Seed of a Giant Tree is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Seed of a Giant Tree

Makes enemies react to invaders.

The giant trees were also known as watcher trees, and their seeds unmask invaders.

When used effectively, these seeds will help counter dark spirits.


Seed of a Giant Tree Usage

  • Use to make enemies hostile towards invaders.
  • Also reacts to NPC invaders.
  • Especially effective against Londor Pale Shade and Knight Slayer Tsorig since they tends to invade areas with large amount of enemies nearby.
  • Drop at the crow nest to receive the Iron Leggings - the leg part of the Armor of the Sun Set



Seed of a Giant Tree Locations

  • Found at the Giant Tree in both the Optional and the base Firelink Shrine, just before the Tower Door near the cliff.
  • 10% chance to spawn when invaded. Increases by 10% each time until maxing at 50%. Resets to 10% when obtained.
  • Obtain from the dead giant-shaped tree at Firelink Shrine The tree can only have one seed waiting for to be collected at a time, even if multiple invaders have been banished since you last checked the tree. 




  • Players can hold 5 seeds at a time, and store 600
  • Seed effect will last until the user does something to trigger a loading screen (death, traveling to another bonfire, invading someone else's world).
  • As an invader, you can tell that the host has used a seed by the status effect icon (rather than waiting to see whether NPCs attack you)



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    • 08 Feb 2017 14:38  

      So these drop very infrequently? Then how is it about 75% of hosts I invade pop one of these things? I invaded the same guy 3 times within 30 minutes and he popped a seed every time! Where the hell are people getting so many seeds from??

      • 31 Jan 2017 12:43  

        Ugh I love this thing. So tired of getting ganked at irithyll by two faithfuls and a dark spirit. Especially when the nub runs away to the silver knights just prepared on his r1 button

        • 11 Jan 2017 10:57  

          wish this ***** could be purchased for a large sum of souls, i'd gladly pay it. Invaders are 99.999% cocksucking faggots, when the going is good they keep coming at you, when ***** gets rough, they chug an chug estus and run away! wtf!? so many times i've gotten near a hard ass area and killed just about everything cause i'm exploring and finding things, like in lothric, imagine almost the whole area being cleared and now i have like half of my health left and one estus maybe then guess what, YOU"VE BEEN INVADED BY A PIECE OF *****. even then I don't run to the boss door cause i'd be dead with that amount of health anyways so I face the invader.
          If I end up winning like I did in this situation, the little faggots just run away, chug estus and try to find a large group to hide behind. THATS SO *****ING ANNOYING. luckly a blue phantom came along and we hunted this little faggot and he had noone to hide behind cause the level was cleared alreay lol.

          • 17 Dec 2016 10:52  

            Whenever I host a fight club and there's that invader trying to coax me into the courtyard in irithyll, I always pop a seed. It's so funny to see invaders getting into the courtyard, then get burned to crisp

            • 13 Dec 2016 11:05  

              Honestly? This was the worst solution From could've possibly made as far as multiplayer goes. It was a bad part of their game design in Dark Souls II and its just as bad here. Why? Well let me give you an opinion even though I can already see the thumbs down on this from people being unable to handle criticism on their beloved co-op experience.

              - Invasions were made to be a balancing factor in these more recent games (not sure if it was the case in Demon's and Dark I), where if you summon phantoms you're more likely to be invaded as a result. Balancing difficulty since the area you summoned into won't become any harder on its own, only the boss will scale from the summoned phantoms so you'll likely completely steamroll the area unless invaded.
              - The Seed COMPLETELY erases this balancing factor and turns the one thing invaders had on their side against them. To such a degree that in some cases its best for you as the invader to just run away and hide by an ambush point somewhere hoping the host falls of a cliff if they don't come your way. Your chances were significantly lower attacking a host who has more life and healing than you as is, ontop of his phantoms and their own healing, and with the usage of a Seed they become abysmally low to a point where you might just as well leave the world and invade the next to save yourself the effort of running back to your souls.

              That's my take on it. Hate if you must, but you won't know the truth before you've done a fair bit of invading yourself in these games. Adieu.

              • 26 Nov 2016 08:35  

                I actually love invading someone who uses the seed. I stealth to the very end of the map, then head back to the beginning aggroing every NPC on the way, leading a mob of every fast-moving enemy to the host. Or sometimes I feel sorry for them and just start clearing the map for them.

                • 26 Nov 2016 06:32  

                  I wish the spawn wasnt based on whenever you get invaded.
                  Since I have zero chance to get invaded on my char that I use solely for invasions at Pontiff, I cant get those.
                  And Id love to leave them for some hosts that Ive invaded when I feel like helping them.

                  Maybe its on purpose so that players dont exploit it somehow in this way, dunno.

                  • 01 Nov 2016 12:16  

                    Love using this thing in NG+5. Sit back and watch the derpy invader get two shotted. Most of the time I just sit there and dried finger to lure in invaderps. Very fun.
                    There's absolutely no reason to NOT use this when PvEing. Strips the last advantage an invader can get. Most invaders just black crystal when they realize I seeded a high NG world.

                    • 31 Oct 2016 16:35  

                      I'm surprised by owner many people dislike this item, as if the person they're invading is supposed to cooperate with being invaded and allow you to have such a clear advantage like that? ***** outta here. If you invade me I'm using this seed too. I don't care if you even find me or not. Second I see this message that seed is being dropped. I didn't ask for you to invade me. I'm trying to pve in peace you little cocksucker

                      • LOL25 Sep 2016 06:59  

                        invader immidietly return to their world once they notice they been attack by the mob. to make it short : they all bunch of scums.<br/><br/>p.s. if u thumbs down this then u are a pussies

                        • This F***ing thing24 Sep 2016 19:13  

                          I hate this. Nobody uses this the way it was meant. To clarify, those F***ing people who sit on Way of Blue and Finger and SPAM this ***** when any invader comes are assholes. I invaded this one guy 3 ***** times in the library. His response on NG, 3 seeds. Literally impossible to do, but he does it. All 3 I never see GhostMan, just spawn in and get fked by the ***** sage and slaves. This item doesn't belong in the game if the only people who are going to use it are sellouts and hackers.

                          • a fair deal21 Sep 2016 10:18  

                            the fact that most invader fleeing to a huge group of enemy everytime theyre losing (even 1 vs 1 duel) realy pissed me off. n this stuff realy help turn the table around

                            • Be careful21 Sep 2016 09:55  

                              A guy used this on me when I invaded and got cocky with me, so I killed the guys with the club and sword, then killed the host. Hope you didn't need those, buddy.

                              • I like it21 Sep 2016 01:27  

                                Hate getting invaded when I'm just trying to make it through a difficult area. Only to have the invader try to lure my into a massive group of powerful mobs to make his fight easier. I mean if you want to fight me fair and square, fine, I'm game. But trying to bait me into mobs 1) does not work, I'm not an idiot. and 2) will just tempt me to use the seed and watch you get stomped while I laugh and peck at you with arrows.

                                • Balancing Idea30 Aug 2016 09:15  

                                  Now before everyone pops off on my thumbnail please listen. I love invasions and I love the giant seed. The extra difficulty caused by fighting the host and npc enemies is intense. Sometimes I even help a host that is clearly new and needs help getting through an area. Simply put, the giant seed is an acceptable item under certain circumstances: 1.) Invader crashing a fight club 2.) "Twinked" invader giving a low lvl host a hard time, or 3.) playing a good game of hide and seek and want to mess up enemy locations.<br/>However, there is one circumstance that I would like to suggest balancing for the giant seed. As most of us know dk3's PvP suffers from a numbers game i.e. a gank squad often out plays a really skilled player, so when a squad of three vs. one invader the invader is already struggling. Then the host pops a giant seed. That's a bit much in my opinion. The host should easily be able to handle the world plus invaders with so much help, especially if they are password matching with higher lvl phantoms (the blue sword symbol). All I suggest is that a giant seed makes it so it's a true free for all. Phantoms can hit phantoms and host can hit phantoms.

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