Great Crab

Enemy Type

Abnormal Animal


Frost, Fire, Strike, Magic, Lightning


 Standard, Slash, Thrust



Great Crab is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Enemy Description

Combat Information

  • Uses its large pincer to attack the player.
  • It can foam at the mouth and spray it at the player to do damage, as well as decrease movement speed. The ones in the Painted World of Ariandel spray frost instead.
  • Weak point: When both claws are lifted into the air, the greenish egg sac area under the crab's mouth can be riposted for massive damage.
  • Can be fooled with Alluring Skull, but is immune to Rapport.
  • Duo met in Painted World of Ariandel are immune to Frost, the Farron Swamp on is Poison immune.
  • Its poise can be broken, stunning it for about 2 seconds.  A finisher move can be performed by standing at its back after its poise is broken. You may also perforn this while infront of it, near the greenish egg sacks.
  •  Can still be blocked with relative ease, but beware its grab attack.
  • Its right claw will draw back slowly while its mouth foams, then attempt to grab you for major damage if it connects. It can not be blocked.
  • Its left claw is actually faster and is better at comboing whereas its right claw does not drain more stamina and is easier to roll under.
  • If at low health and if the player is a sufficient distance away from it, it will attempt to burrow below ground and escape. It will re-emerge with full health and be cured of status ailments if this occurs. So it can not be killed by attacking only with ranged abilities.

Notes & Trivia

  • Quickstep can be used in deep water, allowing for easy dodging of its attacks.
  • Can not be lured out of water. Once you step foot out of the swampy area, the crab will cease to follow you.
  • Smashing smaller crabs can aggro them
  • When it runs, it turns sideways and moves very fast.
  • Although the crab will not target invaders inadvertantly, all of the Great Crab's attacks can harm all phantoms. This includes Watchdogs of Farron.
  • One of the Great Crabs in Smouldering Lake, the one who walks back and forth near the breakable floor, is not hostile towards the player until provoked.
  • The armless child protected by a powerful father relation between Great Crab and Lesser Crab can be a reference to Mushroom People in Dark Souls 1.
  • Giant Enemy Crabs are well-known in gaming for having weakpoints that can be attacked for massive damage.
  • Greater Crabs located in Painted World of Ariandel are the only creature that will respawn without refreshing whole area.




Swamp Great Crab (unofficial)

Ember Great Crab (unofficial)

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    • Anonymous

      22 Aug 2017 14:03  

      We are born by the crab, made men by the crab, undone by the crab. Our claws are yet to open. Fear the old crab

      C R A B S

      • Anonymous

        12 Aug 2017 21:01  

        If you go inside one of the small ruins in road of sacrifices the crabs will still attack you but will miss if you stay back and won't regen health allowing you to use ranged attacks.

        • Anonymous

          06 Jun 2017 13:39  

          "The greenish egg sac area under the crab's mouth can be riposted for massive damage."
          The wording there makes me think of E3 2006. Was it intentional?

          • Anonymous

            27 Mar 2017 06:27  

            "It will re-emerge with full health and be cured of status ailments if this occurs."

            Giant Crabs in Road of Sacrifices can be poisoned with the Storyteller Staff, and keep the poison effect when the burrow under then ground. Tested several times in my most recent playthrough today.

            • Anonymous

              02 Feb 2017 09:16  

              Theres contradictory information here. Above, it says they cannot be poisoned, but further below it says that only the farron keep crab is immune. I've used the road of sacrifices crab to test poisons, and can confirm they are not immune.

              • Anonymous

                03 Jan 2017 03:27  

                They may look intimidating but it's easy to roll their attacks. They will charge at you and do fast powerful attacks until they turn to face you. Dodge roll their attacks to the left after they and hit them from the sides, enough hits will stagger them and if you are quick enough to move to their front you can riposte them. When they rear up to slam you can riposte them if you stand close and hit them from the front, this means you are going to get smashed if you fail tho so make sure you are in range and directly in front. Riposting will ofc deal heavy damage but will knock them out of melee range so you have to move up to hit them while they are down meaning you can't start spamming attacks immediately after riposting.

                If you pull two of them it get's a little tougher, since they have big bodies one might stand behind the other hitting through him and if you roll away from the crab in front the one in the back will recognize the distance you created as you trying to run away and will switch to the fast sideways walk accompanied by the quick smashes they do leaving you with few openings for attacks. Your best bet is to go for ripostes in this situation, dodge until you see the crab in front do the big smash and get in there for a riposte, you will be safe from the crab in the back in the riposte animation. Careful not to put too much distance between you and the crab in the back while waiting for the smash though.

                The crabs in the crucifixtion woods will burrow if you hit them with ranged attacks and they can't reach you so don't bother. I am unsure if this applies to the ones you encounter in other stages of the game. The crabs in the crucifixtion woods will also not chase you outisde of the water.

                Another fun fact i painfully discovered. The crabs in Smouldering Lake can follow you down the secret entrance to the demon ruins. I would not recommend fighting them in that tiny corridor however i did not do much experimenting with this as it was discovered on accident and i found myself stuck between the crab and the Ghru as i was trying to flee..

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jan 2017 15:38  

                  In farron keep there is a great crab near the Keep Ruins bonfire
                  you can take it down with sniper backup, if you befriended the giant archer

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Dec 2016 21:09  

                    The crabs at the Depths of the Painting are a nightmare on higher new games. They almost never stagger (even 2 handing ultra greatswords), are extremely aggressive, and constantly double team you. On a level 269 with 40 VIG, 40 END, and 57 VIT wearing full Dragonslayer Armor and a Ring of Favor +2, they can 3 shot you.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Nov 2016 19:14  

                      Greater Swamp Crabs: If you reduce their HP to ~50% while they are not actively aggro at you (by using ranged attacks and standing out of the water), they will burrow into the swamp and reappear farther off with full HP.

                      • Anonymous

                        I got a video28 Aug 2016 13:35  

                        In smouldering lake there is a chance to get a friendly crab i think its a bug but i love it so much and i got video with my phone

                        • Melee nightmare08 Aug 2016 14:09  

                          I hate these enemies. For such a giant one their attacks are fast and have long range and hits very hard. Plus they are super tough to stun and even if stunned they get-up super fast. Damage dealt by us on them with a light melee weapon is so ***** bad.

                          • Anonymous

                            Wrong info03 Jul 2016 18:54  

                            The one near the entrance to the Black Knight in Road of Sacrifices can be killed relatively easily with ranged attacks. So the cannot be killed with ranged attack info is wrong.

                            • Anonymous

                              Great swamp ring23 Jun 2016 05:29  

                              You get the ring for killing both crabs without resting at a bonfire between kills, not just for killing the one near the black knight.

                              • Anonymous

                                Large titanite shard19 May 2016 16:45  

                                I wouldn't list the drop rate for the large titanite shards as rare....or at least in smouldering lake. Clearing the area of all 8 or 9 usually gives a few at my 110 item discovery. I'd list them as uncommon (maybe just the lake)

                                • Anonymous

                                  Poison11 May 2016 10:34  

                                  I've been able to inflict poison in the greater crabs many times, both with poison throwing knives and with pyromancy.

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