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                                         A Player Made Covenant

The Eyes of Pontiff (WIP/Recruiting) - "We show no mercy to the hosts of Irithyll and Anor Londo, nor do we to other covenants."
- TEoP armor: Undead Legion Helm, ???, ???, ???
- TEoP weapons: +?? Poison/Bleed/Dark ???
- TEoP rings: Pontiff's Left/Right Eye, ???, ???, ???
- TEoP gestures: Duel Bow (When Summoning), Silent Ally (When Summoned), Rest (Idle), Legion Etiquette (Declaring Victory). Quiet Resolve (Killing Covenant Member) (ex: Bloodshade).

Members of The Eyes of Pontiff must set the Matchmaking Password to "TEoP" for summoning other members or being summoned by other members.
Members of The Eyes of Pontiff must make their character name "EoP ____" (EoP - Eye of Pontiff).

teop Happy Hunting, Eye of Pontiff.

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