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    • 24 Mar 2017 16:29  

      Hello guys, few days before I installed dark souls 3 from ocean of games. I installed directX 11 and vcr packages as recommended by them. But dark souls 3 icon is not responding to click. Is there anyone can help me, please.
      Thank you, have a nice day.

      • 09 Mar 2017 20:26  

        hello fellow darksouls fans, I am creating a combination of paul blart mall cop and dark souls 3, if anyone has any funny ideas for this alternate universe i would love some input thanks

        • 05 Nov 2016 08:10  

          Proof of a Conchord Kept farming!
          Hi there!

          Wanna help me get the Darkmoon blade miracle and get it yourself in return?

          Equip the Way of Blue covenent and hang out in the area after the Pontius boss fight. You are sure to get invaded here and the you just run around until a Darkmoon comes and helps you. After i get the miracle add me on steam, we then reverse the roles and i do you the same favor.

          The more people that do this at the same time the better.

          Sincerely Fnatsauce.

          • Secret ending (suppliers)28 Sep 2016 09:47  

            I started a new game but went straight to lothric castle for the titanite chunks and I haven't been to the crucification woods. Did I ***** up the secret ending? Griarat felt and came back like instantly so I don't know of other things progresses too

            • NG 2212 Sep 2016 02:17  

              Hello I'm OG Sagalishish (Xbox one) I do run throughs daily and if you ever wanna tag along or help or have me help you in runs i'llngladly help. Just have a mic

              • Andre the smith11 Sep 2016 17:12  

                I killed the fire keeper and the handmaid as well as andre. And now andre refuses to work with me. How do I get him to work with me? Please help

                • Come posso trovare lo scudo da cavaliere del lupo se lo sapete per favore me lo dite in italiano13 Aug 2016 18:37  

                  Come posso trovare lo scudo del Cavaliere del lupo se lo sapete me lo dite in italiano per favore

                  • Dark souls 3 bug/glitch10 Aug 2016 00:58  

                    I dropped my favorite set of armor and weapons to move over to a new character and I lost most of the items in the process. So what should I do it makes me so mad because it took me a long time to get those for me to lose them all in a only a few seconds. I would like the bug/glitch to be fixed so no one else has to go through what I have.

                    • Dark Souls 3 viral video17 Jul 2016 14:37  

                      Hey guys, I'd like to ask for your help!<br/>As a school project I made a Viral Video and the aim is to get 700 views in a week so I'm looking for viewers! It is a llittle different interpretation of the second ending of Dark Souls III. I really liked the alternative ending, so I decided make a video about it. It may look silly and funny but nevertheless I tried to be accurate with the story. But you also shouldn't take it too serious - it's still for fun! <br/>I hope you will enjoy this video and praise the sun!<br/><br/>

                      • Dark Souls 3 PvP - Aldrich's Scumbags24 Apr 2016 12:49  

                        This is my first video, if you get bored please feel free to skip to 3:19. From there on is where I put most of my effort. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to leave feedback good or bad.<br/><br/>

                        • NERF THE FOLLOWING THINGS!!!!24 Apr 2016 03:41  

                          If anyone has a shred of decency, or the common sense to understand why i made this post, i URGE you to find some way to get Fromsoft to notice just how overpowered, broken, stupidly easy to use, and downright disgusting these weapons are:<br/><br/>Dark Sword - level the scaling down 1 rank for strength and dexterity, upgrade it with twinkling titanite so it can only get to +5 and not +10, that way it cannot be buffed, or infused.<br/><br/>Rapiers (Especially Estoc) Slow down the attack speed DRAMATICALLY.<br/><br/>Black Knight Greataxe & Fume Ultra Greatsword - Nothing in the game should be able to hit someone with 1600 health TWICE and be able to kill them.<br/><br/>Drang Hammers - Even though i use these weapons myself, even i have to admit how strong they are, the first two hits on the dual wield heavy attack is downright OP, a 40/40 refined gem build using these without buffs, can easily do 600-700 damage on players, and the weapon art can do even more than that, so i believe the scaling should be brought to a C/C instead of a B/B for strength and dex when infused.<br/><br/>Havels Greatshield (or any greatshield in general) - Even with the Warrior Ring to increase stamina damage against shields, using a heavy two-handed mace, or the guard-break sword stance weapon art TWICE in succession, then proceeding to spam lgiht attacks until you run out of stamina, WILL NOT be enough to guard break an Ultra Greatshield, either buff the Warrior ring, or make kicking and the guard break weapon art for swords be GUARANTEED to break the guard of any shield or blocking in the game, because right now it is almost impossible, making the wielder practically invincible.<br/><br/>Magic - Buff ALL magic apart from Wrath of the Gods and Crystal Soul Spear, i shouldnt be doing 300 damage to normal enemies in NG+ with a Sunlight Spear that takes up a third of my 30 attunement FP bar when using a +10 50 faith saints talisman, its just not good enough Fromsoft.<br/><br/>Poise - Just what the hell does it even do? my best guess is that it makes your Super Armour during special attacks more tanky....and thats it, because a full havels set with a +2 wolfs ring still gets staggered by a regular dagger light attack. So make poise work so we can stop being infinitely stunlocked by rubbish weapons!<br/><br/>Attack Spamming - R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1R1 (need i say more?) such an EASY fix for this too, for every weapon, the first 2 attacks of the same catagory (light, heavy, charged) take normal stamina consumption into consideration, then every consecutive attack after the second hit will take 50% more stamina than normal, then 100% on the fourth attack, then 200% on the fifth, so on and so forth. This will force players into using DIFFERENT attacks, instead of smashing the same attack over and over again until their stamina runs dry, if they wanna keep attacking without destroying their stamina, they will have to chain a heavy, running, charged, jump, backstep, or rolling attack, to reset the stamina increasing algorithm to continue attacking in a chain.<br/><br/>I would like ANYONE to list what they think needs fixing in the game, voice your opinions below and tell me what you think about anything i have displayed above.<br/>Anyone with half a brain will know precisely why this post exists, pretty much everyone in the game uses the above weapons, simply because they are easily light attack spammable, stupid range, easy to stunlock players to death in just 2-4 hits with absolutely zero skill involved, and because these weapons "Have the biggest numbers on them", as well as cancerous articles and youtube videos of people saying "BEST WEAPON IN DARK SOULS 3", which results in HUNDREDS of thousands of people watching them, and then they use those weapons because the shiny youtube video told them so, because they are new to the game and have no ***** willpower to try anything other than what one person on the internet considers to be "The best weapon in the game"<br/><br/>We must do EVERYTHING we can to get this rubbish nerfed asap, because the pvp right now sucks, simply because of these broken weapons, and flawed, imbalanced game mechanics, that Fromsoft have SOMEHOW not fixed five games later.<br/><br/>Thankyou for reading my *****y rant, get the word out!!<br/>

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