Winged Knight Set

Winged Knight Set

Physical Resitance 32.0 Bleed Resistance 168
Strike Defense 28.4 Poison Resistance 142
Slash Defense 31.2 Frost Resistance 157
Thrust Defense 30.2 Curse Resistance 100
Magic Defense 28.8 Poise 44.7
Fire Defense 29.4  
Lightning Defense 30.2 icon-durabilitiy.png ??
Dark Defense 33.7 icon_weight.png 43.7

Winged Knight Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Armor of the Winged Knights, who swore themselves to the Angels.

Worship of the divine messengers was viewed as heresy in Lothric and unrecognized by any of the Three Pillars of rule.

This is believed to be why Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter, was imprisoned in the lofty cell of the Grand Archives.

Location/Where to Find

  • From the ladder where you find the big knight who wields the twinaxes, go up and hit the fake wall, and its found in front of a Winged Knight painting in Lothric Castle

Notes and Tips

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Piece Information

Winged Knight Helm

Physical Resitance 5.3 Bleed Resistance 31
Strike Defense 4.7 Poison Resistance 29
Slash Defense 5.2 Frost Resistance 29
Thrust Defense 5.0 Curse Resistance 18
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 6.0
Fire Defense 4.8  
Lightning Defense 4.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 470
Dark Defense 5.4 icon_weight.png 7.4
Armor Type Helm

Winged Knight Armor

Physical Resitance 14.5 Bleed Resistance 73
Strike Defense 13.0 Poison Resistance 60
Slash Defense 14.1 Frost Resistance 68
Thrust Defense 13.8 Curse Resistance 45
Magic Defense 14.0 Poise 21.8
Fire Defense 13.8  
Lightning Defense 14.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 480
Dark Defense 16.0 icon_weight.png 19.0
Armor Type Chest Armor

Winged Knight Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.8 Bleed Resistance 22
Strike Defense 3.3 Poison Resistance 21
Slash Defense 3.7 Frost Resistance 21
Thrust Defense 3.5 Curse Resistance 15
Magic Defense 3.5 Poise 4.9
Fire Defense 3.9  
Lightning Defense 3.7 icon-durabilitiy.png 470
Dark Defense 4.3 icon_weight.png 5.5
Armor Type Gauntlets

Winged Knight Leggings

Physical Resitance 8.3 Bleed Resistance 42
Strike Defense 7.4 Poison Resistance 32
Slash Defense 8.1 Frost Resistance 39
Thrust Defense 7.9 Curse Resistance 24
Magic Defense 7.1 Poise 12.0
Fire Defense 6.9  
Lightning Defense 7.4 icon-durabilitiy.png ??
Dark Defense 8.0 icon_weight.png 11.0
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      I swear I run slightly faster wearing the chest piece but it's probably an optical illusion created by dat ass

      • Anonymous

        Make sure to create a lean muscular character to really get them abs showing and spend 2 hours editing the face, before going full beef jerkey and slapping on that fat armor. Perfection.

        • Anonymous

          Dunno how to explain this but I rolled into the illusory wall and somehow got teleported down to where the ladder leading up to it is?

          • Anonymous

            I don't know what possessed Fromsoft to make this a fat armor. Because this could've been a really, really cool set.

            • Anonymous

              although this set is really THICC, its weight to obsorbtion ratio is trash. Like bruh, 19 units for a chestpiece when the onionbro armor weighs a unit less and has much better obsorbtion. Even the guantlets and leggings and the helm are way more heavy than onionbro armor.

              • Anonymous

                Lothric: *uses pretty reasonable armor for knights* also lothric: *bUt WhAt If OuR hEaVy TrOoPs WeRe T H I C C*

                • Anonymous

                  I'm currently making a pure strength build using great hammers and boy do you need poise for trading, so heavy armor it is. i'm at level 134 now, and i can say without a doubt the gauntlets are the literal best in the game for defense per unit of weight for any heavy armor gauntlets. Not that it matters, because fashion souls and all, but i was surprised to find that the defense rating is overall superior to smough's gauntlets at a fraction of the equip burden. Not a bad poise rating either, but it's still beat by havel's and smough's.

                  • Anonymous

                    Kind of expected this to have smough level defense, given the physique, but alas, it's defenses actually aren't that great. Especially compared to the weight

                    • Anonymous

                      This is a clear reference to Azan's holy armor from the manga berserk. Too bad theres no weapon like his...

                      • I welcome a fat knight set. The only other option for a long time was Smough's, um, symbolic armor. Catarina doesn't count. I'm cool with having a set (along with the Exile set) that's just... a big guy (or girl, not that it matters) in knight armor, but I'm always for variety. If someone wants to make a fat knight now they can.It's not like there's a shortage of thin, formfitting armor sets in the Souls series. lolOnly issue is if you make a big face on your character, the face can look great but the neck doesn't change shape so unless you cover up their neck somehow, they'll look like Quagmire. Its horrible. lolIn any future game with character creation From Soft really needs to add neck size to it.

                        • Anonymous

                          im currently starting a build based around being a huge FAT guy with FAT Weapons and FAT Shields and FAT Roll all the time and FAT Amount of Health & Stamina and Pancaking Mobs and Players alike. so any armor that makes your body build set Very Burly even more Burly. il take it :D Primary Weapons would be Maces & Hammers. secondary would be Axes and primary shields would be Greatshields and secondary is Standard Shields like the Grass Shield. almost no infusion instead i rely on Pine Resin if my weapons are at +10 or +15 and can be buffed. FATTY AWAY!

                          • Anonymous

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