Monstrosity of Sin


Enemy Type Abyss Creature
Weakness Bleed, Farron Greatsword, Wolf Knight's Greatsword, Dark
Resistances ??
Immune Poison and Toxic

Monstrosity of Sin is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • A repulsive monster that Slumbers in the Profaned Capital.
  • With a frothing mouth shaped like a hand, stone-like flesh and eyes on its chest, these monstrosities live up to their name.



Profaned Capital

  • Can be found sleeping in the Profaned Capital church, surrounded by a toxic swamp and Sewer Centipedes.
  • One can be found sleeping on the second floor of the church.
  • Three others can be found behind a wooden gate on the ground floor of the church. 

Combat Information

  • It has a lot of health and his attacks do a lot of damage but he is rather slow making it easier to keep proper distance.
  • It uses a fighting style involving rolls, buttstomps and crawling.
  • Very susceptible to bleed damage. Any weapon with bleed + Carthus Rouge bleeds them in 1 hit, making them very easy to kill. This is by far the most effective strategy when it comes to dealing with them. Kukris also cause bleeding, making them an effective alternative which can take care of them from a distance. If you'd rather not use infusions or consumable items, you can easily kill them using the Black Blade as it only takes 2-3 hits to trigger blood loss.
  • Despite being an Abyssal creature, they are weak to Dark.
  • They have a deadly grab attack after standing that results in them eating you, however you can counter attack its eyes on its belly for a riposte. This is easy to pull off using the Armor of Thorns Set. It is even easier still from range using bows, crossbows, and magic; while locked on and with good timing, the projectile can be made to hit their vulnerable spot when they stand up to deliver their attack, setting them up for an easy, virtually risk-free riposte.
  • The two that are found asleep inside the church on the first floor can become stuck in the doorway once aggroed, due to the large size of their bodies. If you stand far enough away they'll be unable to use any of their leap, grab, or charge attacks (which have the potential to reposition them) but will continue following you, making it easy to safely pick one off with a bow or spells.
  • Their grab attack will also drain some of your collected souls. It drains 150 each second for 7 seconds total (1050 souls), but the grab can be escaped by button-mashing, allowing you to escape after 4 seconds and losing 600 souls.

Notes & Trivia

  • It has more than 5 fingers on all of its hands.
  • The growths on the palm and fingers of its "main hand" are very reminiscent of Manus.


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    • Anonymous

      17 Nov 2017 07:31  

      If you shoot it when they standing and about to do their grab attack, it instantly knocks them back leaving their belly eyes open for slashing.

      • Anonymous

        11 Aug 2017 09:47  

        Easy way to kill em is to use a piece of armor of thorns then make them use grab attack and roll into them easiest riposte of my life

        • Anonymous

          13 Jul 2017 16:58  

          well, they're definitely pretty weak to ice. 2 hits with my Irithyll Straight Sword +2 triggered the frostbite effect. Vordt's weapon should be able to trigger it on one hit (although I haven't tested it). The sword is a pretty good overall choice though, I don't know their resistance against blunt weapons like Vordts'

          • Anonymous

            08 Mar 2017 22:50  

            I got attacked by one pf these as an red invader and the seed of the giant tree wasnt active. This scares me, someone please try to test this for my sanity

            Yours sincerely, Kurischan/Nenco

            • Anonymous

              22 Feb 2017 15:11  

              If it knocks its head (or whatever you wanna call the thing that sits on its shoulders) on a low roof or a doorframe when it tries to grab you, it'll be stunned for long enough for you to do a quick riposte while they're down.

              • Anonymous

                19 Feb 2017 12:42  

                These things give me nightmares. Call me squeamish but I am terrified of bulbous eye monsters. As for the lore, these are the female relatives of an unknown oracle and they triggered the curse which resulted in the Profaned Flame, it also transformed those women into these lovely things, they turned into careless greedy creatures and went on living in their deformed state without any worries

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jan 2017 14:46  

                  I was thinking that these guys may hint to some lore about Manus.
                  Or perhaps Manus will make a return in DLC?

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Nov 2016 14:57  

                    These "Things" make the weirdest sounds when you don't attack them or leave them alone. My first time through this area I had no idea what was making this weird fart like sounds. It wasn't till my play through in ng+ that I fought one the first time (the one on the second layer of the church). I will say that they live up to there name and have creative and revolting design. Good one from I will send you my therapy bills.

                    • Anonymous

                      Thorns05 Sep 2016 21:18  

                      Something funny i discovered.<br/>Whenever you roll and deal damage with the Thorn set, while they are in their animation of grabbing you, they get automatically staggered and ready to be riposted.<br/><br/>I was panic rolling with said set, till they started to grab me.<br/>They went from easy to very easy in less then a roll.

                      • Anonymous

                        Velka's deformed babies02 Sep 2016 10:10  

                        These ugly Manus babies are definitely related to Velka, since she is the Goddess of Sin.

                        • Anonymous

                          FEAR IT!!!19 May 2016 16:57  

                          The unkindled in mah hood dont wanna hear it, they fear it! <br/>A great beast lurks in this area, one shotting the unexpected and stealing their souls. No one knows what it is. No one has seen its hideous nature. All we have are deaths, one shots by what some believe to be invisible. The corpse of ladder smith giligan of ds2 gave birth to the fiend, for in an attempt to escape the curse by creating a ladder that lead to the bottom of the bottomless pit. He let the unseen instant death climb out and his corpse was its first victim on the surface.

                          • Anonymous

                            Merge needed?02 May 2016 01:19  

                            It looks like the "Hand Ogre" page should be merged into this, as the picture on that page is captioned as "Monstrosity of Sin"<br/>

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