Ringed Champion


This is a player-created fasion set for Dark souls 3.

Created by Paradyce

  • Set Name: Ringed Champion 
  • NOTE: The chest piece and leggings require you to own the Ringed City DLC


Other Equipment

  • Right Hand: DragonSlayer Axe
  • Left Hand: Pyromancy Flame
  • Ring 1: Ring Of Steel Protection +2
  • Ring 2: Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Ring 3: Ring of Favor +2
  • Ring 4: Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2



Right Hand Left Hand Rings

DragonSlayer Axe

Pyromancy Flame

Ring of Steel Protection +2

Chloranthy Ring +2

Ring of Favor +2

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2


Helm Chest Arms Legs

Firelink Helm

Ringed Knight Armor

Dark Gauntlets

Iron DragonSlayer Leggings

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