. Increases by 10% each time until maxing at 50%. Resets to 10% when obtained.




  • The tree can only have one seed waiting to be collected at a time, even if multiple invaders have been banished since you last checked the tree.
  • Players can hold 3 seeds at a time and store 600.
  • As of Regulation 1.33 App Version 1.13, Seeds now only last for 45 seconds, but their spawn rate has been increased
  • You can also no longer trade Seeds with other players. You can drop them, but no one else will be able to see them and pick them up.
  • As an invader, you can tell if the host has used a seed by the status effect icon (rather than waiting to see whether NPCs attack you)



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    • 29 Apr 2017 17:16  

      I agree to that something had to be done about the seeds but I think it was at least better as it is now. And I was always on the side who fought against seed users. The changes make the friendly invader playstyle impossible, too and the seed itself worthless. It's just too much I think what we lose compared to what we get on the balancing side.

      • 26 Apr 2017 06:44  

        So, someone mentioned earlier that they were able to receive 3 Seeds at once from the tree. I've since been trying to replicate this in case FromSoft snuck a change to that, but to no avail. Has anyone been able to reproduce this? I'm still getting only one Seed at a time even when I leave and return to Firelink.

        • 25 Apr 2017 00:33  

          Since FS changed the SoaGT time limit, they should also reinstate the Invasion Timer as well. Five Mintues to Kill your Mark, you punk out and hide? You wasted your time waiting for a cheap kill.

          • 23 Apr 2017 01:20  

            I still don't see Why they didn't they just make covenant reward items useful, by making them into consumeables. For example, once you max out in sunlight bros, that sunlight medal is useless, which is a shame since it could have been a temporary buff. With better temporary buffs the seeds wouldn't even be necessary.

            • 22 Apr 2017 23:21  

              You've single handedly assured that playing your brand new DLC is literally impossible on higher difficulties with the round of bull*****invaders. I literally can't get anything done on NG+4. Waste of *****ing money. I shouldn't be forced to play a game offline just to enjoy it. This is the most bull*****Nerf you've ever done. Period.

              • 20 Apr 2017 04:48  

                Why did you guys change the way the seed works. I used 3 of them in about 3 mins because and invader was being a coward and runing away and hidi g behind an enemy. Cowards should not be allowed to invade. If you invade than fight the host not run away. This new change is just stupidity. Giving the advantage to the invader. He will now just hide and wait for the host to die. There is no honor in that. Please change it back.

                • 19 Apr 2017 15:40  

                  Man, Invaders gotta cry and cry because they can't get cheap kills, now this*****'s useless.
                  Really tho, invaders got no reason to ***** about anything even ganking, you're INVADING. what don't you understand about that. and every single last one of you *****s hides behind mobs and traps... with or without phantoms in the game.
                  If to Invade is to Troll, then to use seeds is to anti-troll. Lame changes fromsoft, real lame.

                  • 19 Apr 2017 10:14  

                    As much as I understand the changes I will miss it to invade people, giving them the seed and make jolly cooperation. It's hard to describe but it added realism to the game. There is another one. Is he friendly? Is he not? This feeling. The tension. How it would be if Dark Souls would be real. There would be no color, white, blue or red. There would be only strangers and you would never know if they are friends or foes. Moundmaker + SoaGT gave us a taste of it. Now it's gone.

                    • 19 Apr 2017 07:47  

                      Honestly should of nerfed it from 2 hours to 5 to ten minutes. And not being able to trade them is honestly pretty lame. Fromsoft doesnt want us trading anything anymore XD

                      • 19 Apr 2017 07:40  

                        45 seconds on the seeds makes them damn near useless. One of few things that helped getting to anor londo. Honestly I got invaded by 30 people in about 15 minutes. I would kill an invader and instantly get invaded again. That area is bs. and this was one of few helps. Might have to play that area offline next time wonderful

                        • 19 Apr 2017 04:02  

                          Ok. It's nerfed. But then give it at least the invader the priority to be targeted. As some sort of escape strategy to keep him busy. It's contra productive if the npcs still see me as their primary target and ignore the people they should attack instead.

                          • 18 Apr 2017 22:07  

                            I kept making friends with the people I invade way too often by giving them a bunch of ember or champion souls, regardless I'm constantly dropping these to help out in their world. I now know why they never pick them up ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

                            • 18 Apr 2017 11:19  

                              It's a shame seeing the game to get more and more invader-friendly. I mean, come on, those are the bad guys that try to mess up other player's games. What sense does a seed make that lasts for effin' 45 seconds along with invaders who use to hide somewhere within the level for 15 minutes? And now you will have to keep coming back to the giant tree after every single invasion?! This really can't be it.
                              Here are two suggestions from my end for the next patch (if there will be a next one):
                              - kick those invaders out automatically who won't attack for 5 or 10 minutes
                              - give a 50-75% drop rate of seeds for each invader that's killed along with receiving the seed right away (as it's done with weapons, armor or items)
                              - change the duration at least to 5-10 minutes.

                              • 17 Apr 2017 17:52  

                                Well looks like returning to SotFS now was a good idea, considering this game officially has shot itself in the foot. Between making the only way to counter runners useless and leaving the blades of chaos and their triple L1 easy button combo alone this***** has turned into a complete cluster*****. If anyone wants to do some matches on 2 or do some co op hmu on PS4 TheTrooper089. I have a bunch of different characters at different soul memories so I can try to
                                accomodate any player :)

                                • 16 Apr 2017 13:45  

                                  Gotta love the***** posting from possibly the same person, saying this is a good thing... nerf it to 2-3 mins, fine. 30 seconds? Nope, may as well just wait for the cowardly reds to come and fight like men then to rush in and give the talentless hacks a free tongue/shackle/dreg/soulgrass.

                                  • 16 Apr 2017 12:21  

                                    Lol, whatever. If the invader hides behind enemies, I'll still crack a seed or two to see him zigzag wildly for a minute. And if he keeps hiding, I'll just wait. After all, I'm never in a hurry when I play.
                                    Hopefully, most invaders I've had are keen on having a one-on-one duel. Way more fun for both of us, as I see it.

                                    • 16 Apr 2017 09:16  

                                      Well I have difficulties finding people to summon NG+6 now and basically played it by my self apart from when I put my summon down.

                                      I get invaded alot its ok yh sure its abit annoying when they just rush you but worst is hiding behind the enemies and I get invaded multi times so my chances of winning is out the window so the seed helped me out alot in these situations I dont personally use a seed if im luckly enough to get a phantom to help in pve.

                                      So you guys (guessing) invaders *****ing at us hosts coz we use a seed and hosts *****ing at invaders for hidinh behinds mobs is kinda pointless right?

                                      Im sure other people have trouble finding summons while others have the floor litterd with help signs.

                                      So I think what might have been better is if the invader didnt have a vigor reduction and retained full estus and the seed remain the same that way when lonely warriors like me get invaded its fair from the start. Also to sort the phantom problems I think that the invader should get a buff when host has help and increase as more phantoms are summoned.
                                      No need to nerf a seed when they could just put more work into the online multiplayer.

                                      May the dark guide thee!!!

                                      • 15 Apr 2017 22:48  

                                        Honestly, if they are going to nerf it that much (not saying it wasn't needed), the might as well remove it from the game. The seed, to me, was only needed to punish invaders that liked to troll you by going into a group of tough enemies and wouldn't leave, planning to let the enemy gank do most of the damage. I've always hated invaders that did that; either fight the player yourself, or don't invade at all. If the seed was nerfed to only last a few minutes (1-3), and/or could only be used if the host has no friendly phantoms/blue cops, it would be a more balanced item. As it currently is though, I think it should just be removed. The short time frame has really destroyed the usefulness of the item.

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