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level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
20 16 50+    


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Moonlight mage/Moonlight Warrior, (If you have the covenant)
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP Pvp also works for PvE
  • Build Main Stat: 20+ vigor, 20 end, and 50 + int and stats required for moonlight rest of stats u can play around will if u want max dmg build i suggest going int/str dedicated but i have survivbility over that
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: Add link here
  • Weapon Favored by the Moonlight Warriors, it is rare to see a Moonlight Warrior however there Covenant is not big yet 

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Moonlight sword (offhand for me is cresent moon sword it does magic but scales with dex im not str dedicated either)
  • Left Hand: parrying shield of course unless you cant parry a good shield with weapon skill r1 r1 l2 will one shot combo them and staff as back up ofc
  • Head: fashion(*updated 5/10/2016) I use crown of dusk as it boost magic attack just like magic clutch
  • Chest:fashion
  • Hands:fashion
  • Legs:fashion
    • Rings: cholorathy ring and ring of favor i feel are a must on every build i use hornet ring cuz i usually parry and for last i use obsecuring ring if i invade or steel protection if dueling( I recommend magic clutch ring over steel protection as the dmg boost is better)
    • you could also use magic clutch ring and bellowing dragon ring since this is a mage aswell
  • Items: greenweed is all youu need (;
  • *(Updated 4/24/2016) I do not use the cresent moonsword i decided to go str  and not waste any points into dex only reason i did use cuz i thought int would affect the battle art it does not seem to be the case i do recommend an off hand weapon thoe so u can get the last hit when people just dont wanna die the darkmoon bow is a great last hitter aswell it also scales of int so u can do good amounts of damage with this.


Build Strategy

How to play this build:

usually wanna bait them overextending and u wanna punish everytime if your'e aggressive casst affinity and back dash to them then hit lock on and run attack them they could never dodge that and follow up with another r1 for damage and continue to pressure watch out for parrys thie

so normally i like to use two hands but if you have an enemy whos aggresive and uses one hand mostly and/or pokes try to throw  a few parrys off

UPDATED *(5/3/2016)

When Dueling: Hey so i been playing this build for a while and yall gonna want to read this i usually two hand so i can always have battle art option the great sword the have hyper armor which is abosolutely great. If you hit someone with an R1 the second one is guarenteed so dont be afraid and this is for one hand or two hand. So yeah when dueling always play defesive and get your spacing range and timing start ups down. Like if none of you guys are attackin try to bait with running attacks catches people off guard if they not quick enough to react. Try to catch them out with r1s and always get the second one if the first one hits. If fighting an aggresive  enemy usually wanna take out your parry shield so he knows not to swing crazy so you can punish. * For players not good with parrying* I recommend just keeping your distance to the very edge of your r1 range, also if youre about to die and he keeps running to you and/or rolling try to catch him off with a charged R2 or a battle art as this will hit him if hes anywhere near you *NOte in mid animation you can unlock and aim it around so if hes anywhere around you in an 360 angle he will get hit as long as you can aim this tatic applies for all players but if you can get parrys off by all means try to get them but dont parry spam

I take crystal soul spear as it hits like a truck with 60 int and  court staff +10 or crystal staff+5 i find it that its only good to use when people are running away or distracted as it has a slow start up but tracks and flys pretty fast

With the 60 int we are able to get to white dragon breath need to go to ng+ to go this is a fairly good spell does decent amount of dmg and its a linar spell so if they roll towards or away from you in a line they will get hit

and i usally  use farron flash sword as with the crystal staff it has great range and comes out very fast good for last hitting and does moderate damage good enough to be an off hand wep remember, it can be parried!

*note i only have 3 attunement spells but u can get however much you want the only mandatory stat is 50+ int for high damage

people ask why would you do this build  you can only get the ar to around 620 at 120 cap the thing is that most people wear high poise armor and high def the thing is most heavy armor has bad magic def scaling and the magic def armor is the armor that has low weight usually. So that being said you hit for mostly magic damage think i hit around 510 being magic and the rest is actually physical damage most people die to me in 3-4 hits the damage is not a problem also if you hit a full battle art in the face it does up to 960 damage I also do 1.2k in back stabs and parrys with my hornet ring on besides like, i've stated before when kids run from me  to heal they dont expect you to moonlight wave them and my moon light wave hits around 500 thats like an R2 from a distance its amazing tbh (4/26/2016)

STATS I RECOMMEND: 31 Vigor, 18 Attunement, 23 Endurance, 13 Vitality, 20 Strength, 20 Dexterity, 60 Intelligence, 12 Faith, 12 Luck(These are my stats I found it better that a 20/20/60 Build has good damage on moonlight and spells hit pretty hard but you can always experiment how you want. Also only reason i have 12 faith is to cast heal because i did my first play thru with this char if youre just tryna make one of your chars into this build i do recommend 25 endurance then.)*Remember this is a 120 cap pvp build if you feel like going over 120 youre more than welcome to*

this is my first build write up so please be nice (: i been playing since demon souls always used the wiki and since dark souls one would do moonlightsword build becuz its fun and nothing beats killing them with the moon wave while they panaic roll to heal.

creator of this guide is SeventyMinusOne thats my psn


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    • Anonymous

      I use this build as a lv 150, 60 int, 40 end/vig and its hella fun. Got 4 attunement slots with crystal soul spear, Old Moonlight, flashsword, and crystal hail. Can deal massive damage and you have dozens of different attacks at your disposal. I find baiting with an R2 attack into a poise-boosted L2 can catch a lot of people. The MGS 2 handed r1's roll catch super well too.

      • Anonymous

        I spent a lot of time pvping with various stat allocations and loadouts in the level ~75-106 range. Well over a hundred hours, and the fun factor is great. Building around the MGS offers a lot more flexibilty than I expected. Some thoughts/tips based on my experience:1. unless you plan on comboing this build with other gear (like a bow or whatever else), 16 strength and the base of 12 dex is all you need. Any further increases will net you better gains elsewhere.2. try tinkering between 18 and 24 attunement to suit your tastes. For 1v1 dueling, 18 was fine, but for longer multiplayer brawls or pve, I really liked 24 for the extra FP and spell slot.3. if you're using the Ring of Favor, 26 Endurance will give you 4 two-handed swings and leave you a smidgen of extra stamina to follow with a roll or whatever. Without the RoF, it's 31 Endurance,4. 10 Vitality is all you need, but 12 or even 13 will really open up ability to equip multiple left and right handed weapons and get your Fashion Souls on.5. for pvping in the lower levels (~50-85), you can do quite well with only 41 Intelligence. 60 will really boost your spells because of the way spell buff works, but the improvements to your MGS damage will be much smaller after the soft cap of 41. Consider buffing your Vigor/Endurance/Attunement instead. Also, if you are running less than 50 INT and rely quite a bit on Farron Flashsword, use a Heritic's Staff instead of Court Sorcerer's Staff. The spell buff is larger below 50 INT, and the range of FF is dramatically increased with the Heretics Staff (even further than the Crystal Staff).6. Ring of Chloranthy and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring are must-haves for this build. Your Moonlight Greatsword's range isn't particularly great compared to other weapons, so getting that extra stamina regen from the ring is key. 20% extra spell damage from the dragon is a no-brainer, else, why bother playing a mage. Ring of Steel Protection, Obscuring Ring (for invasions) and Sage's ring are also go-to gear.7. I've had a lot of success baiting enemy players in by peppering them with Great Farron Dart or Black Firebombs/knives, then unload with the MGS. A big key is mixing attacks so the opponent can't reliably predict your next attack. Lure them in, then mix Farron Flashsword or Soul Greatsword with backdash slashes, rolling attacks, Moonlight Wave (R2), and charged L2 attacks.Here's my 'toon's current stats at level 10632 Vigor24 Attunement31 Endurance13 Vitality16 Strength12 Dexterity48 Intelligence7 Faith12 LuckAgain, the above is to enable 4 swings without the Ring of Favor and still barely enough stam for a 5th swing or roll. The extra Attunement for extended FP use when using a Dried Finger or get mixed up in lengthy group brawls with lots of phantoms spawning in.Thanks OP for some great pointers and a solid build! Just, please, learn to use periods, commas etc. ;-)Cheers, coconutboy

        • Anonymous

          Hey, what weapon do you suggest, i should go for at the verry beginning until i get great moonlight sword??

          • Anonymous

            Great build! I was super happy to actually find someone who uses moonlight greatsword! I'm new to pvp in Dark Souls, and your explanations on how to get the best use out of the greatsword are very helpful! Great work.

            • Anonymous

              I actually put something similar in play without seeing this. Main difference is I use casting a lot as well. I suggest carrying court staff in offhand with Faron flash sword it's great for sprinting attacks to throw off because they don't know if you'll do a parryable moonlight attack of hit with Faron. Which is not easily parried. My finish weapon in the sages rapier but don't spam it like a douche ha. It's scale A INT which is great when you have 60 it's good for last hits on players.

              • Anonymous

                seems like a good build , wouldn't dark edge be better then crystal soulspear(pretty slow and can be easily dodged) tho? maybe it will surprise them since most of moonlight greatsword attacks are wide arcs , also can u list the best spells for pvp based on your experience ?,magic clutch increases the dark sorcery(affinity ,dark edge) damage? or is it dark clutch ring?, thanks for the build! ,

                • Anonymous

                  tryin in out right at the moment, almost lv 120 and then i go out and pvp a lot with it.First opinion: lvling it up is a mess in the first half of the game, but as soon u have a crystal weapon and a pretty high int count (till u get moonlight greatsword), it should be fine!(many monsters in pve have magic resist so sometimes it´s hard to deal dmg, but dmg against players is awesome!)

                  • Anonymous

                    I discontinued the use of cresentmoon I decide not to waste that much into dex I also thought the battle art would scale with int but it doesn't. however I do recommend having an offhand weapon inother words a last hitter for me atm im using dark moon bow it does scale with magic and using moonlight arrows hurts like a truckif youre not into a bow as off hand crystal sage rapier is what I recommend as it does scale off magic with an A

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