Endings for Dark Souls 3 refer to the events that ocurr leading to and after the final boss battle, before initiation New Game Plus cycles. There are four endings in the game and three trophies/achievements available to unlock. Endings "2" and "3" listed belong are the same achievement/trophy, as they are simple variations of each other.


Ending 1: To Link The First Flame

  1. Kill the Soul of Cinder and link the first flame.


Ending 2: The End of Fire

  1. Obtain the Eyes of the Firekeeper from the Untended Graves' Firelink Shrine. 
  2. Give them to the Firekeeper and exhaust her dialogue. Make sure to select "yes" when prompted.
  3. Kill the Soul of Cinder, and summon the Firekeeper via the summoning sign. It's next to bonfire.
    1. Can either watch the cutscene, or attack the Firekeeper in the final moments . Each has different results and you will NOT unlock the ending achievement if you kill the Firekeeper.


Ending 3: "Unkindled Ending" (Variation of ending #2)

  1. Complete the steps above but kill the fire keeper during the last moments of the cutscene.
  2. No achievement for this ending


Ending 4: Usurpation of Fire

  1. Find Yoel of Londor  near the Foot of the High Wall bonfire. Recruit him and talk to him at the Firelink. 
  2. Request his "strength" by allowing him to level you up. Do this all five times. One level per two deaths. Must be done before killing the Abyss Watchers. Doing this will cause the door to the catacombs to open, and upon entering kills off Yoel. This will cause a premature ending to the questline. Also NEVER cure your Hollowing, by talking with Firekeeper after obtaining Soul of the Firekeeper. Purging stone and Velka Statue are OK. You should receive 5 dark sigils from him. Note: You can "cure" your hollowing via Purging Stone. This gives you your human appearance whilst keeping your dark sigils. This doesn't impact this path. So long as you DO NOT cure the dark sigil via Firekeeper.
  3. Find Anri of Astora  at the Halfway Fortress bonfire. Exhaust all dialogue.
    1. Speak to them again at the Firelink Shrine after killing the Deacons of the Deep.
  4. Find Anri in the Catacombs of Carthus in a hallway next to the first rolling skeleton ball. Exhaust all dialogue. 
    1. Choose dialogue option "no".
    2. Never tell Anri of Horace's whereabouts.
  5. Enter the Smouldering Lake and kill Horace in the cave. 
    1. To find the cave, hug the right wall when entering the lake.
  6. Find Anri on the path near the wooden bridge before the High Lord Wolnir boss.  Exhaust all dialogue. 
    1. If you killed Horace beforehand, choose dialogue option "Tell Anri of Smouldering Lake" will have Anri setting up a gravestone for Horace.
    2. Otherwise, choose "say nothing", if Horace was Alive and Anri headed to Smouldering Lake, Anri will be found dead.
  7. Find Anri at the Church of Yorksha fire. Exhaust all dialogue. DO NOT kill the pilgrim/assassin in the corner of the room disguised as a statue.  (NOTE: Even after Anri leaves, the pilgrim/assassin may still be there disguised as one of the statues.  Don't attack anything in that area until you have progressed past number 8 (wedding)).
  8. After killing Pontiff Sulyvahn, speak to Yuria at the Firelink Shrine. Exhaust all dialogue options using talk. 
    1. If done correctly she will tell you your spouse awaits you at the Temple of the Darkmoon. (If she won't mention the wedding, try warping to the pontiff's bonfire and using that to warp back to Firelink Shrine).
  9. Perform the "wedding" ceremony in the Darkmoon tomb. The tomb is located behind a false statue in the room before the rotating tower to Anor Londo.
    1. Talk to the Pilgrim NPC and accept the sword. Use the sword on your spouse and receive 3 dark sigils. You should have 8 Dark Sigils by now.
  10. After talk to Yuria one last time at the Firelink Shrine, She will congratulate you on your ceremony and tell you to link the fire. (She will tell you to link the fire if you've put all four remains of Lords of Cinder and unlocked the final area even if you haven't performed the wedding rites with Anri; this does not mean you can skip the wedding rites).
  11. Kill the Soul of Cinder and touch the fire. Enjoy. (Do not summon the Firekeeper if you gave her the Firekeeper Eyes as it will activate the "End of the Fire" ending.)
  12. BONUS: Go where Yuria stood to collect her gear (Black set and Darkdrift). (Only if you summoned her for the final boss).


How to get all 4 endings in one playthrough

  1. Obtain the Firekeeper Soul and give it to the Firekeeper. This will allow her to heal your Dark Sigils.
  2. Do Step 1 and 2 of Ending 2.
  3. Do Step 1-10 of Ending 4.
  4. Kill the Soul of Cinder. You should be able to see the Firekeeper summon sign. You can safely exit the Kiln without disrupting your progress.
  5. Obtain enough souls to heal the Dark Sigils.
  6. At this point, you have all the prerequisites to do any of the endings. You can freely choose one and continue to NG+, or you can backup your save to see all 4 endings.
  7. Follow these steps to obtain any of the endings:
    1. Ending 1: Heal your Dark Sigils, then interact with the first flame.
    2. Ending 2: Summon the Firekeeper.
    3. Ending 3: Summon the Firekeeper, then attack her.
    4. Ending 4: Simply interact with the first flame.
  8. Once you've finished with the cutscene and obtained the achievement, simply restore your backup save and do the other endings. Enjoy!

    • Anonymous

      18 Jul 2017 21:09  

      Honestly saying, it was quite sad to see the fire fading and the game coming to its end. Like you've done such a long jorney, payed for it with lots of your time (and money tho) and there is no way to continue your current game in the world you created by choosing some certain ending, only starting from the very begining with nothing but your items remaining. I wish, it could be like in Mass effect 2 for example, so that I could return to my very beloved character from times to times with no bosses waiting to be slain. Just to have some good time.
      Anyway, that was a great expirience still. After 5h of duelling with Soul Of Cinder my reflexes became so keen, I could hardly stop myself from rolling around and stabbing my enviroment when I got outside for a while (IRL, I mean) .

      May the flame guide you. Even if you decided to end it. Or worse.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jun 2017 14:24  

        I think I am facing a bug. I have tried all the endings, but after the credits, without starting a new game,when I go back to the firelink shrine nothing changes. Yuria still asks me to usurp the fire and so I can't get her gear without killing her, and the Firekeeper still asks me to link the fire. The only thing that changes is that after I link the fire, Yuria starts calling me fleeting lord which is expected. Other endings does not change anything.Is that a bug or is just because the story-line ends?

        • Anonymous

          16 Jun 2017 23:31  

          The End of Fire is, IMO, the only good ending.

          The First Flame has burned itself out, its life extended through consuming the might of human courage and heroism-- so that any human strong enough to oppose the gods would instead sacrifice ourselves to extend the fire's time, and thus extend the time of the gods and unwittingly extend the length of the curse the gods placed upon us..

          But the gods' time is over. Their sad illusions and lies are unraveling, showing the wanton cruelty of their leader, Gwyn, Lord of the Sun. For it was Gwyn who out of fear of the Dark committed the First Sin, by linking the fire and placing a seal of fire upon Humanity's darkness. But that wasn't his only sin... Gwyn abused his own children in horrific ways, and burned his lordly soul in the First Flame lest a human someday claim it.

          Let the end of the time of the gods come. Let humanity rest, as its curse fades. Let the fires of humanity burn anew in the distance, untouched by Gwyn's curse, the Darksign. Let the sins of the gods fade away in to time and ash. Let the abyss heal, after Gwyn's curse caused Manus' soul to explode and turn it in to an unfathomably dangerous place of deep and dark. Let there be peace, for a time, before humanity rises again, in the so-called Age of Dark, an age of heroism and strength of humans, and the absence of the gods.

          Above all, let the Fire fade.

          • Anonymous

            21 Apr 2017 09:32  

            You can kill the Soul of Cinder and then give the firekeeper her the Eyes of the Firekeeper and get The End of Fire ending

            • Anonymous

              20 Apr 2017 09:18  

              So im on ng+ and i gave the fire keeper the eyes of the fire keeper exhausted all dialogue but no summon sign for her. Any suggestions?

              • Anonymous

                16 Apr 2017 02:44  

                I was able to do the Ending of Fire and I didn't say "yes" to the Fire Keeper. Maybe somebody should delete that step.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Apr 2017 07:34  

                  Why isnt there a page or any mention of when you hand the 2nd dlc final boss's 'dark soul' to the broad with the painting? And when she asks what your name is/etc and the world is on fire? Whats up with that?

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Apr 2017 17:47  

                    I killed Horace before talking to anri in the catacombs, have I just dicked myself over for the 4th ending

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Apr 2017 03:48  

                      Should make an edit to the 4th ending stating that Yuria needs to be talked to about anri when its needed, i wasnt aware i needed to until it was too late and anri was dead before i even met her

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Mar 2017 23:21  

                        Guys.. fast question. Done 2nd and 4th endings do I have to clear my hollow status to get first ending? I'm ready to play New Game ++. I have to spend 19kk souls to heal myself from curse or my status will be cured automatically when started new game ++ ? thank for help

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Mar 2017 23:49  

                          In Ending 4 description there is absolutely no information about healing your Dark Sigils if you are heading for 1st ending achieve at the same time !! a fu****ing shame !! It could be much easier to leave a character cursed at the end without healing from sigils if there will be -- > One simple word ! Heal Your Sigils before You touch the flame to get ending 1 achievement at the same time as 4th. Whoever done 2nd ending at first run and 4th ending at second is simply faked up cause to heal sigils You need 19kk souls ....... Next Game ++ ? drama .................

                          • Anonymous

                            09 Mar 2017 18:31  

                            On my first run I done 2nd Ending which means I couldn't make 1 and 4 ending. I done 4th Ending on my second run NEW GAME+ and still don't have achievement for the 1st !!! Can someone tell me WTF is going on ??!! You are getting it from linking the first flame so literally 1st should be done as *****, cause I needed to burn the last fire to get the 4th ending LOL. So If I done 2nd and 4th endings in different games how the f*** is possible to make 4 at one Playthrough ? ..... still don't understand why I didn't get the 1-4 endings at the same time . . ...

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