Undead Hunter Charm is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Undead Hunter Charm

Tool used to hunt down the Undead. Block Estus recovery within a limited area.

Used long ago by Lloyd's cleric knights on their Undead hunts. Although Allfather Lloyd is long forgotten by the Way of White, his hunts have lived on, and this charm allows one to challenge Undead without fear of tenacious healing.


Undead Hunter Charm Usage

  • The charm is a thrown projectile that creates a small cloud on impact.
  • Any undead or enemy player that passes through the cloud will be unable to use their Estus for 25 seconds.
  • Can also put mimics (Avaricious Beings) to sleep.



Undead Hunter Charm Locations



  • Effect Duration: 25 seconds




  • Just like they did in previous installments, throwing one on a Mimic will put it to sleep and cause it to give up its loot.
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    • Anonymous

      01 May 2017 02:23  

      thrown at an enemy multiple times and hit him but he was still able to use estus while the debuff was clearly on him. bug?

      • Anonymous

        21 Mar 2017 12:11  

        I always called it "Mimic Nip" for it makes them go back to sleep or open up without danger of being munched. All I ever really used it for to be honest.

        • Anonymous

          Keeps skeletons from reanimating09 Oct 2016 05:55  

          It isn't listed, but throwing this at a skeleton that reanimates, and killing the skeleton when it still has the effect on it makes it so they don't come back to life

          • Anonymous

            worth06 May 2016 06:31  

            So i bought like 60 of this and 60 Rusted coins thinking this was gonna be tough, at my 6 try I got the Symbol of Avarice thank god i didn't kill the last mimic.

            • Anonymous

              Omg this is so infuriating22 Apr 2016 22:08  

              I have 23 of these in my item box and 5 equipped but for some reason everytime I try to buy any or even take them out of my item box it says "Item limit exceeded" or "Cannot transfer inventory is full" what am I doing wrong?!

              • Anonymous

                Merchant30 Mar 2016 05:27  

                Anyone know what ashes unlocks this for the merchant, mines doesn't seem to sell Undead Hunter Charms.

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