Seed of a Giant Tree is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Seed of a Giant Tree

Makes enemies react to invaders.

The giant trees were also known as watcher trees, and their seeds unmask invaders.

When used effectively, these seeds will help counter dark spirits.


Seed of a Giant Tree Usage

  • Use to make enemies hostile towards invaders.
  • Also reacts to NPC invaders.
  • Especially effective against Londor Pale Shade and Knight Slayer Tsorig since they tends to invade areas with large amount of enemies nearby.
  • Drop at the crow nest to receive the Iron Leggings - the leg part of the Armor of the Sun Set



Seed of a Giant Tree Locations

  • Obtained from the dead giant-shaped tree at both Firelink Shrines in the Cemetery of Ash and Untended Graves. Look just before the Tower Door near the cliff.
  • 10% chance to spawn when invaded. Increases by 10% each time until maxing at 50%. Resets to 10% when obtained.




  • The tree can only have one seed waiting to be collected at a time, even if multiple invaders have been banished since you last checked the tree.
  • Players can hold 3 seeds at a time and store 600.
  • As of Regulation 1.33 App Version 1.13, Seeds now only last for 45 seconds, but their spawn rate has been increased
  • You can also no longer trade Seeds with other players. You can drop them, but no one else will be able to see them and pick them up.
  • As an invader, you can tell if the host has used a seed by the status effect icon (rather than waiting to see whether NPCs attack you)



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    • Anonymous

      22 Nov 2017 00:44  

      Why wasn't this rebuff to seeds implemented when people wanted to invade more. Now that the population has declined you want to fix invasions. That's bs

      • Anonymous

        19 Nov 2017 16:15  

        Well, derp, Now they ruined the seed, 45 seconds is nothing.. so no more full chaos where invaders also have to deal with enemys...

        • Anonymous

          21 Oct 2017 09:25  

          was nerfed the EXACT same day I wanted to try out beeing the friendly invader. wasted hours and hours until I realised something cannot be right. No one was using a seed. And what new player don't realise is that the friendly invader thing was a complete mini game in itself with its own rules. Gone now. Forever.

          • Anonymous

            16 Oct 2017 07:18  

            I love these, helps me kill twinks easier when they try to hide behind foes on retreat. I rub the salt in by just sending them a message making fun of them. Really turns the tide around, huh? Poor losers.

            • Anonymous

              19 Sep 2017 04:55  

              They should of made it phantom based.
              Host has no Phantoms? Seed lasts for about 10+ minutes.
              Host has one Phantom? Seed lasts for 2 minutes.
              Host has two? Seed last for the same amount it does now.
              Host has three? Can't use a seed.

              Only people who wouldn't like this are ganking scum who can't fight for themselves. As someone who's a host and an invader I feel if they did this it would be better for everyone.

              • Anonymous

                04 Sep 2017 13:00  

                Can you Nerf Greatswords too? For that one person who doesnt like it pls.
                and then lose the rest of your fanbase for that one person
                clearly the developers dont pay attention to what the fanbase is saying so i guess they pay attention to that ONE PERSON
                lol they add nerfs for people who dont play the game for even an hour, coz they already know its gone*****

                • Anonymous

                  04 Sep 2017 12:53  

                  So lets see, Invaders are nerfed, advantage to host. Seed of giant nerfed, advantage to invader. DLC buyers have better higher teir rings and items, advantage to DLC peeps, why play dark souls? because of the amount of***** that happens to you!
                  oh wait, I cant use enemies for what they are for anymore even though an invader in full havel armour with a dragonslayer great axe is being a ***** behind enemies , even though its pvp, lol one person complains about the seed being 'too op' so the 99% who dont complain suck dick. Developers are clearly retards who can make a game but not know what players want.
                  The whole point of dark souls is for it to be hard , if you dont like it go play minecraft, you play dark souls to kick ass or get your ass kicked not this nerfed sissy*****shit

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Sep 2017 12:42  

                    An invader is already nerfed as ***** , I liked being able to use that to my advantage with seed of the giant because its so unfair and SO GOOD

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Aug 2017 15:29  

                      If I'm honest I do sort of miss invading worlds with a seed active. Of course not all the time but I have had some fun invading seeded worlds in the past.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Aug 2017 04:12  

                        This is absolutely disgusting. I play for PVE. I don't care much for pvp but now if I get invaded with no estus left or no flasks I have to fight mobs of enemys and an invader?for example: I.e let's say I'm about to go back to the shrine cause I ran out of my items, on the way to the bonfire I get invaded by a phantom with more health, items and more likely to kill me... the seed was my last resort and now it's literally not even an option. I just jump off cliffs now, I can't be bothered to hunt down invader for 5-40 mins just so I can get to the shrine so I can shut the fuxking game off?!?????? Invaders have Tears of denial and that has infinite time until triggered. They have no time limit, could literally sit there all day hiding if they wanted, half the time I get invaded by someone with a much stronger weapon cause I use +2 mace and a specific build for pve. Not to mention everyone's stats are individually subjective so in theory an invader could be stronger depending on stat allocation. The seed nerf was harsh for pve'ers. Now I have to use gay ass Blue sentinels just to get back to the shrine of quit game. It's SO rare I get invaded when I'm fresh, I'm always well spent. This is painful. I like to play co op just to hang with buddies not to gank invaders, we challenge our selfs with skull ring and calamity ring but now it's ruined cause I get invaded 700 billion times in a row. Playing offline mode is just boring. I can't believe fromsoft did this

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Aug 2017 01:35  

                          So if I play completely un-embered (and therefore never get invaded) does that mean I can never obtain a seed and never obtain Solaire's full set? :(

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Aug 2017 13:12  

                            So now their completely useless. I used to use these to kill npc invaders but thanks to the nerf they don't last long enough to be useful.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Aug 2017 06:58  

                              I'd be ok with this nerf to 45 seconds if seeds actually worked, but from my experience the enemies still completely ignore the invaders. Seeds are nice for invaders that just hide in a group of enemies constantly and for as much as invaders complain about gank squads a group of normal enemies are the biggest gank squad when backed up by an invader. Just like most bosses can be easily stunlocked into oblivion with a group, an invader hiding in a group of enemies means you could be that boss and still get destroyed if you go in there. Seeds are the counter to force them out of hiding among enemies, but I just sit there and watch as enemies do nothing. I even push NPC invaders right in front of an enemy and just stand there waiting for the enemy to attack the invader and they ignore them. The only benefit I have is collateral damage from an enemy swing aimed at me that I dodge and hits the invader, although I'm still at far more risk in that situation. You could have all the health in the world but it doesn't mean anything against stunlock. Invaders have Talismans and hosts have Seeds, too bad Seeds barely work. I'd be fine with Talismans working for 3 minutes if Seeds worked half as long and as intended.

                              • Anonymous

                                12 Jul 2017 01:04  

                                Kinda sucks I can't use this anymore because I used to dried finger solo host (no blues, no phantoms unless it's a high activity area like Pontiffs) but would use a seed whilst going to NG+7. Made the runs more fun as the PvE in this game is *****ing boring.

                                A shame. But I think it's hilarious seeing people cry about the nerf as if it's impossible to kill invaders. Dude, you have full Estus and fully embered health vs the invader having half Estus and 30% less HP. The ***** you crying for? A +10 weapon can literally 4 shot most invaders or even 3 shot. Plus you can summon human players, what's the issue? Someone tell me. Is it cause you're too garbage at fighting an invader? That's the vibe I'm getting. I've never had an issue killing an invader in this game. They're a joke when compared to invaders in the other games. That's coming from someone who hosts and invades.

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