Evangelist Set

Physical Resitance 23.6 Bleed Resistance 99
Strike Defense 26.0 Poison Resistance 130
Slash Defense 22.2 Frost Resistance 116
Thrust Defense 20.5 Curse Resistance 118
Magic Defense 23.9 Poise 18.9
Fire Defense 27.0  
Lightning Defense 24.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 280/380/280/270
Dark Defense 15.7 icon_weight.png 22.4

Evangelist Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Robe of an evangelist sent from the cathedral.

These teachers, all women, came to enlighten inhabitants of the Undead Settlement and sent carriers on the path of sacrifice.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • Equiping the chest peice for this set appears to alter the stance of your arms to be wider.
  • Can be easily farmed in NG : From the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire, take the bridge on the right. There is an Evangelist here who can drop the entire set. If you're fast enough to kill it, you can go back to the bonfire before aggroing the two Hollow Manservants.
  • There appears to be a coiled-up Notched Whip hanging off of the belt of the chest piece, along with several other interesting "tools".

Piece Information


Evangelist Hat

Physical Resitance 3.7 Bleed Resistance 15
Strike Defense 4.3 Poison Resistance 27
Slash Defense 3.2 Frost Resistance 24
Thrust Defense 2.9 Curse Resistance 25
Magic Defense 4.1 Poise 2.1
Fire Defense 4.6  
Lightning Defense 4.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 280
Dark Defense 2.9 icon_weight.png 3.2
Armor Type Helm

Evangelist Robe

Physical Resitance 12.8 Bleed Resistance 49
Strike Defense 12.3 Poison Resistance 42
Slash Defense 12.3 Frost Resistance 38
Thrust Defense 11.6 Curse Resistance 35
Magic Defense 10.6 Poise 12.5
Fire Defense 12.3  
Lightning Defense 9.9 icon-durabilitiy.png 380
Dark Defense 6.8 icon_weight.png 12.2
Armor Type Chest Armor
Evangelist Gloves

Evangelist Gloves

Physical Resitance 1.8 Bleed Resistance 13
Strike Defense 2.5 Poison Resistance 22
Slash Defense 1.6 Frost Resistance 19
Thrust Defense 1.4 Curse Resistance 21
Magic Defense 2.6 Poise 0.7
Fire Defense 2.8  
Lightning Defense 2.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 270
Dark Defense 1.4 icon_weight.png 2.4
Armor Type Gauntlets

Evangelist Trousers

Physical Resitance 5.5 Bleed Resistance 22
Strike Defense 6.9 Poison Resistance 39
Slash Defense 5.1 Frost Resistance 35
Thrust Defense 4.6 Curse Resistance 37
Magic Defense 6.6 Poise 3.6
Fire Defense 7.3  
Lightning Defense 7.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 280
Dark Defense 4.6 icon_weight.png 4.6
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Farming!13 Jul 2016 17:58  

      I had to farm these lovely ladies quite a bunch for a Fat Official build. I did it from the Cliff Underside bonfire, simply chucking a bunch of fireballs at the one who walks towards the Rotten Greatwood's battle area. Do note that she will sometimes fall down into the ravine, in which case you'll just have to rinse and repeat.<br/><br/>Everything except the mace and chest seem like fairly regular drops; the latter two are a bit rarer (By the end of it I had 2 gloves, 3 hats, 3 pants and 1 of both mace and chest).

      • place to farm21 Apr 2016 23:12  

        I got the trousers from the one in irithyll next to the central irithyll bonfire I think it would be easier to farm there since she is not hostile at first

        • chest piece12 Apr 2016 18:50  

          i got the chest piece stats are 12.8[physical] 12.3[strike] 12.3[slash] 11.6[thrust] 10.6[magic] 12.3[fire] 9.9[lightning] 6.8[dark] 49[bleed] 42[poison] 38[frost] 35[curse] 10[poise] 380[durability] 12.2 [weight] <br/><br/>it makes your character look fat like the evangelists i have screen shots

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