Hunter of Unkindled Ash
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 130  40  6  40  25
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 40  40  8  9  11


       This is a player-created  PvP Build for Dark Souls 3 that focuses on cosplaying as a hunter from Bloodborne and is specialized at quick movements to evade your enemy while wearing them down.

Starting Guide

      You will want to start as a Warrior because this allows you to have the stats on the right with the lowest level and least soul cost. Getting to the Cathedral of the Deep allows you to get a couple of the weapons featured in this build along the way. You will get the Brigand Twindaggers before the Crucifixion Woods, the Crescent Axe after getting the Paladin's Ashes, which is right before the Cathedral of the Deep, and you can also get the Warpick after Greirat's first scavenge quest, which can be easily done before even going to the Cathedral of the Deep, or even the Crucifixion Woods. Although you won't get some of the stronger weapons till later, these can still get you through most of the game till then. 

 Character Backstory

        After Gehrman ended your dream, you awoke to a new world, one that was filled with ash. As the bell tolled, you rose from your grave, now as an Unkindled Ash yourself. You cannot remember how you got here, but you still retain your prowess in battle from when you were a hunter in Yharnam. You have sworn an oath to hunt down all Unkindled Ash, to exact revenge upon those you sent you here. Go now, and fulfill your new destiny, my hunter.

Build Equipment

Also see build here:

       There are many weapons you can choose from, so you can feel free to change your stats, weapons, and even playstyle to fit what you choose. I will give you some that I feel match the Bloodborne feel more than others.

First name is for Dark Souls weapon and the ones in parentheses are the Bloodborne version.

  • Right Hand
    • Brigand Twindaggers (Blade of Mercy)
    • Warpick (Church Pick)
    • Corvian Great Scythe (Burial Blade)
    • Crescent Axe (Hunters Axe)
    • Chaos Blade (Chikage)
    • Moonlight Greatsword (Holy Moonlight Sword)
    • Onikiri and Ubidachi (Rakuyo)
      • I put this in here because although you can't combine them, it still functions similar to split Rakuyo. They both have quick, long reaching attackes and similar attacks.
  • Left Hand
    • Sacred Bloom Shield (Loch Shield)
    • Plank Shield (Wooden Shield)
    • Caestus (Fist of Gratia)
    • Pyromancy Flame - Fire Surge (Flamesprayer)
    • Follower Torch or Torch (Torch/Hunters Torch)
      • You can opt to use Follower Torch over regular Torch for more damage but it is up to your personal preference if you don't like the "Breath Fire" weapon art.
    • Bonewheel Shield (Logarius' Wheel)
      • This is in left hand because it technically is a shield although you can still use it just as easily in right hand. In left hand, just hold Δ/Y and two hand it.
  • Armor
    • Head: Silver Mask
    • Chest: Fallen Knight Armor or Leonhard's Garb
    • Gloves: Leonhard's Gauntlets
    • Leggings: Leonhard's Trousers
  • Rings
    • This depends on the weapon(s) that you choose to use and is entirely up to personal preference. I am only here to give you guidelines.
      • Ring of Favor and Protection
        • An all around good ring providing HP, Stamina and Equip Load, you can't go wrong with this ring. You can of course switch this out with Prisoner's Chain for the same if not better effects, at the cost of a little defense drop.
      • Carthus Milkring
        • This ring gives you a nice +3 bonus to Dexterity and the added visual effects when rolling that looks a little like the Old Hunters Bone from Bloodborne. Over all good ring and I highly recommend it.
      • Pontiff's Right Eye and Pontiff's Left Eye
        • These are included because of the synergy they can have with the Brigand Twindaggers. Although in PvP it is hard to keep a good attack chain on somebody, they can still come in handy if the enemy just wants to try and trade without rolling away, which they won't be able to do because they are constantly being attacked, so it is a safe option if they don't retreat.
      • Carthus Bloodring
        • This ring can be very useful, especially if the you are rolling a bit too early, and can counter people you spam running attacks on the Washing Pole or thrusting swords. The only downside is the -15% damage absorption, but this can be negated with Ring of Steel Protection and/or Speckled Stoneplate Ring.
      • Hornet Ring
        • Although you may be called a scrub if you use this, it is a very good ring if you can land parries and backstabs. It provides a nice +30% damage buff to critical hits which include parries/ripostes, guard breaks, and backstabs. You just can't go wrong with this.
      • Wolf Ring
        • This provides a nice poise boost and can help you poise tank through attacks and can let you trade even easier. I recommend this even though poise is downgraded from Dark Souls 1, especially with the low amount of poise that the armor has in this build.
      • Obscuring Ring
        • If you are invading this can be very useful an allows you to sneak up on people and get in a cheeky few hits or backstab. I only recommend this while invading though, as in the arena and in fight clubs, you are in an enclosed space and you are usually not far enough away.
    • Consumables
      • Poison and Regular Throwing Knives
        • These can quickly and easily finish off oponents with low HP or if you have just procced a Denial. These also go with the fashion and cosplay of the build.
      • Firebombs
        • These can serve the same purpose as throwing knives do. It also goes well with the look of the build, very closely representing Molotov Cocktails from Bloodborne.
      • Ashen and Estus Flasks
        • These, of course, are in this build because they provide healing and FP to allow more weapon art attacks, as there is no required spell in this build. Only heal if you know that you are safe from any enemy attacks.

Build Strategy

      With this build you will want to be rolling, running, and quickstepping (if you are using Brigand Twindaggers) around your opponent(s), quickly evading their attacks and then getting those quick hits in. This build may be little slow as your goal is to wear them down but it can be very effective in the right hands. You will want to try and keep attack chains going if you are using the Pontiff Eyes, but if not just try and get one or two hits in then retreat. Your biggest threat will be other quick weapons like daggers, thrusting swords, straight swords, and curved swords. When fighting these you will need to be exceptionally good at rolling and poking because they can and probably will be equally as good at it as you. If you are fighting enemies with heavier, slower weapons, it should be close to, if not a cakewalk. You will easily be able to dodge all of their attacks and get quick pokes in. The same should go against spell casters. I beg of you to not spam attacks as you can be poised through and parried. If any of these happen you can and will take a heavy hit due to the low defense of this build's armor selection.

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    • Anonymous

      You know what sony? Screw you, if you cant give us bloodborne on pc! I am gonna make myself a bloodborne game! Dark souls 3 is on my hand, its literally the same game! They can't stop me from making my own hunter build!

      • Anonymous

        Other good armors to use are the Sage's Hat, and Villhelm's Chest piece, also you can use the Claws as a fill in for the Beast Claw

        • Anonymous

          Another great hunter look is Leonard’s silver mask, fire keeper robes, cornyx’s wraps, and Mirrah leggings. For weapons use whatever you want, but the Carthus Milk Ring is vital.

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