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    • Blood Magic Is Best Magic14 Aug 2016 14:46  

      Onikiri and Ubadachi, or as I call them, Oni-dachi, with Carthus Rouge, Hollow Infusion, 45 total luck, and max Hollowing makes for an insane sweep of these guys, it even takes out Mimics, and other large or difficult enemies quite easily (I don`t expect anyone to do the 45 total luck, but I decided to give it anyway)

      • Annoying02 Aug 2016 13:41  

        How the hell do you deal with 3 of them at once, their grab has absurd range and even if you roll away 4-5 times it'll grab you. And they have more poise than Black Knights like annoying.

        • Crashing?01 Jul 2016 16:22  

          My game keeps crashing around these guys, taking out my entire computer in the process. The entire system just goes to hell. It's corrupted my saves 2 or 3 times. I'm on PC, and I'm pretty sure it's always in this area.

          • drops dung pie?!19 May 2016 11:15  

            Are we essentially fisting its corpse and pocketing its feces?! Is the champion of ash secretly into two girls one cup, and other kinky fetishes? We carry *****, and can even buy it. We collect excrement covered ashes, which is essentially just dirty ash covered poop. We bring it to a creepy old lady who approves of it and gladly takes it from us, only to sell us poop at a good price....gods...what if the poo she sells is her own poo, or everyones poo. Firelink has no toilet, i bet they just use the floor or find a corner . A creepy old woman collects it all, and sells it to a champion w a thing for carrying poo everywhere

            • Grab bug15 May 2016 10:32  

              Happened twice to me last night. Got grabbed by the Ogre and survived the attack - I was put through the floor twice and was able to run round beneath the level. Anyone else have this happen?

              • Not Rare Chance drop but Guarantee Drop11 May 2016 21:46  

                It is Guarantee drop by 1 of the 3 hand beast at lower level. once you open the door you see one of them that is moving around in the room. that one have guarantee drop the axe, it is dropped on all 6 of my character.

                • Ogresses10 May 2016 20:02  

                  Eleonora - found on one of the ogres - states:<br/><br/>"A strange weapon found among malformed inhabitants of the Profaned Capital.<br/><br/>The Profaned Flame was triggered by the curse of these women, relatives of a certain oracle, but despite their culpability, they went on living, without any cares."<br/><br/>Which strongly implies that these are Alsanna's female descendants, who are also the catalysts behind the Profaned Flame phenomenon. The fact that these creatures are specific to the church and aren't found anywhere else is even more indicative that this isn't a blanket curse but is specific to these women. Remember that Alsanna was a fragment of Manus, hence why the growth on its hand is similar.

                  • Grab Attack Info10 May 2016 10:31  

                    Just for the record, the grab attack can be escaped from, my level 25 half built Assassin while embered only has 715 HP, the grab itself does roughly 400 and will kill if you don't escape, To escape, start mashing L1, L2, RI, R2 all at once from the moment the grab starts, if done correctly, Your character will push himself away before the creature swallows them. Its very similar to how you can roughly escape from a Mimic grab to lessen its damage.

                    • Weakness25 Apr 2016 07:08  

                      As stated above, this enemy is very weak to bleed. Using a non-infused +7 Flamberge buffed with Carthus Rouge I managed to do around a 1000 damage with each 2-handed R1 (basicly bleeding them in 1 hit).

                      • Easy Kill Method20 Apr 2016 00:39  

                        You can get all three at the bottom (though you need at least two of them) stuck in the doorway and range/UGS them to death without taking damage.

                        • Strange animations19 Apr 2016 17:27  

                          Anyone else notice that the animations on these monsters appear to be like an infant trying to move before it learns how to walk? You can especially see it when it does the sideroll attack and attempts to get up only to go back to crawling around on all fours. Creepy.

                          • Visceral Attack19 Apr 2016 05:52  

                            If you time a ranged shot to hit it's stomach you can stun this creature and preform a visceral attack on it. I found this out with kukris.

                            • Probably a coincidence19 Apr 2016 05:03  

                              Strangely enough, there is a character in the Webcomic "Looking for Group" which has a hand for a face, and has a similar appearance to this monster.<br/><br/>I'm not sure if this is a known monster type that I've never heard of, but my mouth dropped open when I first saw this monster. <br/><br/>You can find the character I'm talking about at page 527 of LFG.

                              • Weak to kukris18 Apr 2016 22:41  

                                This probably also works with any ranged attack including daggers, but I happened to have kukris equipped. The bleed works well, but that's by the side. I've even seen it done with melee weapon thrusts. You just need to hit the bubbles/eyes on their belly.<br/>If you can bait their charge where they run on two legs, shooting a (single) kukri at them will stun them and they will expose their belly, allowing you to riposte them. Unlike normal attacks this will almost kill them.

                                • Lure16 Apr 2016 21:30  

                                  Can be lured out from building by arrows. Then run to island, shoot some arrows to them, after run to ladder and climb. Shoot some from there. In the end carefully jump to the roof above ender, carefully stand at the edge and shoot.<br/><br/>For miracle users will be problematic due one step while casting lighting bolt.

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