"The hidden blade, is the deadliest"
A Knight is well equiped for both PvP and PvE
























Hi! I'm Jan Stark and this is my Knight build for Dark Souls 3.

  • Build Name: Armored Hunter
  • Build Level: 130+
  • Build Focus:Works for both PvE or PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Strenght and Dextrity
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: Here!

 This build is Invasion Oriented, but it also excels at PvE and PvP. The main focus of this build is to hunt other players and survive in their worlds even when out of resources. Please take your time to try it out and leave some feedback. 

Tonight, we hunt!










Build Equipment

  • Main Right Weapon: Hollowslayer Greatsword Off Hand: (Refined) Carthus Shotel Optional Weapon: Wolf Knight Greatsword
  • Main Left Hand: Wolf Knight Greatshield Off Hand: Simple Manikin Claws For Spell Casting:

  • You should carry a Ranged weapon in your inventory, and also, have Warmth equiped at all times.
Ranged Weapon Spell

For Rings you should use:

Havels Ring +2 Ring Of Favor and Protection +2 Chloranthy Ring +2 Hunters Ring +2

For armor:

Undead Legion Helm Wolf Knight Armor Gundyr's Gauntlets Silver Knigth Leggings

You only need this 3 items, but remember to only heal with the estus during Invasions.

Estsus Flask x 10 Ashen Estus Flask x 5 Throwing Knifes 

Some other things you will need for this build:

SwordGrass x30 (Wolf Kingth Greatshield) Vertebra Shackels x30 (Warmth Pyromancy) Refined Gem (Shotel Infusion)

Simple Gem (Claws Infusion)

Build Notes and Strategy

First of all, lets talk about the gear:

One of the advantages of this build is it's wide range of usable gear, but in this guide im focusing on 3 weapons.

First of all we have our main weapon of choice, the Hollowslayer Greatsword, this greatsword returns from Dark Souls 2, and here it is a beast, it has one of the best movesets in the entire game, even compensating for it's smaller range with the trust atack in the charged R2, going with the build im presenting here, you get 516 pure physical damange.

Next weapon is our optional weapon, the Wolf Knight Greatsword, my personal favorite, wich, similar to the hollowslayer has a different moveset, although what shines the most are the moves that come form its weapon art, they are kinda diffcult to land, but they are very, very dangerous. 

Finally, for our right hand i choose to bring a Carthus Shotel, this is of course optional, but it is very efective against greatshield users.

Left Hand is pretty self explanatory, Wolf Shield for blocking and using the weapon art, Manikin Claws for parry, and Pyro Flame for casting Warmth.

There really isn't a lot to say about strategy, you must adapt to the enemie and situation, remeber to have fun though.

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