Greirat's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Greirat's Ashes


Umbral ash of Greirat of the Undead Settlement. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

Greirat was a thief who fancied himself a martyr for the poor, which is what drove him to climb the wall.


Greirat's Ashes Usage

Greirat's item variety will alter when he is allowed to scavenge certain areas, and his ashes will reflect this based on the time he is killed. 

Greirat's Ashes Locations

Obtained following Greirat's death either from the player's hand or as a result of his questline.

  • If he dies on the Irythill mission (if not saved by Siegward), his ashes will be in the flooded cave by the long-haired centipede monsters in Irythill of the Boreal Valley just before the kitchen area. (Video)(Video)
  •  If sent out a third time, ashes can be found on a Grand Archives rooftop; between the first and second Gargoyle encounters, look down for a rooftop with a group of Corvian worshippers. Drop down and from there, in one direction is a Hollow Gem and a Titanite Chunk, while in the other is a short jump to Greirat's corpse and a treasure of 3 Titanite Scales.()




  •  If he dies on the Irythill mission, the new items he would have had for sale(uppon success) will be available from the Shrine Handmaid(After giving her his ashes). You will however, be permenantly unable to recieve the items obtained from the Lothric Castle mission. 


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    • Demon king's the trigger01 Oct 2016 22:50  

      I completed all bosses except for the Demon King in smouldering lake and Greirat wouldn't return to firelink nor could I find his ashes in the two locations. Killed Demon King and he returned so I'm guessing that's the trigger!

      • Greirat's Ashes16 Jul 2016 12:07  

        I sent him to plunder and skipped through the reading. Not knowing we're to look first I checked both places and his ashes weren't there. He's not in the shrine either. Does anyone know why?<br/>

        • The Sunbro of DS3.28 Jun 2016 03:59  

          The nicest, deepest personality in the game.<br/><br/>He truly grieves when you bring him Loretta's bone.<br/><br/>He cares for you, saying you better come back "or all his efforts will have been in vain".<br/><br/>He is your friend, thief or not.<br/><br/>'Till the end.

          • Just another detail.25 Jun 2016 15:30  

            After Greirat dies, and his ashes find their rest in Firelink Shrine, the Shrine Handmaid starts to sell Splintering and Exploding bolts. Well, after you gave her those ashes. The interesting part is: both of those bolts are made by the craftsman Edmond - a figure yet to be uncovered. Was Greirat a pseudo-name of Edmond, a long-forgotten craftsman? Or did Edmond kill Greirat at his last attempt to pillage the place of no return? There is a bit of mystery out there. Fromsoft really loves to tease the public.

            • Greirat's ashes dont appear!24 Jun 2016 08:39  

              I didn't kill him , I did his questline , and after he died at the boreal valley.<br/>And I cant found his ashes at the long hairs before the kitchen , at the boreal valley , and at the Grand Archives on the rooftops. <br/>What can I do ?<br/>

              • DO NOT KILL HIM25 May 2016 21:10  

                Killing Greirat early will not unlock all his wares when turning in his ashes to the handmaiden, it will only unlock his early wares. DO NOT KILL HIM.

                • Ashes, but no Large Arrow20 May 2016 00:44  

                  I was going through my Bow Only run and killed Greirat. I turned in his ashed to the Handmaiden but it did not unlock the Large Arrows for purchase. Anyone know if the game just doesn't unlock them until a certain point in the story? Or are they only unlocked once he returns from pillaging, meaning I just doomed myself and cannot buy large arrows this run?

                  • Ashes missing?10 May 2016 18:55  

                    I just reached his dying spot in Lothric Castle and his ashes are not there. I'm pretty sure I did everything right. I completed Siegward's quest and sent Greirat out for the third time, but his ashes aren't there. Did I miss something? (NG+)

                    • 3rd Outing Ashes09 May 2016 08:43  

                      After giving the Handmaiden his ashes after he died on his 3rd outing, she had 6 embers and unlimited lightning urns, exploding bolts, and splintering bolts, in addition to all of his previous stock.

                      • Does this work?04 May 2016 21:37  

                        If I buy the Titanite materials before I send him out on his last pillage before he inevitably dies, will it be restocked when I turn his ashes in to the maiden? If not, am I better off not sending him to his death? Because he's my favorite merchant, I really like him as a character.

                        • Gain access to all of Greirats sellables26 Apr 2016 04:26  

                          If you give the shrinemaiden his ashes, you will gain access to all the things Greirat sold before + maybe some more things. If you fail to buy the upgrade materials he sells after irithyll, you can give the maiden his ashes and you'll be able to buy them then.

                          • Splintering Bolt, Exploding Bolt, And Lightning Urn With Lothric Greirat Ashes26 Apr 2016 01:35  

                            If you find his ashes after sending him to lothric castle it unlocks splintering bolt, exploding bolt, and lightning urns for unlimited purchase at the shrinehand maid.

                            • Early twinkling titanite and scale22 Apr 2016 17:55  

                              If greirat ashes are obtain from irithyll it also unlocks titanite scale and twinkling titanite at shrine maiden. I killed pointiff sullyvahn and yhorm at this point.

                              • Unlocks14 Apr 2016 10:04  

                                It is possible that these unlock different things depending on where he dies. I believe I unlocked several Irithyll-related weapons after finding them in the sewers there, the same may be true of Lothric castle and wherever else he can die.

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