Dragonscale Set

Physical Resitance 25.0 Bleed Resistance 124
Strike Defense 21.8 Poison Resistance 111
Slash Defense 23.6 Frost Resistance 112
Thrust Defense 19.9 Curse Resistance 78
Magic Defense 19.2 Poise 24.7
Fire Defense 25.1  
Lightning Defense 14.1 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 19.2 icon_weight.png 23.7

Dragonscale Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

(Piece Name) of a nameless king who was ally to the ancient dragons. 

This golden crown, buried amidst long strands of bristling ash, is said to closely resemble that of the First Lord. (Helm)

Dragon scales are razor-sharp and cannot be burned. (Chest)

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • The Dragonscale Set is aesthetically very similar to the Great Lord's set, the armor made purchaseable from Domhnall of Zena after defeating Gwyn, Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls. Noticeable differences are the choice in weapon and added armor and cloth draped over the robes.
  • The lightning defense is ironically low considering that the armor belongs to the son of Gwyn and the boss that wears this set if resistant to lightning.

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Piece Information

Golden Crown

Physical Resitance 3.6 Bleed Resistance 21
Strike Defense 3.0 Poison Resistance 29
Slash Defense 30 Frost Resistance 28
Thrust Defense 2.2 Curse Resistance 27
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 2.2
Fire Defense 4.8  
Lightning Defense 3.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 280
Dark Defense 4.2 icon_weight.png 3.5
Armor Type Helms

Dragonscale Armor

Physical Resitance 14.9 Bleed Resistance 62
Strike Defense 12.7 Poison Resistance 43
Slash Defense 4.3 Frost Resistance 46
Thrust Defense 12.2 Curse Resistance 28
Magic Defense 10.6 Poise 16.6
Fire Defense 13.7  
Lightning Defense 7.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 380
Dark Defense 10.6 icon_weight.png 12.4
Armor Type Chest Armor

Golden Bracelets

Physical Resitance 1.7 Bleed Resistance 10
Strike Defense 1.9 Poison Resistance 18
Slash Defense 1.5 Frost Resistance 16
Thrust Defense 0.9 Curse Resistance 13
Magic Defense 1.7 Poise 0.2
Fire Defense 2.3  
Lightning Defense 1.7 icon-durabilitiy.png 250
Dark Defense 1.7 icon_weight.png 1.5
Armor Type Gauntlets

Dragonscale Waistcloth

Physical Resitance 7.1 Bleed Resistance 31
Strike Defense 5.9 Poison Resistance 21
Slash Defense 6.8 Frost Resistance 22
Thrust Defense 5.9 Curse Resistance 10
Magic Defense 4.1 Poise 7.6
Fire Defense 6.8  
Lightning Defense 1.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 360
Dark Defense 4.1 icon_weight.png 6.3
Armor Type Leggings




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