Boulder Heave is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancy.

Boulder Heave

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 17
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 8 Intelligence/12 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Art of a stray demon of a stifled flame.

Spews a boulder from one's mouth.

The boulder is heavy, but shatters easily.


Acquired From





  • This spell deals physical damage, not fire.
  • Direct hits knock opponents down if they are not guarding.
  • Has enough force to guard-break most shields in 1 hit, making it useful for dealing with enemies such as Lothric Knights and Darkwraiths. 
  • Has a horizontal range of about 2m and an unlimited vertical range, making it suitable for attacking from above.
  • When the boulder hits the ground, it shatters, spreading chunks that stagger opponents and do heavy poise and stamina damage.
  • Has some splash damage equivalent to the 45% of the damage of a direct hit.
  • Best to use while fleeing, and then turning around to your target when they approach.
  • Can be used against the Abyss Watchers. If timed well you can stun-lock the boss in both phases.
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    • Anonymous

      17 Jul 2017 03:14  

      It's the stone spell from kings field 1 (north America) and the disc throwing miracle is alot like wind cutter

      • Anonymous

        19 Jun 2017 04:30  

        This spell single-handedly got me through the Pontiff Knights in Irithyll; was so tired of their seemingly unlimited endurance and sweeping attacks that I said 'to hell with them' and equipped this. Stunlocking them never felt more satisfying, and with enough INT/FTH you can kill them with three rocks to the face.

        • Anonymous

          14 May 2017 17:50  

          "...spreading chunks that stagger opponents and do heavy poise and stamina damage"
          -Implying that Poise even works in Dark Souls 3

          • Anonymous

            14 May 2017 16:46  

            It's a good spell for when you're in a pinch and the opponent already knows all your moves. I use this from the beginning of the game just to master it I tend to always get to use in combat

            • Anonymous

              14 May 2017 16:29  

              This is a good spell for a strength build I'm using it with leodes hammer and quake bow Lev 90 knight class fashion souls 100.

              • Anonymous

                15 Jan 2017 06:34  

                has unlimited vertical range? did they nerf this because i'm not seeing it drop down ladders like i am reading about. it seems to just explode in the air

                • Anonymous

                  18 Nov 2016 03:31  

                  someone wanna trade this please! I traded my stray deamon soul for the havel ring and regreted :( Dont wanna w8 untill NG+ to get it... PSN Gau000087

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Nov 2016 18:00  

                    this is the spell that changed my toxic troll build from a minor nuisance to legitimately annoying. exact same animation and casting time, except if you try to run up and smack me cuz you think i'm gonna fog, you get rekt lol. then you get wary of the boulder and you end up right in the fog. it's so dumb and simple but it works. kudos to FS for making such a niche spell.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Nov 2016 03:14  

                      Nobody expects a boulder to the face. the splash damage on this thing is ridiculous. STAGGER EVERYTIME BABY

                      • Anonymous

                        Fun Against Shields21 Sep 2016 19:27  

                        The silver knights were being really annoying for me, so I whipped this thing out and it demolished them. Especially useful if they insisted on blocking since it would just break their guard and I could get free ripostes on demand. Used it on some of the Lothric knights too, although I forgot to see how effective it was against Havel.

                        • Anonymous

                          Does it spawn a secondary rock?05 Sep 2016 18:14  

                          So I am currently using it as a main source of damage. Apparently, it spawns a second rock/boulder if it hits a tall or airborn enemy. During the fight with the Crystal Mage I noticed he receives damage twice and is stunned twice, resulting in massive damage. So is it just me or are you having similiar experiences?

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