Firebomb is a projectile in Dark Souls 3.


Bisque urn filled with black powder. Explodes, inflicting fire damage.

Fire damage, which differs from physical damage, is highly effective against creatures of flesh, beasts, and other foes that might naturally have cause to fear the flame."


Firebomb Usage

  • Throw at enemies to deal ?? fire damage
  • Explosion radius of about ??.


Firebomb Locations

  • Sold by Shrine Handmaid for 100 souls.
  • 5x at Cemetery of Ash: down a small path to the right going downhill of the pathway to the boss. (Video Location)
  • 8x at High Wall of Lothric:
    • 2x In a room (with a caged door) underneath the fallen dragon, far towards the left side of the first bonfire. (Video Location)
    • 3x In the room just below the second bonfire of the area. It is on a corpse laying at the edge of a long wooden plank. (Video Location)
    • 3x Looted from the remains atop the roof where the transforming beast/enemy is, past the secondf bonfire. (Video Location)



  • Attribute bonus: Strength A, Dexerity C, Intelligence -, Faith -
  • The Fire Clutch Ring affects firebomb damage


  • Trivia goes here
  • 20 can be held while 600 can be stored.
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