This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Sunlight Straight Sword
  • Left Hand: Sunlight Shield
  • Helm: Iron Helm 
  • Chest: Armor of the Sun
  • Hands: Iron Bracelets
  • Legs: Iron Leggings
  • Rings: Chloranthy Ring, Ring of Favor, Carthus Milk Ring, (Pontiff's Right Eye or 1 ring of choice)
  • Items:


Build Strategy

How to play this build

Use miracles such as lightning blade and blessed blade to enhance damage of an already strong Sunlight Sword+5. Use great magic barrier or the weapon skill Oath Of Sunlight to enhance your defense. The straight sword has an easy/beginner friendly moveset that can fell many foes. The Armor of The Sun set is not only fun to cosplay but does have some solid damage on it. Enjoy your time in dark souls III and never forget to PRAISE THE SUN!



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