Splintering Bolt is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Splintering Bolt

Splintering Bolt.PNG

Bolts that explode immediately after being shot.  

Makes unusual shots possible, and releases splinters that cause immense bleeding.  

These are, after all, prototypes created by the weapon craftsman Edmond. You get what you pay for. 


Splintering Bolt Usage

  • Ammo for Crossbows.
  • Bolts that explode immediately after being shot, causing immense Bleeding.
  • Deal 20 Physical, and 3 bleed damage.
  • Unsure if luck affects bleed damage per bolt, further testing needed.



Splintering Bolt Locations

  • Do greirats quest up to the point he dies in lothric castle, then give his ashes to the shrine handmaiden.




  • Each bolt costs 280 Souls.
  • You can only carry 60 in your inventory at any one time, as well as 600 in stash.
  • Bolt will split into shards after traveling roughly a metre after being fired.
  • Useful to safely kill the 4 Hand Ogres in Profaned Capital to get Eleonora and to kill the Mimic for the Court Sorcerer's Staff and set. With a +8 Avelyn I was doing around 1000 dmg with each burst. Could be useful for certain bosses but I haven't tested it yet.
  • Useful in pvp to help build the opponents bleed meter, making it easier to proc bleed with weapons, especially when combined wiyh carthus rouge. Testing with a +10 Avelyn at optimal distance (too close amd most of the bolts clip through withouy hitting) and three volleys (9 bolts) filled the opponents bleed meter aproximately to 1/3 full. Can proc bleed on their own for the full bleed damage if the opponents bar is close enough to full. Also does surprisingly good damage if all bolts hit, and easily catches rolls with chip damage ranging from 10-60 depending on how many bolts hit due to their large spread.




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