Such deeps, much salt
level_icon.jpg125 Vigor27 Attunement18 Endurance35 Vitality7
Strength22 Dexterity40(dont tell anyone you leveled it) Intelligence7 Faith45 Luck13


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name:Salt monger
  • Build Level:125
  • Build Focus:  PvP
  • Build Main Stat: quality and faith
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: Add link here


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand:any refined weapon though lothric knights sword is basically rape, a lightning infused astora greatsword is good if you prefer to use akk your fp for sunlight spears.
  • Left Hand:simple caestus(infinite weapon arts due to fp regeneration as you only need 1fp for  a art to work) and saints talisman
  • Head:fashion
  • Chest:fashion
  • Hands:fashion
  • Legs:fashion
  • Rings:knights, favour, hornet, lightning clutch- could replace two for mornes and ring of suns firstborne for a serious sunlightspear shotgun
  • Items:


Build Strategy

Knights ring brings you to 27 strength so its at the 40 softcap when you twohand.

The build can do alot of damage and has some versatility with the ability to use damaging miracle such as sunlightspear and buffs. 

Get a refined weapon and stick lightning blade on it, i recommend the lothric knight sword as it already has lightning damage, with it the ar will skyrocket from 600 to 800+, add deep protection on top of this and its overkill. 

The main strategy i use is to keep the opponent at range with an ultragreatsword (the stomp weapon art is a beast, does roughly 800 damage if it hits with this build) and poke , use sunlight spear to pressure them, its especially potent at melee range due to the increase damage. 

The build has pretty low fp so your going to need ashen estus flasks if you want to do more than just use miracles for buffs, At full fp you can do two sunlight spears or your buffs and one sunlight spear. 

The dragonslayers sword spear is also good on this build with the weapon art hitting for more than a sunlight spear with morned and ring of suns first born(33% extra miracle damage together)


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