This page explains how to go about making a "build" in Dark Souls 3.

"Builds" are player-made stat and gear choices that generate a powerful or cosmetic character for you to play with. These are usually divided into PvE and PvP builds, as the Soul Level and viability of options for each aspect may be rather different.


Choosing Stats:

Character building is based on using your level-ups to strengthen specific stats. This is done to match weapon scaling, and considers other things such as availability of spells and rings at the soul level desired. Some stats work in tandem with other stats depending on the Build you use.

For Dark Souls 3, you have 5 offensive stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, Luck). Most "builds" will focus on 1 or 2 of these stats. 

  • Vigor (A given with most builds. Some stay low around 30, but max is 50. At 50 vigor you have 1300 HP.)
  • Attunement (Increases your Focus Point pool and also gives you spell slots. Physical builds often need very little of this, whereas casters may need a lot.)
  • Endurance (This is your stamina stat. Some players love to put lots of points in this, up to a limit of 40, but its up to your equipment and playstyle to determine how much you need.)
  • Vitality (This stat gives you more base defense and equipment load. More important for people wanting to use heavy weapons and armor, though builds that strive to be below 30% equip load need lots of this as well.)
  • Strength (For using strength weapons and boosting their damage. Keep in mind that if you two-hand a weapon, your strength is considered 50% higher for meeting the requirements. 40 is enough for most strength builds, but up to 50 can be useful.) 
  • Dexterity (For using dexterity weapons and boosting their damage. 40 is enough for a dexterity build, but up to 50 can be useful. This also helps your casting speed, though you can bypass this stat as a caster by using the Sage Ring.)
  • Intelligence (For using sorceries, dark sorceries and pyromancies, as well as boosting their damage. Certain other equipment also uses this stat. 60 is the most you'll ever want, though less is often enough.)
  • Faith (For using miracles, dark miracles and pyromancies, as well as boosting their damage. Certain other equipment also uses this stat. 60 is the most you'll ever want, though less is often enough.)
  • Luck (This increases the rate you apply poison/bleed to enemies, and also increases your item discovery. A few specific weapons and any weapon infused with hollow will treat this like an attack stat similar to strength or dexterity.)


Determining the right Gear:

The equipment that the character will use is the other important aspect. Players will consider available weapons, rings, armor and spells, and factor in consumable items and their cost. The key to a good build is synergizing all of these with the stats of the character.

Armor/Attire is up to the player. Bear in mind how heavy everything is. Some players like to stay under 30% equip load because of the slight mobility improvements, while others stay just under 70% to have the most equipment while still not fat rolling.


Explaining and Categorizing your Build:

Once your build is ready, you will want to categorize it for its purpose and explain how to use it effectively, such as outlining the best situations and scenarios where it is useful, as well as those where it may be weak or easily countered.

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