Crown of Dusk

Physical Resitance 0.8 Bleed Resistance 5
Strike Defense 0.0 Poison Resistance 12
Slash Defense 0.2 Frost Resistance 8
Thrust Defense 0.0 Curse Resistance 33
Magic Defense -30.0 Poise 0.0
Fire Defense 4.0  
Lightning Defense 3.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 200
Dark Defense 3.2 icon_weight.png 1.0
Armor Type Helms

Crown of Dusk is a Helms in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the antiquated set.

Feathered crown bestowed upon the princess of Oolacile, land of ancient golden sorceries.

Through the guardian Elizabeth's blessing. this raises the power and effect of the wearer's magic, but damage suffered by magic attacks rises in tandem.

Location/Where to Find

  • Found near the Keep Ruins bonfire in Farron Keep.  Upon exiting the Keep Ruins bonfire room, head northwest to find a tall, white tree (there will be a Great Crab in the way). The Crown of Dusk is at the base of the tree.
  • Video location (fextralife video starting at 1h 51m)

Notes and Tips

  • Boosts sorceries by approximately 10%and boosts the attack rating of weapons with Magic damage (though not as much as the former). This includes those by Sorceries such as Magic Weapon.

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    • 19 May 2017 01:51  

      Edgy, dark and climate veils, hoods, crowns, diadems or great mage hats. Yet, you still have to wear this crap cause you cant live without maxed dmg... especially while in DkS3 magic is so underpowered.
      BTW it used to give a whole 25% bonus in DkS1, even while magic was good on its own.

      • As Ever01 Aug 2016 23:03  

        A true Dark Souls classic, this utter piece of crap makes you look like some hideous clown sulking in deepest corners of hell, yet you will wear it because it buffs your casting skill up to heavens. A moment of silence for Dark Souls2 pyromancer handcuffs.

        • slidin into yo sorcery dm's part 229 May 2016 20:52  

          also i use these rings<br/>1 magic clutch ring which increases your damage by 15%<br/>2 sage's ring which increases your casting time.<br/>3 young dragon ring which increases your damage by 12%<br/>4 bellowing dragon crest ring which increases your damage by a further 20%<br/>all the damage stacks btw<br/>

          • slidin into yo sorcery dm's to tell you29 May 2016 20:48  

            if you are like me you're probably here trying to figure out what items will help you be a boss sorcerer. well i'm going to save you the trouble. there are only two items that boost your damage (besides rings) 1 being the crown of dusk and the other being the scholars candlestick, dropped by the wax covered scholars in the grand items. it raises your damage by about 25%.

            • It looks halfway decent if...04 May 2016 10:39  

     have some reflective armor on. I am currently wearing it with Fire Witch's Armor, Fire Witch's Gauntlets and Archdeacon Skirt. Makes you look like a sort of Sorcerer Prince. This way it doesn't make me wanna rip out my eyes every time I see it. It's still ugly, but it suits the rest of the armor.

              • this video again...30 Apr 2016 19:31  

                I would recommend linking much more precise videos of the locations for specific stuff.<br/>Never found anything with this 2h video skip fest.

                • Dark Magic26 Apr 2016 00:25  

                  Doesn't work with Dark Magic? Tried testing it with Great Deep Soul and Deep Soul, with and without my dragon ring(s), with and without my Scholar's Candlestick offhanded, and never got the buff?

                  • Balancing loses24 Apr 2016 18:19  

                    If you are making the crown of dusk as part of your build make sure to use a shield with Spell Parry, either Golden Eagle shield or Golden Crest shield, as they send spells back to their sender.<br/>No idea wheter the spell buff helps make the sent spells stronger.

                    • Dark Magic unaffected by Crown of Dusk22 Apr 2016 21:35  

                      Does not seem to affect dark sorceries either. Tested using Soul Dreg on hollow in High Wasl of Lothric; same damage without it as with it on. Tested Great Soul Arrow alongside it on the same enemies and there was a difference with the Crown on. So it seems to be confirmed that Dark Sorcery is unaffected by the Crown of Dusk.

                      • Dark Souls II Helms22 Apr 2016 08:40  

                        I freaking loved the extra perks on the helms in DS2. Like Straids Black Hood. I boosted INT and Spell cast speed plus it looked badass. It was super light but had great weight to defense ratio, add with Vestaldts Chest combo it looked and added up to one bad ass flowing caped mage knight. If I miss one thing its those cool caster hoods...

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