Steam IDs of Dark Souls 3 players will go here. Please see the Player IDs page for Xbox Live and Playstation IDs.

Steam IDs


Use this page to register your interest in Dark Souls 3 and for meeting new friends and objectives with the game. You can mark your entry with a date so people can know the most recent entries, and use this in connection with our chatroom and Dark Souls 3 Forums to organize co-op and PvP. Please use dd/MM/yyyy format

Steam IDs

Date Alias Steam ID Other info Language
27/10/2016 Q91 katastrofy I might be up for co-op or dueling English, Swedish
04/06/2016 Esze Alkaiser90 Mostly JOLLY CO-OPERATION, but I need to get better at PVP and farm up some stuff before NG+ English
21/05/2016 Sir William Daddymotion Co-op, trading and PvP. Feel free to add me.  English and French
05/09/2016 Astral iAstral45 Co-op, trading, PvP, PvE, ... Anynthing English, French
5/4/2016 Edward The Mad FluffyTop Jolly Co-op, PvP, Trading, etc... Feel free to add me on Steam. English
07/17/2016 xenator Jolly Co-op in ng and ng+, Europe Matchmaking Spanish, English
 05/29/2016  Zitanagi  Co-op, trading, PvP, PvE, ... Anynthing  Spanish, English
 15/4/2016  Krongfah  IIIKRONGFAHIII  Jolly Cooperation  
 4/14/2016  Noobverest  Noobverest  Co-op, w.e , add me on steam  
 4/15/16    BitMap  Co-op or invasions, add me on steam  
 4/17/16  Xeretius  Xeretius  Co-op, invasions, a duel, or anything you like! Add me on Steam.  
4/17/16 Tyler, Razorface DaPope PvP, FightClubs, Co-op, Advice, Feel free to add me  
4/18/2016 SwiggitySwooty panzerrose Co-op, PvP, Trading and stuff. Add me on Steam!  
18/4/2016 ProjectFury ProjectFuryEsp Co-op, PvP, Etc. Just add me :)  Spanish, English
4/18/2016 Patass PatmanForrever Good ol' fashioned Souls themed trolling  
 4/19/2016   Divine Demon

Anything, from serious online gaming coop/invasion to trolling. add me!



  Professor Hubert J Farnsworth

Primarily co-op/invasion, also do some recording, either playthrough or trolling in thos instances. Feel free to add me!!

04/22/2016  Marfnl

Co-op or invasions, NO Trolling, (Microphone: Yes)

Dutch, English.

04/23/2016 Veral Veral1994

Co-op, Invasions/duels, trolling, have Discord/Skype/Mic for any comm needs. Feel free to add me.

24/04/2016 SSwitch

Anything at all. In Australia so for connection quality sake best to also be in Aus :)

04/24/2026   jawwnsbebangin

pvp, co op, trading, trolling, fun

04/25/2016 Amarasu

PVP, Co-OP, Trolling, Fun, Soul Farming

04/25/2016 Dottie Uragan667

Anything you like, fell free to add! :)

English, Czech
04/28/2016    Eirems

Jolly Cooperation :D (*****ty PvPer, need & wanna practise  ) Trolling, Fun... Anything!

Spanish, English
5/01/16 The Exiled reivax9020

Co-op, PvP, Etc

English, German
05/01/2016 PrayTheSun

Co-op, Trading, Pvp, low level runs, everythings :)

French, English
4/29/16 Zeromir


03/05/16 Soth


03/05/16 regis regis

pvp - co-op - fight club - fun/// ng, ng+ & ng++

using skype/ts3

Spanish, English
04/05/16 Tessia / Moragar


 Portuguese, Spanish, English

06/05/16 Ronaaz

Co-op, PvE and trading! ;)

Portuguese / Spanish / English

05/07/16 Several

Any and All


10/05/16 Zephyros

Jolly cooperation, dueling, fight-clubs and good ol' Praisin' of the Sun.

Spanish and English.

05/07/16 Apollyon

CO-OP, Friendly Duels, PVE, noob in PVP, need help improving and praising the sun  \o/


07/18/16 itztaytay

Co-op, Trading mainly, up for about anything really though.



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