Pyre SpellSword


  •  Vigor: 20  Enough to keep you alive
  • Attunement: 30  Enough for slots and spell uses
  • Enduance: 30  Allows to maintain agression and roll when needed
  • Vitality: 10   Wear all gear
  • Strength: 23  Allows for Scaling
  • Dexterity: 23 Allows for scaling
  • Intelligence: 35 Enough for pyromancies and pyromancy damage
  • Faith: 12 enough for any pyro spell use
  • Luck: 7  Base, isn't needed for this build


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Refined Long Sword
  • Left Hand: #1 Pyromancer's Flame    #2 Staff
  • Armor: Conjurator set OR Pyromancer Set  
  • Rings:  #1 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring   #2 Witch's Ring   #3 Chloranthy Ring   #4  Ring of Favor  OR Carthus Milk Ring
  • Attunement Slots:  #1 Carthus Flame Arc   #2 Great Magic Weapon   #3  Chaos Bed Vestiges   #4  Bursting Fireball, Flame Surge, soul spear are all viable


Build Strategy

How to play this build

Use Carthus Flame Arc or Great Magic Weapon to enchant your weapon which will be boosted by the lingering dragoncrest ring in its lasting time span. While your weapon is enchated you can keep your enemy guessing with this balanced build by either throwing powerful pyromancies toward them or swiping at them a few times to knock their hp down. Witch's Ring will boost pyromancy damage, chloranthy will enhance your stamina recovery.  Lastly the choice between a Ring of Favor which will increase amount of stamina, health, and equip load slightly or Carthus Milk Ring for some nicer dodge rolls.  

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