This page teaches players about Save Management for Dark Souls 3. Included are save limitations and conditions for all platforms.

  • The game autosaves regularly after most actions, often after any item has been picked up or dropped, an enemy defeated, a bonfire lit or rested at or a conversation had with an NPC.
  • There is only one save per account, so anything you do is final
  • "Save Scumming" is the practice of creating a copy of your save to an external location, so that you may revert to it and change your actions.


PS4 Save Files

  • Saves for Dark Souls 3 are located in your "Game Save Data Management"folder.
  • You can save one copy to online storage if you have a PS+ membership. "Game Save Data Management" > Save Data in System storage > Upload to online storage
  • You can save a copy to an external USB drive, as many times as necessary. "Game Save Data Management" > Save Data in System storage > Copy to USB

Xbox One Save Files

  • Saves for Dark Souls 3 are located in ??folder.
  • You can save one copy to online storage if ??. ??
  • You can save a copy to an external USB drive, ??

PC Save Files

  • Saves for Dark Souls 3 are located in your /C>Users>"username">AppData>Roaming>DarkSoulsIII.
  • It's possible that the folders are hidden so unhide them in your folder settings. You can do this by going to control panel and clicking on Appearance and Personalization or File Explorer Options in Windows 10, click on the "View" tab and check the box for "Show hidden files, folders and drives" then press ok.
  • You can create backups of your data, but if you encounter an "Invalid Game Data" message, see below.


As per the official Bandai Namco site:

"Invalid Game Data" warning message on Main Menu after starting up Dark Souls III

This message is intended to inform end users that some external file, modification of game save data, exploit or cheat/hack, or alterations to the game have been detected by the Dark Souls III server team and that the end users' account/profile has been flagged for further investigation. The warning message ("Invalid Game Data") will continue to be displayed until the Dark Souls III server team has determined whether or not a violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA) occurred. At that point the account/profile will either have restrictions placed on it (to limit the online interactions during multiplayer sessions and a further penalty message of "You have been Penalized" issued) or the "Invalid Game Data" warning message removed.

During the time that the warning message is displayed the end user will have a chance to completely remove any such external files, mods, cheats/hacks or delete their game save (if alterations were performed to it or hacked items/equipment were obtained either as a direct cheat/hack or via unknown "gift" from an online player).

Due to the apparent risk of "taking candy from strangers", it is recommended that players should always back up their save data to an online service (such as cloud saves) or as a direct back-up of the save file to a separate folder/directory (for PC/Steam). This would allow any players who; end up receiving a hacked item/equipment unknowingly from an online player, the ability to restore their original game data from the cloud or separate backed up game data.

We have also included a link below to the Dark Souls III EULA as many end users have requested additional information regarding what would be considered a "Restrictable/Punishable" offense. The specific section of the EULA that covers "Online Conduct" is covered in Section 7.

Link to Dark Souls III EULA article




    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2020 12:21  

      La concha de su madre recibí un Soberano de Tormentas +20 y tuve que eliminar mi savedata. Hackers del orto!

      • Anonymous

        03 Dec 2019 16:38  

        Found my old save file. I already tried it out and it's working but can I somehow add characters from old save without losing my current characters? Or would I need to change save files every time I want to play another save?

        • Anonymous

          10 Jul 2019 01:04  

          This is sad that my steam account got banned (I don't cheat, don't edit saves, no mods, shaders etc.) I got the save of 135hrs of single player grinding because I hate pvp Now that im on the endgame, only boss.left is Midir. i cannot password summon my friend. And you know what? In polish status info screen you don't even have message with warning you have corupted file/ penatly. I only got to this because some random dude told me to change language to english. I don't even know for how long my acc is banned and I don't wanna delete that save because of hard hours of grinding for fck sake! This is just not fair im on the same server with cheaters when I play solo and long

          • Anonymous

            09 Mar 2019 16:01  

            if your friend is playing on a different steam account he would have to use a save editor to make the save compatible with his account. this might be bannable as it requires 3rd party software to do, but ive done it like 15 times and have not been banned for it so its prolly ok

            • Anonymous

              09 Mar 2019 02:42  

              Is it banable if I play with a character on my acount and then send the save file to a friend for him to use?

              • Anonymous

                08 Mar 2019 02:02  

                wtf is this? If you can't manage to save files on the server then might as well not release the game. Film artist have noticed this and aborted all high end production.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jan 2019 22:20  

                  Can you get rid of all your save data to get un solftbanned or do you just have to wait for the sever team to unban you?

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Jan 2019 11:49  

                    i was getting a new pc so when i get on dark souls 3 all my profiles was gone including level 789 profile that i was working very hard to get that amount of level. do you guys know how to get my profile back pls. THANKS alot. mean alot to me.

                    • 04 Nov 2018 17:01  

                      My *****ing brother deleted all of my dark souls games, (SOTFS, Remastered and Prepare to Die, and 3) on PS4, is my save data still there for my characters?

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Oct 2018 04:37  

                        For PS4 users little trick, if you go to options>quit game , you can force DS3 to auto save (then u back up the save i personally use PS+ feature and upload it to the cloud ,make a mistake on boss fight "looks ate elder and younger prince fight" i just download the save and overright the one not on cloud)

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Oct 2018 18:05  

                          There's no penalties for switching save files a lot, is there? I simply want to have more than 10 characters, so I swap files depending on what char I want to play atm.

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Sep 2018 07:55  

                            Is changing your save slot with CE safe It basically multiplies your character on the same save file Or should i stick to backing up my save and replacing it for different builds

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Jul 2018 15:00  

                              I just found a method that works, worked for me and i got my character back from an external save file:

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