Hollow Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Hollow Ashes


Umbral ash of a Hollow who faithfully served a woman, only to become seperated from her. With this, the shrine handmaide will prepare new items.

It takes but a brief glance at this thing to easily envision Londor, the foreboding land of Hollows.


Hollow Ashes Usage



Hollow Ashes Location

  • Obtained from looting Yoel's position in the Untended Graves version of the Firelink Shrine. (Only if Yuria of Londor is not available to the player)
  • It's possible to get the ashes after progressing Yoel's quest line, however you must cause Yuria to leave Firelink shrine. Curing the Dark Sigil will cause this.




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    • How to make them appear.02 May 2016 17:47  

      Taking Yoel into service, but not drawing out strength seems to work. After you enter the Catacombs without using his services, Yoel will perish and these ashes can be found at the dark Firelink Shrine in the corner where he used to idle.

      • These are real02 May 2016 12:52  

        To get these to spawn in my play through:<br/>-Used Yoel to draw out strength 5 times<br/>-Killed Anri and Horace at Firelink Shrine after killing Deacons of the Deep<br/>-Went to Untended Graves and the ashes were where Yoel died

        • Not here23 Apr 2016 14:56  

          Yoel was dead by the time I made it to the untended graves and the hollow ashes weren't there, but those items are already unlocked at the handmaid......

          • Not there for me ?23 Apr 2016 11:54  

            Yoel is dead, Yuria is there and i have 8 dark sigils, the hollow ash is not, where it is supposed to be. Maby Yuria has to die, or yoel has to live ???

            • Some notes about hollow ashes and dark firelink. Possible spoilers.19 Apr 2016 04:57  

              When I first showed up here, they weren't there. But for reference, I was still able to buy from Yuria, and had just finished Archdragon Peak Since then, I have:<br/><br/>-Completed the game up to the trio in grand archives.<br/>-Cured my hollowing and removed the dark sigil.<br/>-Killed Irina (although I highly doubt that this caused them to appear).<br/><br/>My guess is that the ashes spawn there when you haven't acquired them otherwise, but you can no longer by the items sold by Yoel and Yuria.<br/><br/>

              • Missing (Possible Spoilers)18 Apr 2016 13:20  

                I can't find this either, I'm guessing this has to do with the ending you are currently pursuing. <br/><br/>(Spoilers ahead)<br/><br/>My theory is that in order to get this item, Yoel must still be alive in your instance of the game, which means if you used him to draw out your "true strength" until he died to be replaced with Yuria, you might not be able to get this item.

                • Missing Items18 Apr 2016 10:44  

                  I'm starting to get the idea that all of these missing items and goofy/negative story changes are an attempt to get players to want to replay the game. With more players replaying the game to get a non-*****ed-up playthrough, that means that there's more longevity to the invasion and coop mechanics. Shady but it works I suppose.

                  • unlocks17 Apr 2016 17:38  

                    appears to unlock the Faraam armor set, Morne's set, Dancer's set, Lorian's set, Gundyr's set, Black Hand set and 3 rings of sacrifice. needs confirmation, not sure if some of these conflict with other ash unlocks. just stating what i think is new.

                    • Not there17 Apr 2016 16:53  

                      Hollow ashes aren't spawning. Nor do I see the hollow they are supposed to be on. Someone even left a sign talking about umbral ashes. Anyone know why they aren't there?

                      • Soo... Hollow Ashes?17 Apr 2016 16:32  

                        It wasnt there. Not sure why Yoel was dead, but didn't do any Anri sides, also what is the effect of this ash? Not listed on the Handmaiden Page yet.

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