Iron Knight Tarkus
Iron Knight Tarkus
level_icon.jpg54 Vigor25 Attunement10 Endurance10 Vitality26
Strength32 Dexterity10 Intelligence10 Faith10 Luck10

 Build Name: Iron Knight Tarkus 

  • Build Level: 54
  • Build Focus: Mostly PVP, can fuction as a decent PVE.
  • Main Stats: Vigor, Strength, Vitality
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Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Greatsword (+5)
  • Left Hand: Black Iron Greatshield, Pyromancy flame, Dark Hand
  • Head: Black Iron Helmet
  • Chest: Black Iron Armor
  • Hands: Black Iron Gauntlets
  • Legs: Black Iron Leggings
  • Rings: Life Ring, Havel's Ring, Chloromanthy Ring, and *Estus ring. (*Note, you can replace the Estus ring with any prefered ring.)
  • Items: Any resin and Budding Green Blossum.



Apply your buffs before your fight. Try to always play defensive if you can. If they are using a heavy weapon, use Iron flesh and just trade hits. However if your opponent is using a light weapon, rush them nonstop and spam R1. If you end up being ganked, a well timed weapon art will put them in their place. To start this build off early, just progress through the game until you get to Crucifixion woods and head straight to the Abyss watchers after grabbing the greatsword from the swamp. Then just go into the catacombs, to the demon ruins and finally kill Knight Slayer Tsorig.


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