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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Dragonslayer Great Axe
  • Build Level: 125
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Strength and Faith
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator:


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Dragonslayer Great Axe
  • Left Hand: Grass Crest Shield
  • Head: Helm of Thorns
  • Chest: Armor of Thorns
  • Hands: Gauntlets of Thorns
  • Legs: Leggings of Thorns
  • Rings: Life Ring +1, Ring of Steel Protection + 1, Knight Ring, Farron Ring
  • Items: Estus, Ashen Estus


Build Strategy

The main focus of this build is to bait enemies into your two-handed L2 strong attack. With a Dragonslayer Great Axe + 5, you can easily destroy most opponents who's health is at or under 1000 hit points with a single L2 strong attack or a well timed, charged two-handed R2 strong attack. The main reason you want to use the two-handed L2 strong attack over the two-handed R2 strong attack is due to the poise boost you gain from the animation. I have yet to have the animation broken and everytime it hits, I either OHKO an opponent or I do some serious damage. I have had invaders literally send themselves home after just barely surviving a single blow from my +5 Dragonslayer Great Axe. The best part of this build is that you can be doing that level of damage as early as SL 80, but to maximize your potential, you need to hit at least SL 125.


Pro's: Dragonslayer Great Axe does major damage, even with normal two-handed R1 swings. Using Sacred Oath can take your damage over the 1000 hit point range for a single two-handed L2 or charged R2 attack. The two-handed L2 attack has a massive lightning based AOE attack that hits opponents in all directions. Armor of Thorns provides decent all-around protection from both light and heavy weapons as well as magic and faith based attacks. Even if an attack whiffs, it can still stagger opponents standing next to wherever the axe strikes. If your parry timing is great with the Grass Crest shield, you can always go for the parry/riposte which can do massive damage. The first two hits of the one-handed R1 combo also come out pretty fast and can easily take out anyone who hasn't invested in Vigor.

Con's: You have to beat Dragonslayer first which means that this build will be a late NG or early NG+ build depending on how you tackle the game. Requires an investment of 35 points into Strength using the Knight Ring. Dragonslayer Great Axe consumes a ton of stamina and the two-handed L2 consumes a lot of FP. The last swing of the two-handed R1 combo (three swings) has a slight delay that can allow opponents to roll away. It's best to either roll away to avoid counter attack, or roll forward with an R1 smash to catch an estus chugger off guard.

Difficulties: Dex based opponents with long Katana's and Curved Great Swords can beat you on speed and really lay down a hurting in short order.



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